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August 06, 2012

Monday One Liners

It's not that I planned to take a blog hiatus, although in retrospect I probably should have, because this happens every two years. Every two years, I suffer from what can only be described as Olympics mania. I eat, breathe, and sleep the Olympics. I talk about them to anyone who is willing to listen and will settle for talking about them to anyone visibly uncomfortable but without a means of escape. I do dorky/awesome things at work like create a medal count bulletin board. I daydream about the US Swim Team. And I pretend to seriously debate between watching General Hospital and watching water polo; water polo always wins.

And when I DO tear my eyes away from the various NBC channels long enough to watch and blog about General Hospital, I do ridiculous things like trail off at the end of a sentence and ask questions like, "And then Sonny said--wait, Rogers and Dahlhausser WHAT?" (but really, Rogers and Dahlhausser what?!) or--and I think this is even more embarrassing--write "witty" sentences incorporating Olympic events. Like talking about things going "swimmingly" and how John McBain has "vaulted" into my heart and there have been a lot of "diving" puns and I attempted a tortured metaphor using the uneven bars to describe my feelings on Jerry Jacks and it's...it's sad, isn't it? I wouldn't blame any of you for pretending not to know me.

That was a very long-winded and potentially humiliating way of me explaining that GH has not exactly been high on my priority list lately, mostly because of the above and also because...a little dull, yeah? There are bits of goodness and the potential for entertainment, but, like, whenever Trey speaks, it's like time stands still.

But! There were a few interesting bits and piece's in today's show.

  • Jerry--shock of shocks and by shock I mean, "Really, again with the Jerry? Really?" I don't want to deny Sebastian Roche the opportunity to collect a paycheck but it's predictable and terrible and all sorts of other negative -ibles for the writers to constantly and ham-fistedly tie Jerry into any story about evil-doing that they are trying to tell--is involved with Robin's faked death and captivity. Because of course he is. I can't wait to see how they try to pile on the nefarious deeds while simultaneously trying to insure that the character will be able to make future appearances when an ultra bad guy is needed. When he sneered "Dr. Scorpio-Drake's death was a means to an end...and there's plenty more to come", I shivered a little bit. Was that the writers hinting that this story will go on indefinitely and make less and less sense as it progresses?
  • Although I did get a kick out of Jerry's line about Jason: "I tried and failed to kill Jason several times. I'm very confident that one of these days, I'll get it right". Foreshadowing? Please?!
  • Trey and Starr talked at length about things.
  • Kristina's whining about the strings her father pulled to get her into Yale continue to annoy, but it DID lead to the lovely moment where Alexis opened up about Kristina's relationship with Kiefer.

Kristina: Because I let him abuse me?
Alexis: Because I let him abuse you. I thought he was this great kid and he was hitting you, and he was doing it often enough that it took until you got put in the hospital a second time before I paid attention.

That exchange made me sniffle a little bit. Nancy Lee Grahn is just too good, you know?

  • The glee with which Todd placed a call reporting an assault to the police was hilarious. I could watch him and John McBain for an entire episode while the former makes amusing quips and the latter says things throatily.

What are your thoughts, Serial Drama readers? Did you groan or cheer at the return of Jerry? Do you think there is any chance Ewen will confess his dark deeds to Elizabeth? Did you also weep at the end of the swimming competitions?


Groan for Jerry. And you shouldn't feel too guilty either, because SR will just appear playing playing pretty much a variant of Jerry on some genre show in primetime :)

The Todd/John stuff was hilarious.

Todd and John were the best couple on today. While Todd and Blair may be Todd's true destiny, he and John make a great pair too. Come to think of it, John and Victor on OLTL were each other's best pairing as well.

I did like Alexis even more than usual today. And Christina was more bearable than usual, though ONLY when she was listening and not talking.

Sonny was ridiculous, acting as if he could make a call and get Dante off the job, but then Sonny is always ridiculous, and that's when he's at his best.

Elizabeth and Jason were ff material. I can only continue to not hate Elizabeth if I ff her when she's in scenes with the UnDead. He brings her down, far, far down.

So who is Jerry answering to this time? Will it be Helena - oh hell, of course it will.

Cheer for Jerry here! I will take him over most villains any day. Jerry Jax is French hotness on a stick! And all I want is for Jerry and Alexis to hook up because Alexis needs to get laid! I don't care if it is with Sean or Jerry or both simultaneously or you know not exactly at the same time... I don't care it needs to happen!

