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August 07, 2012

The End of My B&Bleeping Rope

What can really be said that hasn't already been said a thousand times? But of course since Brad Bell doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with the show saying everything one hundred thousand times, perhaps it bears repeating.

Liam: You know you sound like Steffy. This is exactly what she said last night.

Bill: Steffy was here?

Liam: Yeah, but nothing happened. I mean --

Bill: Good. That's probably for the best. 

Uh-huh, uh-huh, okay, Liam. Sounds great. Stand-up guy, right? Poor heartbroken thing, right?

Just in case any of us have a different dictionary from Liam Spencer's, I'll now take this moment to show you his definition of "nothing happened."


Those are some seriously creative linguistics.

And as much as I don't particularly like Hope, I've had about enough of everyone (including her own mother and "father") saying how immature she is for, you know, not being into the idea of her husband so clearly also being in love with another woman. Yeah, grow up, Hope! Everyone shares their husbands when they're adults! It's what all the mature people are doing!

Seriously, how on this planet is Hope the immature one? After swearing up and down to Hope that he was committed to their marriage and begging her to forgive him, he did the exact thing he was asking forgiveness for. Again. And then skipped work yesterday to frolick on the beach with his ex. Again. This is apparently the grown-up behavior, while Hope is infantile. 

I hope she tells him where to shove his douchey ass. He's the one who needs to grow the hell up. Unfortunately, it's no skin off his back because he has a woman waiting in the wings, who apparently doesn't mind sharing his affections.

I'll just continue with my fantasies of Hope and Steffy both telling him where to go, and then the two of them driving off on some sort of Thelma & Louise adventure while he sits and pouts and learns a damn lesson or two.

Oh yeah. Marcus didn't really hit Anthony. He hit a pothole. GRIPPING STUFF, RIGHT?!


So, wait, if he only hit a pothole, what's the whole point of this TEXTING KILLS!!11!!!! PSA?

Well, he still got fined for texting and driving! And has promised he'll never do it again! And still has to deal with his VERY DRAMATIC TEXTING ADDICTION!

Or something.

I don't even watch this show and I'm rooting for Hope/Steffy.

"Grow up, Hope! Everyone shares their husbands when they're adults! It's what all the mature people are doing!"

Thank you! I almost choked on my tea when Rapist told his tart daughter that Hope was immature cause she didnt "get over" Lame making out with her step sister! On their wedding day! After accusing Hope for everything went wrong in their relationship!

Daddy Rapist and his dear daughter doesnt mind sharing so Hope's behaviour is abnormal to them i guess. Rapist is the same jerk who refused to design a wedding dress for Hope cause Steffy was also after Lame. How mature!

The crotch rocket is on Lame like an octopus. Remember what penny Bill said to Hope when she went to him to offer peace: "Confidence, sophistication, mental health... Qualities of a Spencer woman" Yes Billy boy your mistress who "fell in love" with your son after being dumped by you like over a night has all these qualities, just look at how healthy she is kissing Lame's as... arrrr lips.

I love Scott Clifton, but he's being thoroughly wasted here. And his performance seems to be getting increasingly limp, as though he can't figure out how to make Liam's passivity interesting. Can't say as I have any productive ideas in that area myself. Other than different writing...

I'm waiting for Brooke and Liam to fall into bed during one of their tearful chats...it's the only 'tried (tired) and true trick bradley hasn't pulled out of his bag of repeats.

Anne, Scott Clifton just has to sigh and go, "Why does this always happen to me!" when he reads his scripts. Not one show has managed to give him sustained good material.

:eye roll:

I'm still rooting for Hope & Steffy to realize that they have never had a good heterosexual couple role model in their lives and hence, to give it a go with each other. They can use Dani & Caroline as their role models.

On this show, couple relations are terrible, that says a lot considering we are talking about soap world.

The only exceptions were Thorne&Brooke and Nick&Brooke... So Bratley was quick to destroy them.

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