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August 23, 2012

Jax Schmax and Weezie's Wine

Y'all, my last wine-induced General Hospital post went so "well" that I've decided to do another recap in just that manner. (Why did I get so many nice comments? Is it because the deeper into the recap I got, the more wine I'd obviously consumed and was therefore loopier and just a kinder, gentler version of myself? Or maybe I was even snarkier and more cynical? Well, whichever it was, I'm takin' one for the team!) I don't have anything from Laura Wright's winery tonight, so I'm just going to pull something from my monthly wine club -- they send me two recommended reds each month, and it's always a surprise. And I've really only ever been fully disappointed when they go with a dessert red.

Tonight's wine in question is the Tabali Reserva Syrah from 2010. It's Chilean, which I generally dig, so I'm psyched. I'm going to let it breathe until the first commercial break, though.

So here we go!

Jason's at the always-empty mob front restaurant, which makes no sense as an effective front, but then again the mobsters in this town are quite open with anyone and everyone about being mobsters, so who needs a front! He leaves Spinelli a voicemail about Ewen, just as Elizabeth flashes back to her conversation with SuperWiseJason about Ewen. Elizabeth is lighting candles looking obscenely gorgeous, just as Jerry intercepts Ewen outside her front door.

Sonny tells Jason he got a visit from and old friend, just as said old friend (Joe Jr.) gets run into by Tracy and a big pot of food of some sort. Well, if anyone can make this dude interesting, it's Jane Elliot. If that doesn't work, I got nothin'.

Starr and Michael discover that Kristina and Trey "escaped" outside the window, because Sonny provides wonderful security for his children. They're like hawks!

Carly is chatting with Josslyn at the hospital room just as Jax shows up with a giant smile and the twinkliest damn eyes in the world.


"How're my best girls?" Oh em gee. Jax! I am giddy.

Credits. Ads. Wine time! Okay. Hmm. Mmm. Oooh! Okay, yeah. Super-super-dry (Weezie like!) and big. I like it already.

Josslyn lights up at Jax -- the most character she's shown since this new actress started in the role. This is sort of a strange exchange between Jax and Carly since it's allegedly the first time they've seen each other or even spoken since he disappeared. A bit muted. He gives Joss a music box. Crap. I love these three as a family. I'm feeling feelings.

Ewen and Jerry have another conversation that reveals virtually nothing.

Michael insists to Starr that he has to warn Sonny about Trey and Kristina climbing out the window. 

Sonny tells Jason that Kate had no choice but to abandon her baby at birth and leave it to die, considering it was a product of rape. Sonny acknowledges in zero way that Jason's wife just dealt with the death of her baby that was also the product of rape (or so they think) because Sonny is afflicted with unfortunate narcissism. (Y'all, GH is so current! They cover all the hard-hitting issues! Do we think Todd Akin watches this show?!) Anyway, Sonny explains that Joe is allowed to live for now. 

Tracy helps Joe clean the food off himself and they flirt a bit. CAN THIS PLEASE NOT BE TRACY'S NEXT EFFING LOVE INTEREST?! Joe goes off and Luke limps up and notices how preoccupied Tracy is.

Ads. Wine! Oooh, oaky. If I were a meat-eater, I bet this would go really well with some seriously hearty meat. (That is a ridiculous bet on my part, of course, as I have no idea what meat tastes like or why it would go well with any wine, but you make these things up in your head, you know?)

Ewen and Elizabeth exchange niceties, and he tells her she looks lovely. This is an understatement. She serves him crudite while he starts opening the wine, for which she has at least remotely proper glasses. This show is good at red wine. Wait, where was I? Wine? No, wait. Ewen pours the wine.

Jax tells Joss why he bought her the music box and then asked Carly why "his daughter" is in the hospital.

Tracy tells Luke she was bringing him soup. She asks about Anna, and looks hopeful when Luke says that Anna's gone. (Hey show, Anna's gone. Fix this! Pronto!)

Jerry has decided to invade Joe's room at the MetroCourt. Jerry mentions that he knows the hotel like the back of his hand. 'Cause of that one crazy time he held a bunch of people hostage there and turned out to be Australian, or 'cause his brother used to co-own the place! Either way.

Starr and Michael bicker about how involved he should get in this Trey/Kristina business.

Sonny insists to Jason that he's going to double security, which has helped his loved ones all of never, not once, not ever. Spinelli shows up insisting he has news on Dr. Keenan, which Jason responds to with a sigh and a look that reads as though he's just heard the most tedious news in human history. OH HIS WEARY LIFE.

Ads. Wine! Slurp. I can't wait to see where I am in the last segment of today's recap considering this is seriously wine to be had only with food and I am eating none. I'm moving next week (after fourteen years in this apartment! eek!) and so I confess I've let the cupboards run pretty bare. Except for the dog food cupboard, but I don't think I'd like Beneful as a snack. Wait a minute. The ad for the news just said there's an outbreak of infected tattoos. Crap. An outbreak? Really? I'm going to decide this is hyperbole.