I'm with you Mallory. I'd rather watch ANY Olympic sport than GH. Jerry Jax again? Listening to his recap of the Metro Court crap reminded me how much I hated that entire story line and filled me with dread about the current one. Does the show really want to remind me how bad it has been and for how long?

Thank goodness the summer and winter Olypmics alternate every two years so that we don't have to wait four years anymore.

I love the quick quips of Mr. Craig so I like him on the screen(I HATE they made him Jerry Jax, that made NO sense)...I am disappointed that it is Craig though, and not say, a real sinister GH history guy like Faison or Putnam. At least it wasn't ugh, Franco.

Jerry is not working alone which is why he mentioned "us or we" when discussing Ewen taking care of Robin. I think Jerry is working with Helena, Faison, or some other baddie from back in the day, because RC pulled a dead Irene Manning from 1976 out of his bag of tricks last year on OLTL! I wonder if Jerry shot Robin years ago because she blabbed the truth about Spencer being a Nicholas son and not Jax? Or, maybe it has to do with Anna and Robert's enemies?

Mmmm. Yum. Ewen is hawt!

I hate Jason's buzzed off haircut.

John has a habit of sticking his tongue down one woman's throat (Natalie) while being in another relationship (Marty) over on OLTL.

Guza should have kept Mr. Craig and not turned him into Jerry Jacks, because I don't mind the character showing up to push story or create drama and then leave town. It was nice hearing all of the history regarding the MCHC from 2007.

It's very obvious that RH and SBu have young children the way that they dealt with the little actor that played Aiden since they moved the silverware off the table!

I absolutely, positively HATE that Jerry Jax is back. He is not a villain who is fun to hate...he is irredeemable and therefore not enjoyable. I hope to god that his coughing fit at the end of the show means that he has the dreaded virus that shows up periodically and that it kills him dead this time.

(BTW Neka...Jerry is Australian.)

I wish Nancy Gran would get a story that didn't revolve around her two obnoxious younger daughters. As soon as Kristina or Molly come on the scene, I am forced to hit FF, so if Alexis is in the scene, she gets FF'd too.

I like Jerry because, well, I always enjoy seeing SR on my screen BUT unless he is working with/for someone else, I can't think of any motive he has for taking Robin and faking her death.

This story has only just begun, and I'm sure there are plenty of twists and turns ahead. I seriously doubt Jerry is working alone, or calling the shots. He's worked for others much of the time. And as stupid as making him Jerry Jacks was, it is what it is, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I just love SR's voice and his charm, so whatever.

I groaned when Jerry returned. I didn't like the fact that they rewrote history to make him Jerry Jacks instead of Mr. Craig, just to give him a tie to someone on the show. To me he's not a villain I love to hate, I just hate. However, if it brings Jax back to the show, then maybe it's not all that bad. I would love to see Faison behind all of this. Maybe there's a villains' island where all the baddies of the past are living and plotting against the residents of PC. The coughing has to be foreshadowing, but remember little Aiden coughed - they better not kill off another of Liz's children!

I know Todd is a real baddie and did horrible, unforgivable things on OLTL, which I did not watch, but I totally laugh out loud at some of the things he says.

I have to give a cheer. I wasn't watching the show when Jerry first appeared, so admittedly I don't know firsthand how much of a retcon there was in turning Jerry into a terrorist, but I like a good Hans Gruber-style villain. And I don't think a soap villain has to be redeemable to be interesting; look at Stefano DiMera or Mitch Lawrence.

I will be really disappointed if it does turn out that Jerry is operating alone and if his motives aren't clear (like with the Eli fiasco on OLTL), but like others have said it does seem like the Powers That Be are hinting at something larger.

"Jerry" may technically be Australian (even he CLEARLY doesn't do the accent), but Sebastian is French.

That should say "even though"

I hated the rewrite that made Mr. Craig into Jerry Jax. But Bourgeois Nerd is right, it is what it is, and I do love SR. Also, in a recent interview, SR said that the only four people Jerry cares about are Jax, Lady Jane, Josslyn and Alexis. Which makes me hopeful, since the best part about Jerry was always SR's chemistry with NLG. Maybe RC will do a better job writing that relationship than Guza did.

Here's my .02 for whatever it's worth:

Good Lord.

