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August 15, 2012

Things That Make Me Weepy, Part I

1. Jason Thompson

2. Jason Thompson


3. Jason Thompson

4. Jason Thompson

5. Patrick

6. The evolution and recent expression of Patrick and Epiphany's friendship



7. Jason Thompson and Sonya Eddy and how beautifully they work in scenes together


8. Patrick and his daughter Emma



9. Jason Thompson and how he had Patrick's face fall when Epiphany started talking about what a jackass he was when he first came to work at GH and how with just one tiny glance away, he made it so clear that what hurt Patrick about that was that (a) Robin was alive then and (b) he hadn't let down his guard faster so he could have more time with Robin.



10. Emma

11. The fact that Joe Scully, Jr. is now involved in Jerry's storyline and it means Sebastian Roche will have to share the screen with the central character of the most boring storyline on the show. No. As absurd as Jerry's backstory and present story is, I don't care because it's Sebastian freaking Roche. HE DESERVES ONLY THE BEST. This is not it. People on a soap opera mumbling in mob-speak about things like "territories" is not the best. Ever. Uh... this was a slightly different kind of weepy than the things I was referring to above. So I'll go back to the original sentiment for the finale...

12. Jason Thompson. 



13. Natalie taking John's passport. It had me weeping tears of AWESOME.

But in all seriousness, Jason Thompson is great and severely underused.

I agree with you 100% about everything you said about Jason Thompson. Love him. and how cute are him and the little girl who plays Emma?!

They get the best kids on daytime, don't they? The little girl who plays Emma is one of the most fetching young actors I've seen. She and Jason Thompson just light up the screen.

Not loving Sebaatian Roche, and putting him with whoever that is playing Scully isn't going to help. I have nothing against cartoons, but GH has enough of that already with Sonny and Jason. And why is Sebastian looking like Fievel from "An American Tail"? Scruffy is one thing - but right now he looks diseased.

boes, I think Jerry is supposed to look horrible right now.

I love Jerry Jacks! And yes, Jerry is suppose to look "ill" looking...

One of the best things that happen to JT was KMc leaving the show. Yes, Scrubs fans are mad, but when actors voluntarily leave their shows, we (fans) need to wish them well and support the actors that remain. JT has been killing it since Robin "died". Patrick should be a romantic male lead character for the hospital set.

On another note, I really wish that Becky Herbst had been given that type of story when Jake died instead of the show focusing on JJ, SBu and AG. What a waste.

@boes: I think the reason why Jerry Jacks is looking diseased on the show is because he he's probably dying from a serious illness of some sort, which is also why he's coughing up a storm lately!

But only coughing when he is alone.....

BTW since when was upstate NY so close to Atlantic City? Seems like everyone is making this trip in minutes!

I'm disguntled because it looks like it will be Jason who makes the connection between Jerry - Alexis - and Joss. It really should be Alexis. She's the brains of this operation and she WOULD be the one who realized that the thing she and Joss have in common is Jerry. Instead it's going to be AssJason and McBain (who I love on GH but he really knows nothing about the situation). sigh.

Also, JT is awesome with that little girl. . .and she's adorable. He has done some amazing work since Robin's "death". I'm calling it now, if the daytime emmy's exist next year, AND if Anthony Geary or Maurice Benard are NOT nominated (wait is it SB's year to be nominated?) and. . . oh hell, let's just say he deserves teh emmy.

and when the heck can we see Todd with some kids? He's Carly's friend, surely he could interact with her daughter? Maybe Sam could come up for a visit with Blair? Maybe he could stop Cam from lighting something on fire! C'mon. They'd be great together!!

I have an unnatural obsession with Emma! She is an amazing little actress, so sweet and natural and perfect with Patrick.

Why couldn't they have found a blond version of her to play Josslyn? The little girl they hired looks like she's petrified to do or say anything. Maybe she'll come around...she did perk up briefly when Michael said "Hi" to her...but so far she's like a scared little mouse. And please don't yell at me for criticizing a child...she is cute, just not very animated.

However, I have a blond granddaughter who would have been perfect! haha

Jason Thompson deserves ALL OF THE AWARDS. Seriously, even the scenes with Epiphany (Epiphany! Who I normally can't stand) made me cry yesterday. When I need a good cry, no more movies. Just look up "Patrick mourning Robin" on youtube and you're all set. I CAN NOT wait to see the reunion scenes between him and Robin. I'm going to be a blubbering mess.

