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August 17, 2012

The Hot & the Neverending

First, let's talk about RJ. Who, you ask? Yeah, I'd completely forgotten he exists, too. Despite about half the scenes on the show taking place at Brooke and Ridge's home, despite Brooke and Ridge being on at least three episodes each week, I had completely forgotten they actually have a young son. It's not so much that he doesn't turn up very often -- there's not a whole hell of a lot to do with little kids on a soap (there are some notable exceptions, of course, such as little Starr on OLTL and little Robin on GH for starters) unless they're being kidnapped or in the middle of a custody or Who's-the-Daddy storyline -- but even so, the last time I remember seeing him was well over a year ago right around the time Thomas and Brooke were in that plane crash. Regardless of frequency of appearance, they never even mention his name! So imagine my surprise when Daddy Ridge had a brief phone conversation with him yesterday. Apparently he's at camp and not off getting SORAS'ed into a college student with a chiseled face and six-pack abs, and he's certainly not coming home for his sister's wedding. Why would he? She'll have plenty more. It's kind of her thing.

Anyway, his parents had some sexytimes that were hot, y'all. They talked about surprises and Brooke told Ridge she had a special surprise for him right now.


To which he responded, "Yum." 


No, seriously.

I really don't even want to dignify the other issue we need to reflect on by actually discussing it, but it's really unavoidable.

Liam is out partying and getting wasted the night before his next wedding (is it his fifth at this point, I think?), and because the writers really seriously know what today's youth are up to when they party...


Liam actually put a lampshade on his head. Now, I don't do so much clubbing anymore in my old age, but let's just say back in my Limelight days I would not have even know where to procure a lampshade in the club. But you know? I suppose it fits Liam, the early-20's dude with a high-level executive job, an addiction to marriage, and a love for Bob Hope. Certainly someone like that would express "had too much to drink" in the same way bad comic strips did in 1958. 

And I don't even want to talk about the dancing.


Do we have to talk about the dancing?


Yes, we have to talk about the dancing, Louise. (Just kidding.)

"Apparently he's at camp and not off getting SORAS'ed into a college student with a chiseled face and six-pack abs" Oh, Louise! Camp is the PERFECT place for a soap young'un to become a college student with a chiseled face and six-pack abs! I wonder if that was what that casting notice for a hunk that got scrapped with Ron Moss leaving was for: a SORASed son.

Louise why the GARbridge recaps? What have i ever done to you :-)

Where is my barf bucket?

As for Lame/Stuffy... Is Bratley trying to show us if Lame marries Hope, he will never be able go to a club again and dance with a lampshade? lol.

Pinky, so sorry to make you sick!

And yeah, I keep watching the screen and wondering why in Bell's world, married people aren't allowed to dance.

Oh, BTW, have the lesbians sunken into the Pacific Ocean or what?

Not only RJ but Brooke's other son Jack is also missing.

Btw when did Stuffy learn to ride a motorcycle ?

Bourgeois Nerd, Karen's actually not on the show anymore (for now), but Dani pops in to smile at Caroline and Thomas every three weeks.

They have nothing to do with Hope/Liam/Steffy so I mean... what good are they?

It's like watching Baywatch on Crack. At least I'm amused by Liam's dancing although I have no idea where he found that lampshade.

Seems like Thomas will be after Hope.

Maybe RJ went to the same camp as Josslyn and will come back with white hair. Btw I've been watching the show for about a year and had no idea that Brook/Ridge had any children together.

BarbJ - your comment made me laugh so much!

Louise - I love my Bridge having fun, incl. sexytimes so thank you for the screencaps. Fun fact: I just watched a B&B show from 2009 with Bridge in bed and for a second I thought you had watched the same episodes and those screencaps were from 2009, lol.

I also enjoyed Stephanie's talk with Hope, who didn't really absorb anything that Stephanie had to say, but I could feel that Stephanie's concern and her advice was really genuine. Hope is the only Logan woman that Stephanie actually likes.

You have to feel sorry for Brooke's housekeeper. Imagine having to clean all of Frankenridge's hair dye off those pillows every day, not to mention all that botox leaking all over the place.


Hope is not the only one, not that Stephanie "really" likes her. Putting aside her blatant hypocrisy and past snide remarks about Hope, Stephanie's little self serving talks is all about having Liam for Steffy.

But before Hope, there was Bridget, the Stephanie/Taylor groupie.

Sorry Louise but when I all I read was "Let's talk about RJ" and I am used to you commenting on OL my brain instantly went to REGINALD JAMES GANNON and then I read further and now I miss OLTL all over again.. Sigh when will it stop hurting.

Y'all, KKL has re-signed to B&B; she says she's happy, and get this, she says,
"I am looking forward to an intelligent storyline:)"
--Maybe that is now in her new contract?!!?!!! Intelligent storyline clause--at least one per year, lol

Thanks for brightening my day. A Limelight reference. I remember going there years ago, having a few two many beverages, and then wandering around for hours looking for the coat check. It was miserable. I guess all that time I should have just put a lampshade on my head and partied.

Too bad the lampshade on Liam's head didn't have the actual lamp somehow attached. Maybe if we got lucky, someone on the dance floor would've plugged it in and electrocuted this douchebag. Don't you wish they'd left him the nerdy computer geek he played when they first cast Scott Clifton? He could've been a constant embarrassment to his studley, super-macho dad, Bill Spencer Jr. That would've been more interesting, at least, to me, and I think SC is more suited to the misfit/outcast type than a heartthrob or whatever he's supposed to be playing now, besides the total Douche Lord of L.A.

I always wondered where the lampshade on the head=completely trashed cliche came from. I assume it had to have happened at least once and then went old-fashioned viral so to speak. Then again, maybe it's like one of those urban legends. What's next, Liam drinking booze out of one of Steffy's dress shoes?

Yo estaba muy decepcionado de que los escritores craptastic no fue la referencia de la muy obvia 'góndola', y han Steffy flotando por la ceremonia en una ... que se encuentran en Italia por amor de Dios. yo

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