Luke explains to Tracy that Anna is following up on Heather's claim that Robin is still alive. Luke is worried about Anna's safety abroad because of her life as a spy. Someone calls, who Luke thinks is Anna.

Ewen and Liz chat about the whole business with Joss and Alexis getting injected, and Ewen polishes off the bottle of wine. Elizabeth asks about his business at Wyndemere and he wants to know if Jason told her to ask that.

Sonny gets grumpy that Spinelli is investigating Ewen because Ewen was Kate's doctor. Jason explains that he's sure Ewen knows more than he's saying, which Sonny accepts as gospel since it is spoken by the all-knowing prophet hitman Jason. Spinelli says there is a connection between Alexis, Josslyn, and Ewen.

Carly explains to Jax what happened to Josslyn and Alexis. 

Jerry tells Joe that it's time to go (or "rock and roll") now that Alexis and Joss are innoculated and Joe needs to make sure everyone in Port Charles is infected with the virus or the whooziwhatsit.

Carly wonders aloud why someone would want to hurt both Alexis and Joss and what their connection is. "Me," says Jax. 'Cause he ain't no dummy! Welcome back!

Ads. Wine. Mmmm. Okay but for serious I am starving. Lean Cuisine, meet microwave. (I'm naming a lot of specific products today, I feel that all these companies should throw me a few bucks for moving expenses, right?)

Starr and Michael have left messages for Trey and Kristina to no avail, so Michael decides to go through Trey's laptop. He insists Trey lost his right to privacy when he took Kristina out a window. Oh, Michael, you do indeed live by your daddy's ill logic!

Turns out Jerry's plan is to contaminate the water by putting the concentrate into the reservoir later tonight. Jerry thinks there's no chance Jax could have made it to Port Charles in time to be in danger or to see Joss, while Jax is at the hospital wondering who might have hurt Alexis and Joss to draw him back to town. He talks about his travel difficulties getting out of Shanghai and he and Carly wonder if those troubles were related to this.

Spinelli blathers on about Ewen's personal history with sheep, followed by sheep puns.


He eventually gets to Ewen's time in Alaska, which Jason realizes is "just like Jax." Can we talk about how angry I'll be if Jason figures all of this out first? Oh, who am I kidding. This is GH.

Ewen and Liz are on their second bottle of wine and our boy Dr. Keenan is getting a little babbly.


Liz tells him he's "one of the most compassionate men [she's] ever known" and he goes in for a big fat kiss.

Luke and Anna's phone call gets disconnected and Luke decides he needs to go find Anna. Tracy tells him he can't.

Ads. Wine time! It's so plummy.

Tracy tries to tell Luke that it's too dangerous for his health to chase after Anna, but finally relents and offers him her jet.

Joe demands inoculation from Jerry, who insists he has him covered.

Sonny is bummed he ever had to hear Jax's name again. I mean poor Sonny, chasing a man out of town and leaving a little girl fatherless just because Sonny was jealous of Jax's relationship with his ex. This is a real hardship on Sonny!

Carly tells Jax she's not sure how Sonny will react to his return, but he insists he does not care about his own safety and will stay in town until he's sure Joss is okay. Seriously? Then he's just going to leave again because Sonny might murder him? And everyone in town is still just a-ok with Mr. Corinthos, including Josslyn's mother and Jax's wife? Afternoon Television Program, I beg of you! Try to make some damn sense! Anyway, on the issue of Jax selling his MetroCourt shares to Kate, Carly hopes that he'll one day enlighten her. Cutest moment ever: Jax says while grinning, "What are you talking about? I've been trying to do that for years!" OH EM GEE WELCOME BACK JAX!!! And off goes the Jacks family to take Joss home from the hospital. Or to the hotel from the hospital.

Ewen basically accosts Liz with his mouth and she tries to put the brakes on.

Ads. Wine! Well, I'm still on my first glass so I probably won't be accosting anyone with my mouth tonight. (Everyone in spitting distance breathes a collective sigh of relief.) This is not a delicate wine, if that's your thing. But if it's not your thing, I recommend it in a big way! And it helps you watch the show, too. Naturally.

Luke is all touched that Tracy will let him use the ELQ jet.


Luke tells her she always comes through when he needs her, and she worries it makes her a sucker. (It does, but I love her.)

Joe gets a text from Trey saying he's on the plane, which is a relief to Joe. And at this moment, Michael finds out that Trey bought tickets to Vegas.

Jason tells Spinelli he needs to "stay on Keenan." I'd kind of like to "stay on Keenan," but Elizabeth certainly does not at this moment. Ewen tries to leave, but Liz won't let him drive because he's been drinking and offers to give him her couch for the night. Ewen is off the rails, dude. 

Spinelli makes a Sarah Palin joke about Alaska, where he's just been ordered to go to investigate any history between Ewen and Jax.

