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August 21, 2012

Please Explain This To Me Slowly, Using Small Words

I am about as easily distracted as they come, which means that it's possible (probable?) (definite?) that there was an explanation for the following which appeared onscreen in scenes that were logical, well-written and detailed and that I missed them because I was busy writing fanfiction in my head about Dante and Lulu's adventures in domesticity (all I want in life right now is for these two crazy kids to be happy and have hilarious stories about their adventures in parenting the hundreds of babies I am hoping they have. That will go down in history as one of the saddest sentences ever typed) or trying my hardest to come up with an adjective that best describes Carly and Johnny or maybe I just fell asleep because so much of this show is deadly dull, but: is there any part of Joe Jr.'s plan to marry off Trey and Kristina that makes any real sort of sense? Because I am desperately confused. Like, something about money and revenge and bad acting?

Please note that I am not confused or interested enough to go back and rewatch episodes that might give me some sort of clue; I'm just confused enough to sort of wonder about it if only so that I can be a fully educated hater.


If that sentence is sad, I don't want to be, um, un-sad. The point is, I was doing the same exact thing. sigh! If Lante aren't pregnant they need at least to baby-sit Cam and Aiden STAT.

I dunno, Mallory. Trey marrying Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...er, Kristina only makes sense from an evil-mastermind standpoint in one way that the show hasn't really played to yet: it would give him access to Sonny's money (and, by inclusion, Joe Sr.'s money) through her, and that would put him in a prime position to obtain huge chunks of it in the event of Sonny's death, which Joe Jr. should have already been ranting about in his no-doubt-delusional "How dare they take everything from me!" way.

(This of course assumes that Sonny doesn't leave everything to Jason, or Carly...in that order.)

Trey marries Kristina which puts him into position to grab some of the Corinthos/Morgan money. Any who, I like Trey and think the actor has chemistry with Starr/KA, since nuKrissy is annoying.

Besides, Trey is obviously Kate#2's kid via Joe Scully, which provides drama with Sonny, Kate, Joe Jr., Trey, Krissy, etc...

I am not fond of the character of Sonny, and I'e had my fill of mob stories. But I would applaud Sonny if he would put me (and my ears) out of my misery and just rid us of Joe Jr.

I HATE this storyline. Trey has grown on me, but it would be much more soapy if Kate & Sonny got married and Trey and Kristina fell in love, and then everyone learned they're actually step-siblings.

And my heart broke today for Lulu and Dante. Hope they go make a baby.

I think it's just to piss off Sonny. I think once they're married Joe Jr.'s going to let it slip that Trey's his son and even worse his son with Kate. He won't be able to kill Trey or hurt him because of Kate. So it'll drive him crazy that he can't get revenge on Trey for his part in the plot.

Yeah, and please explain to me what kind of father (and they are trying to paint JJR as a good father who loves his kid) would knowingly allow his child to stay in a place that is going to get zapped with some weird bioweapon?? Seriously. Get your kid the hell out of Dodge!!

I'm only ffwarding Sonny and Kate right now, so that's good. Liking Starr in this new environment much better lately, and loving watching Dante and Lulu.

Bethie... I think he sent Trey to Vegas so he doesn't get bioweapon zapped.

I also thought I heard a sentence about if Trey married Kristina, Sonny can't touch Trey. I think it's in the mob code. I don't know if that code works like old school kingdoms where if your son marries another king's daughter that means the two kingdoms are allies. If that's true, then JJr might also get protection, but I'm not sure.

I'm with Spazzo...I think the plan is (and it might be different from the original) was to make it so Sonny couldn't touch Trey, so it's to keep him safe as well as pushing up the time schedule for him to take Kristina and go to Vegas. Ever since Jerry took Joe into his orbit, Joe has been coming off as primarily a very concerned parent who wants to protect his son.

All I know is that if Jerry kills Joe, Jr., all is forgiven.

Yep. I'm still harboring deep resentment for Lulu for the Dillon saga. Even though she has her moments of just being a part of an adorable couple, it's here scenes with pretty much everyone else that are still annoying.

I don't understand either. Joe Jr. seems to be giving Trey grief for not gettting Kristina to the alter sooner. But haven't they been "dating" or whatever for about five seconds? Why would anyone be thinking marriage at that point?

But then again, this is RC, who had a mentally ill woman get divorced and remarried all in one Pennsylvania night.

Yep I know the plan is to head off to Vegas, but are they going to stay there forever? I mean, Jerry doesn't seem quite ready to unleash the latest version of deathly monkey balls, so they would jet off to Vegas and be back by lunchtime if the distance/time continuum in PC holds!

GH is overrated but so was OLTL under RC/FV. Sure GH has improved from Garin Wolf's reign but the show has no soul and features unlikeable characters. The new additions (aside from Heather Webber, Todd Manning and John McBain) add nothing but subtract quite a bit. Too much Trey, Kristina and Starr, played by terrible actors and empty characters. If only Trey were as pretty to look at as one of OLTL's Ford Brothers but he is not. Alexis & Shawn is beyond forced and chemistry-free. The actor that plays Ewen is not very good and Sonny/Kate are not interesting. Sam and Jason do the same shit, every day. Liz and Tracy are still treated as a periphery characters when both actresses/characters are fan favorites. GH has no heart and like OLTL, it seems the creative team will not pull out all of the stops until it is too late. Memo to Frank & Ron: the show is on it's last leg! You don't have to wait for it's final 5 months on the air!

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