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August 28, 2012

Oh My Jason, I'm Totally Bugging

If you had told me a few years ago that Steve Burton would be leaving General Hospital and that we'd soon be seeing a Jason-free Port Charles, I'd...I'd probably be chagrined that my 2012 was still watching General Hospital. But after THAT, I'd say "No! You lie!" because the thought of Port Charles without its religious idol/mafia hitman is so bizarre that the very thought of it would have to be a joke.

Except that it is not: Steve Burton is leaving General Hospital and taking the amoral, non-blinking hired killer with him.

And I have nothing to say about it. Actually, I have plenty to say about it. I have been stockpiling things to say about this very event for EONS because such an event would have a prominent spot on my dream board, if I had a dream board, and now that it finally happened, it's like so many things are running through my head at once that I can only stammer and then throw my hands up (literally--I'm nothing if not dramatic and prone to wild gesticulations) but you can't see me do that, you can only see me abruptly end this post with a series of exclamation points. Me of a few years ago would be so disappointed at my complete and utter speechlessness!




I know everyone has different opinions but wow! lol. James Scott is a great actor. The character sucks though.

But I can relate. I had to stop watching AMC cause Zachass Slater ate it. His ugly face was everywhere!

I'd be happier if he weren't being replaced by the just as bad McBain

I have to respectfully disagree about McBain. I don't even see how Jason and McBain can even be compared! I actually started to like Jason (I had to gag that one out) with McBain doing their little Hardy Boys mystery thing, but I'm just as fine with solo McBain. I hope a lack of Jason means more screentime for Todd! OMG, I never thought I'd love a soap character so much. He slays me! They must must must have a Todd/Carly pairing. IMHO

A Todd/Carly pairing? I hope to hell that NEVER happens. I wouldn't wish Carly on anyone, especially not Todd, whom I adore.

As for Steve Burton, I read he's having one last fan event and is charging his loyal fans $84 for the privilege. How about letting them in for free, Steve? Now that would be a nice gesture to the people who have supported you and your character for 21 years.

It won't be long before John McBain grates on the nerves of GH fans. Just wait until McBain shows up with his hands in his pockets as he kicks in a door to "save the day". Seriously. This really happened on OLTL!

Ally, look on the bright side, a Todd/Carly pairing would bring Blair back to town wearing her bitch in heels shoes & the battles would be epic!

I just want to see Todd be able to do a "told you" to Blair over Victor!

MelP, I'll be on board if Blair either pushs Carly out of a window (Tea), or gives her a swirly (Skye). And after that, she goes and claims her man.

It is really sad that I used to love Jason and now I am overjoyed that he's no longer going to be on my TV. That probably says something about...something.

I agree with Rene that I want a Todd/Carly pairing, especially since (according to many GH viewers) LW really isn't playing Carly and is actually still Cassie from GL. LW & RH's chemistry is the bomb diggity. Understandable that longtime viewers of OLTL or GH may feel differently, however.

As far as SBu...I got annoyed with Jason pretty much the day I started watching GH, hate the black t-shirt thing (I had a crush on a guy that did this in real life - WTF was I thinking), and agree that he has talent somewhere in there but needs to get out of this role.

The only bad part is I'm sure that RH and ME are both getting burned at every JaSam stake in town and neither of them deserve it. On OLTL McBain did get a little ridiculous with saving everyone in town but it is NOTHING like Jason (the only person who appears to dislike him is Steve Webber, Unlikely Voice of Reason). McBain always had Todd/Frodd to tell him he was being a sanctimonious idiot.

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