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August 15, 2012

The Subtle & the... Just Kidding, This Show Doesn't Do Subtle

I'm here to explain a few things that The Bold & the Beautiful has been awfully coy about -- things that they expect us to be really sharp viewers to understand because, you see, it's all so between-the-lines. I mean you have to be a pretty clever observer to see through to this subtext. So what I'm going to tell you might shock you.

Did y'all know that Hope is the more conservative, family-oriented, traditional-values-driven choice for Liam? Did y'all know that Steffy is super-fun, full of life, wild and unpredictable, and is always a good time?

You're pretty blown away right now, aren't you? Just reflecting back on the past year of this show and thinking, "Oh! How did I not see this? They were so careful to leave it up to our own interpretation without beating us over the head with it AT ALL!"

Yesterday they drove the point home in a particularly delicate manner.

When Liam's with Steffy, he wakes up after having partied all night!


When Liam's with Steffy, he gets to go on motorcycle rides through the city! 


When Liam's with Steffy, they frolic carefree through the city and don't even have to think about their upper-level executive jobs that they can skip anytime they want! 


Steffy never fails to surprise Liam. There's so much he doesn't even know about her! He just learned she has "mad DJ skills" (uh, this was not evidenced in those cringe-worthy club scenes from Monday). Tomorrow we'll learn she's a skyglider and a world-famous skateboarder. I'm also pretty sure she's an Olympic champion. And the last winner of So You Think You Can Dance! And she throws a mean knuckleball. When does she find the time to watch all those Bob Hope movies??

Never mind that the whole time they were married they never once went out or took a ride on her bike. Their entire relationship has, quite frankly, happened since their separation, and therefore during the time that he was committed to someone else. THE CHARMER.

Meanwhile, Hope was across town planning her wedding to Liam. For the fourth time. Maybe she and Marcus could go to a 12-step program together so he can deal with his texting addiction and she can deal with her wedding addiction.

And because it wasn't clear enough already, Steffy got to serve up a heap of heavy-handed dialogue about how much Liam should enjoy his freedom because his life is going to be over once he's bound to the old ball and chain. I mean he's young! He should be enjoying his youth! He doesn't need to be tied down! (Never mind that she's already been married to him, fought like hell to keep it that way, and even now is insisting that she should move back in.)

These people, they are unbearable. The lot of them.

And oh, Ridge. (Oh, soon-to-be-departed Ridge.)


Ridge: Well, I'm kind of caught in the middle, in case you haven't noticed. Liam may love Steffy, but he loves Hope as well. Now if she's gonna be his choice, who am I to oppose that? It's not like I have a lot of room to be self-righteous.

No, Ridge, you certainly don't. But how about man up and say you are uniquely qualified to promise Liam he is being a jackass and this will only end in tears for everyone. Except he can't say that. Because as Ridge knows full well, Liam won't get hurt. He wins either way. So why wouldn't he keep both women on the hook? He certainly isn't going to let them go out of human decency, as he seems to have none. He certainly wouldn't do it because he mustered up a spine, as he seems to have none.

I would now use this small space at the bottom to comment on the other storyline, but as we all know, there isn't one.


This show was more fun when it was about a GONDOLA.

Slutty is officially a stalker. But gotta give it to her, what a manipulator! She puts her mother to shame. There is not a honest bone in her body, she doesnt miss a second to beat Lame over the head with "Dont marry Hope" or "maybe you're just not ready to let me go"s.

And Lame, a douchebag to the 9th degree, compeletely laps it up like a little puppy. He keeps getting more stupid each day, if thats possible.

But hey it must be good being Bill. I mean not only the attempted murderer who tried to kill his unborn grandchild dares to trash Hope, get this he doesnt seem to get why Hope is unhappy with seeing her husband making out and making plans to run away with another woman! Your husband might cheat on you but you stay right where you are and keep kissing his ass. Thats exactly what he looks for in his DIL.

Are these people living in twilight zone?

I'm officially ignoring this show until the *spoiler* wedding, and I ain't talking about Hope & Liam's. Ridge admitting that he doesn't have " a lot of room to be self-righteous," LOL

I don't watch B&B but I still enjoy your recaps Louise. Didn't you just write a few weeks ago Hope told off Liam, and now she's marrying him again? I'm so confused. Did your previous recap turn out to be a dream?

TahaneeH, you'd think she'd be done with him after telling him off like that, right? Nope, she just insisted that everything will be okay if they have a do-over wedding.

At this point, I can't even tell who is more deluded about their own actions and wishful results, Hope Logan or Sonny Corinthos.

Louise, why was Hope & Liam's wedding non-binding? Because she tore up the papers? Or something about his divorce?

Ziyal, basically their marriage was non-binding because they still had to drop the paperwork off at the courthouse in L.A. (since they were married abroad). Hope ripped up that paperwork.

Time to rack up those amazing scenes between Sky and Roxy on OLTL to remind myself how awesome Scott Clifton can be...

Our family just got back from vacation...I can see I didn't miss a damn thing! I don't even think I'm going to watch the recorded shows on dvr. Sigh.

Wasn't Steffy whining about how great marriage was and that Hope should give up her career for it?

How very convenient....

Louise: Is Ridge(Ronn Moss) leaving the show or going on vacation?

He is leaving.

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