At least Alexis brought up Ethan. At the rate their conversation was going, it looked like Ethan never existed, and that Kristina never went after him.

And I'm sorry, I totally wanted to bitchslap Kristina, because, now, NOW that Trey is Interested in her, all of a sudden that's the reason why he cancelled Mob Princess; not that she wanted to do this to get back at her parents; and even when she first started and said she didn't want to do it, he manipulated her stupidrankass and she was pushing for it. Oh, and NOW she believes and listens to Alexis' apology for getting her into Yale. Oh, that My parents could have done that. I would have thanked them, not seen it as them thinking I was too stupid to get in. Which, as it turns out, Kristina totally is. Alexis didn't say anthing today that she didn't say when Kristina stormed back home and accused her of horror of horrors!, used her influence or Sonny's, as the case may be, to get her daughter into her college of choice! Call Child Services! Oh, the Horror!

All those scenes just made me stabby.

I did enjoy the scenes with Todd, John and Sam, though. I mean, I don't understand Sam's outrage. John did cheat on Natalie with her. What they did was wrong. So what if Todd let Natalie know? Just like when Todd fired Sam, nothing he said wasn't true. And she's acting as if her wanting to work for him was because she didn't have a job anymore or actually needed a fresh start. She went to him on false pretenses.

And am I crazy, or was John arrested at Alexis' house? How did Alexis not see Sam? Or vice versa?

I see Ewwin partook of the STOOPID Kool-Aid, telling Jerry that he would confess to all and Jerry would go to prison! Stupid boy.

It's so unfair that men get sexier as they get older, and Sebastian Roche is a prime example. I remember feeling sorry for his loser of a character's ass when he was set up for his wife's murder on Law and Order mothership--he was using an American accent.

I do love the way he says "Darling", but I think he should have stayed Daniel Craig, a viable villain. Or, if he had to be a Jacks, make him one from the bastard line.

That said, I've hated him ever since he very cold-bloodedly shot Robin in the stomach during the Metro Hostage crisis, and for causing Alan's heart attack and death. I can't remember if Julian Stone's Jerry ever knew Robin or if they ever mingled, etc., but I'm sure he knew that Jax, his brother, a brother he loved, was very good friends with her. And of course I didn't watch during that whole poisoning Nic, forcing him to marry Robin or whatever that storyline was. His targeting her makes no sense.

So, it looks like Jerry is dying, if those anvilicous coughs were anything to go by.

ETA: I just found out that yes, indeed, Julian Stone's Jerry Jacks KNEW and was friends with Robin, so, again, this is just another WTF for me.

Robin may have been taken to find an antidote for whatever ails him. . . she is a medical researcher who specializes in pharmaceutical cures. . .Jerry knows this because she was trying to find one for nikolas when Jerry poisoned him.

Also, he could be working for either Helena (who has no love loss for the scorpio's, esp Robert) OR Faison, who HATES Anna.

He probably has a hate on for Robin too for that matter, because she tricked him while working with Anna (and Duke or Robert, I forget) when she was young.

Oooh, Bethie, taken to find an antidote - good call!

And yet, they've tried to keep her drugged up, which Robin, proving what a kickass daughter of RobertF!Scorpio and Anna Devane she is--leads them to give her a fng! ECT, which could have fried her brains.

How does doing any of that--make/force Robin to help find a cure for Jerry, if that is indeed where they're going with this?

Helena's always had a hard-on (pardon my language) for Luke and Laura--she cursed THEM on their wedding day--not Robert. Didn't include Robert.

Faison, yes, him I can see being behind the kidnapping/faking Robin's death--he hates Robert and Anna that much, he would love to torture them. But Helena? I don't think so.

Jerry Jacks is infinitely superior to the tedious, blahworthy, smug, cowardly McBore. There is nothing to him but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's. Jerry at least entertains. McBain, has the personality of drywood.

I just want to know, can anyone see the Jerry Jacks that dated and fell in love with Bobbie do the things THIS Jerry Jacks does on a regular basis? He went from well intentioned but stupid decision making (into the realm of criminal), to outright psychopath with no explanation oh so many years ago (which is odd to me - Guza created him and then completely remade him for no reason other than he needed a one note villain to terrorize PC).

I read over all the passion in the comments, and I feel strongly over certain storylines and characters too, but I know like with all shows or soaps, I have to take the good with the bad, and hopefully get more good than bad.