Jax and Carly and Joss plan to go swimming in the hotel pool together just as Jerry walks past their hotel room door, all sinister-like on the phone with someone.

The end! Now I'm going to pour myself a second glass of this fantastic wine and eat myself some supper like a decent American. Or something.


Gosh, I LOVED seeing the Jax family. They are adorbs and LW and IR have so much chemistry! Liz was gorgeous and I liked how she handled Ewen. Tracy is always a joy but between Luke and Joe Jr. it seems that TPTB will not offer her a worthy potential love interest. Can Jane Elliott, Rebecca Herbst, Ingo Rademacher, Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson head up GH, please? Pretty please? They are so excellent, elevate their every scene yet so underutilized.

Jax! Can't he stay and Carly leave?

Why are all of Starr's romances so booooring?

I guess RC was watching "Batman Begins" when he came up with Jerry's evil scheme.

Good luck with the move, Louise!

I've missed Jax. I'm not a big Carly fan, but Carly and Jax make a great couple. LW's best chemistry is with IR. They need to reunit Jax and Carly, and then bring back Blair for Todd.

I'm just going to say that off the rails Ewan was hot. I think I literally melted during those kissing scenes. Man.

Jerry gets line of the day when he walked into Joe's room, sniffed the air and said "I smell chicken." It's the little things.

Ewen is dang hot, but he needs to pay attention when a woman puts on the brakes! I hate that we're about to have another doctor go off the rails (Matt, Patrick, Steven and now Ewan)...enough! There was a time that soap operas had at least one or two white knights that you could root for.

Liz looked gorgeous. I had to laugh at Becky Herbst tugging on her dress, because she must have thought it was too short.

This is sort of a rant. I totally blame Guza for spending the last decade turning Jason into the hit man with a heart of gold that solves and rescues everyone all of the freaking time! Sheesh! How super cool would it have been for Liz to figure out what was going on with Ewen falling off the rails.

And Jerry does have an accomplice or maybe boss after all! I would bet that it will turn out to be Helena Cassadine, but I hold out hope they'll surprise us with at least another Cassadine or a big bad from the past that isn't mob related.

I never minded the thought of Elizabeth and Ewen dating/sleeping together but I have to say Ewen disturbed me so much that after today I'll never be able to get on board with it. He always pounces on Elizabeth with no warning, then today while she's physically trying to push him away and saying no she doesn't want to have sex, she wants to take things slow, he ignores her repeatedly. Then when he tries to psychobabble and guilt her into it. And when she finally gets some distance he reacts with anger and tries to blame it on her relationship with Jason. It really made me uncomfortable and I wish the show would address it but I have a feeling it will be chalked up to "drunken" hijinks instead of the classic lead up to date rape that it was. Also I would think with Elizabeth's history she'd be much more sensitive to someone ignoring no than the average woman. I wish she would've just offered to call him a cab instead of offering her couch.

Never been a fan of Jax. Can't wait until he's gone again.

Admittedly I'll put Ewan's actions down to a combination of not only being drunk but knowing that Jerry is going to (try to kill) everyone in town. But yes, I'll agree he needs to learn to take no for an answer.

LOVE seeing Jax. Please bring him back for good.

Is this poisoning of the water supply meant to eliminate characters--is it a cost-cutting move? I am spoiler-free (and want to remain that way), but if it is and the survivors include Trey & Joe Jr. I am going to scream.

Ewen was disturbing with Elizabeth. First time I was rooting against him. But obviously he has connections to the Jax family. Why wouldn't Jerry give him the antidote?

Ha! it's raining shirtless men on GH today.

i also am not a big carly fan but carly and jax have chemistry in spades!!i never saw the chemistry between carly and johnny and i dont see it with her and todd either. they need to keep jax on with carly and johnny with a new love and especially todd with blair.

"Mary had a little Lamb. Get on with it"
- Sonny

I'm not a Carly hater but I'll never be able to understand how these writers find Carly compelling enough to have 3 men vying for her affection. It can't be her personality or anything else about her. The character is dreadful and has no redeeming qualities.

Okay…they keep telling us she’s a super mom, but that’s not what we see on the screen. A super mom does not cavort with mobsters and put her children at risk over and over again.

Alexis is compelling, intelligent and puts her children first ALL the time. Why not have 3 men fighting over her?

A huge part of me is happy to see Jax, but another part of me is sad to know my fantasy dream that Jax, Brenda, and Alec living happily of screen is dead. He is still into Carly. Gross. Can I pretend he is being nice to Carly just to lull her into a sense of security so he can kidnap Josslyn and raise her in the happy Barrett-Jacks home?

Ideerne du gav her vil jeg diskutere yderst værdifuld. Det viste sig en virkelig behagelig overraskelse at erhverve, at foregribe mig efter jeg vågnede i dag. De er hele tiden på scenen og let at være opmærksom på. Tak masser at de værdifulde ideer, du har fået delt nedenfor.

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