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August 09, 2012

That Day When Taylor and Rick Spoke Truth to Power

So bizarre, right?

Well, first of all, there were some actually bizarre lines (or line readings) on yesterday's episode. I had to rewind Taylor's line about how Steffy's old college friends could "start a whore on a small island" about five times before I realized she was saying "war," not "whore." Because really, I was wondering what exactly "starting a whore" would entail. She also said of Liam, "If he wants a life of uncertainty, he can have that with Hope all he wants. But if he's going to rely on you, then he's going to have to do the same." The same what? He's going to have to want a life of uncertainty? Couldn't tell you. And then there was Steffy's headscratcher about how she wasn't going to "abandon herself from a life of dissipation," which I assume meant that she wasn't about to ditch her life to go live out some hedonistic fantasy on an island somewhere, but what peculiar phrasing. Abandon herself from? Maybe I heard that one wrong, too.

Since I was clearly having hearing troubles while watching the episode, perhaps I also misheard the most excellent words from the most unlikely sources, but can we just take a moment to bask in them nonetheless?

Taylor's truth-telling was pretty simple, but it never hurts to be succint around there.

Taylor: I'm sorry, I don't trust Liam. I like him, but he can't make a decision and then stick with it.


Truth! And sure, Ridge responded with some nonsensical comment about how Taylor used to say the same of him, which is how he knows this time is going to be different. (Huh? Ridge was still waffling just over a year ago! Shouldn't this mean he knows they have decades of Liam changing his mind ahead of them?!) But it still needed to be said. I'm so sick of both mothers of the women in this heinous triangle rooting for their daughters to "land" this loser who's also in love with another woman.

Rick, on the other hand, is not rooting for his little sister to stay with Liam. While he may have taken a while to get to the point, his point was an undeniable one.

Rick: Now we men have you women accustomed to -- well, let's just call it the toreador psychology. Now the toreador knows that if he waves that red flag at the bull, he better be able to run or he's gonna be in trouble, just as a woman knows that she should never, never wave a red bra at a man or stand too close to him, for that matter, because she knows that he's not gonna be able to control himself. He's gonna become all hands. He's gonna pounce. He's gonna make a fool out of himself or worse. [...] Now that may be the way the game is played, but it's just not real. Now, I'm as capable as you of upholding my values and reflecting on my choices and what matters to me and to live my life accordingly. I don't turn into some hormone case when I get 10 feet from a woman, and neither does Liam. Now if he was fumbling around in Steffy's bed an hour before pledging his undying love to you, he did it for one reason and one reason only. Because he damn well wanted to.


Oh, Rick. Your words are so pretty and so true! 

Which of course Steffy is banking on -- no matter how many times she insisted it was no biggie and Hope should get over it, she's still pretty damn confident if she makes a major play, Liam will go ahead and re-commit to her. So naturally, she showed up at his house with luggage and announced she was moving back in if he'd have her.


And Liam made that same dumb blank expression he always makes, since of course he was just waiting for someone to explain to him what he should do. Steffy went back to her old manipulative approach, which was to present herself as the low-maintenance option. I mean really, Liam should go for it. Steffy's basically made it clear that any good, truly-devoted woman would totally let her man cheat on her and immediately forgive him for it. So if Liam chooses Steffy, he can still hook up with Hope or any other gal he has a hankering for, and ole Steffy will still be waiting back at the cliff house for him with a Bob Hope video cued up and ready for a little "cha cha cha!" Win/win!

Oh the humanity.

Oh yeah, and they had this super-steamy montage of Marcus and Dayzee celebrating his return from jail by feeding each other ranch-dipped crudite and cuddling fully-clothed on the couch.


I mean was your screen as ON FIYAH as mine? Snooze-a-rama.

Great balance, Afternoon Television Program. Your priorities are finally back in order. On some planet.


Did y'all know that Lane Davies filled in as Ridge Forrester temporarily in 1992, while Ronn Moss was on leave?!????? I had NO idea, lol.

I know. Lane Davies is an awesome actor and he was great even as the creep Rapist.

I still cant believe Rapist is leaving. Trying hard not get my hopes up. Although the character will be recast according to Bratley... Who knows... A couple of days ago getting rid of Rapist was unthinkable... Maybe he will be gone. FOREVER!

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