I watch it for the mindless entertainment, and wish I could be watching the Olympics (so lucky Mallory), but I don't have a TV. I watch GH on my comp in the evening. I used to watch OLTL only, and then they canceled. I stopped watching GH years ago because I couldn't take Sonny/Jason every second and the truly horrible writing of dialogue and poor story development, and only recently returned because of RC and John and my fave couple Todd and Blair were finally on GH - characters worth watching AND LESS Sonny and Jason. WIN!

After writing all that needless info I guess I'll just add my two cents on the stories.

I think Jerry (and I really don't mind him being a Jacks because it's SEBASTIAN ROCHE and he does the villain so well) is working with someone else. I am hopeful it is not only Helena, but also Faison. I am thinking all those with ties to PC and Anna and Luke - that richer history - have gathered together to take down the good guys. I think it will eventually be a really big storyline that brings in all the worthwhile history of GH that I grew to love with the Scorpio's and Spenser's and even the Quartermine's to the forefront.

That is my hope and I've seen much more promise with RC's writing.

Now, I used to dislike McBain on OLTL, but LOVE him and especially his interaction with Todd on GH. I have become a total McBam shipper and love Sam with someone other than a hitman and then glorifying his job as an excuse. I mean, she is ALEXIS' daughter! That means she should be awesome! She should be a PI with more integrity, as should Alexis. (I still don't get why she would work with the mob again and Sonny - eish.)

I wish they'd stop pushing Luke and Anna together. I greatly dislike Sonny and Kate, well Sonny with anything. He should just stay the smarmy little gangster he's always been and slowly creep away from the canvas. The show doesn't miss him when he's gone. He should be a secondary character.

I miss Johnny's better nature, but he's playing a conflicted bad guy well. I miss KStorms. I miss a few things, but I realize, as a viewer, I can't have everything.

If Blair will NEVER be on GH, then I love Todd with Carly. (I just love Todd much more on GH, even!) I realize, as Todd said on the show, Carly's his first real best friend. And if I think over the OLTL past, I think he's right. He's never really had close friends. (Maybe Louise can help me with this bad memory, but has he?) And the CODD dynamic, to me, is very unique and something I enjoy watching develop. Tarly or Codd, either sounds nice.

Overall, the show has been better when Anna, the commish, actually saves the day and is smart and kickass, as the good guy should be. I hope she NEVER goes to the Sonny and Jason corner. I'd love to see John McBain become a PCPD cop and continue his mentor-type friendship with Anna.

There are so many golden nuggets relationally on the show right now, and I can see it going in the right direction, but like all soaps, there are the truly horrendous characters and bad actors (please get rid of Steve/Steven Lars mouth breathing, Trey, nuKristina) and you have to take the good with the bad. Soaps just incorporate such a large cast with so many stories going at once you can't possibly please everyone.

There's my two cents, and I'm looking forward to them finally finding Robin. Hopefully it will be good.

Val, Todd & Blair started out as friends,but as soon as she found out about the inheritance, she went after him full throttle for the $. I'm just surprised that he forgot about Moose!!!

Yep, Todd and Blair were very good friends, looking out for each other in the early days, and even after the marriages and breakups, Blair helped Todd escape several times. . . Todd helped Blair cover up her various misdeeds. I don't think the Todd and Carly thing works because there's no angst. Todd doesn't operate well without it.

FIRST OFF, I ALSO LOVE THE OLYMPICS.ESPECIALLY THE SUMMER ONES .Diving, swimming,and Gymnastics. Having one of the gymnasts from around here,.She was on the news nightly. She is a sweet child,and they all did so well. Team America made us proud.
Now the original jerry Jacks I liked with Bobbi, this one no thanks.As the last time he was on,I had shut the show off in disgust of to much Mobsters winning. I am slowly going back. If I never see the unholy three again who cares. We complain about to much Mob and we get more. Jerry is a nut case from what I have seen,but if it brings back Jax fine Just don't let him near Carley . She ruins him.
Johnny needs to remember he didn't kill Coleandhope. What a dumb move to ruin a likable character.
I like the new characters,like McBain with Sam ,didn't like her at all with borg.

I was very disappointed that the craptastic writers didn't go for the very obvious 'gondola' reference and have Steffy floating by the ceremony in one...they are in Italy for Pete's sake. I mean everything else for the past God-awful how many months has been trite and predictable...why start now?

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