LadyBug - I definitely wish KMc well with her outside projects but I will be totally ecstatic if she can ever do a longish run on GH again. In the meantime, JT is completely bringing it in his Patrick mourning Robin scenes. I don't believe the writers would have ever let the mourning period linger like this if Robin would have really died. It's the fact she's out there somewhere and we know it so they're keeping her in the forefront with Patrick and Anna's respective story arcs.

Patrick and Epiphany bonding was touching.

Patrick and Emma reuniting was even more touching. My heart was just so full of love for them when they were remembering Robin together and giving each other an Eskimo kiss. ADORABLE.

I hate that they turned Mr. Craig into Jerry Jacks and I hate Sebastian Roche, so I have no idea what is going on in that part of the show. I only watched the first interaction he and Ewen had at Wyndemere, every other Jerry scene has gotten FFed, even the ones with Alexis. So I will depend on here and TWoP to keep me updated on whatever nonsense is going on.

Whenever I see Emma, I always think Aw. She looks like her Gramma Anna.

@Michelle: The reason Jerry is coughing alone is purely coincidental, and its because so that the writers can keep everyone else in Port Charles out of the dark about his illness!

Just watched the 8/15/2012 eppy. Thoughts while watching...

Epiphany Rocks. So very strong. The whole time she was ripping Patrick a new one, I still felt the love and genuine concern. I hate that they killed off her son (remember STAN ya'll) and she didn't even get a grieving scene. It was like a brief interchange at the nurses station and Jason told her that her son died and she was kind of like oh well, okay. Booo the old regime..BOOOOO..

But Cartini..still loving you...I'm glad that EDDY is getting a chance to shine. I felt friendship between her and "Drake Jr." Her own special nickname for him. And the little girl that plays EMMA. She is a gem. She even reminds me of Robin when she was a little girl.

Liz, who I love, is irking me. I know your Jason's friend, but your borderline acting like CARLY prying into his business so much. Ease back a bit. Geesh. She's appearing pressed and I don't like it.

John and Jason might be the new Jason and Sonny. Those two chatting it up whilst hanging around the emergency room, kinda bugged me. Jason, Sam's soon to be EX, is now cordial to Sam's soon to be SEX...I was uncomfortable viewing it... is all Im saying.

Wow, Jason has a big mouth! He told two people in a matter of 10 minutes that he and Sam were getting a divorce. Did he want to give McBain the green light to Sam or what?

I thought John and Jason circling Sam in the waiting room was hilarious (and still a bit uncomfortable). AND did anyone else notice that John was ALWAYS in front of Jason.

Ya know I always completely forget that Sam is indeed a CASSADINE and when she mentioned it (she said Spoon Island was HER FAMILY'S HOUSE!) I was like no its NOT..ohhhhh yeah...it sure is..color me slow.

I love MCBain the super cop. Did you see how he figured out the connection between the marks on Joss and the one he saw on Alexis. ALSO LOVED him telling Liz, to tell Sam, where he was going, and Jason in the background looked idiotic. Yes Jason, I know that's completely foreign to you. A man respectfully lets a woman that he is concerned about, know his whereabouts.

Honestly Jason, stop trying to have a pissing contest with John. He is more concerned with McBain than Sam, Carly or Joss.

Carly said she had to ask MERCEDES about Joss sleep walking?? Wasn't Mercedes killed a few years back??

So Michael babysits Joss? Oh-kay. Never saw it once, but I'll buy it.

NuKristina ugh. She really throws off the Davis Clan. She just doesn't...match? I agree with another poster, she looks OLDER than Sam sometimes. And I don't feel any emotion when she's supposed to concerned about her family members.

I'm enjoying GH!!!

Letecia died during the lame Text Message Killer story line in 2007. Mercedes is Leticia's sister or cousin and worked for Robin/Patrick when Emma was born.

Jason was really chatty about his upcoming divorce!

Has Jerry Jacks always been endlessly entertained by how clever he is, how witty he is? Does he really think that everyone is awed by his brilliance instead of just thinking, "Will this Twitish Windbag just GET ON WITH IT?!?" He is fast moving into ff territory for me.
I even felt sorry for that obnoxious Joe Scully Jr. today, in his scenes with the Incredible Mr. Limpet. The poor guy is stuck behind bars, with no way to escape, while Mr. Peepers drones on and on, smiling at how witty and mysterious and oh-so-BAD he is. Makes me wish they'd take a page out of the Indiana Jones playbook and just have one of the people held captive by his longwinded speeches just get exasperated and shoot him. What a bore.

Jason Thompson as Patrick is pretty much the only reason I still tune in to GH, and I loved these scenes. I appreciate that Patrick and Epiphany's friendship continues to be honored. Jason and Sonny work so well together. They had me in tears.

Sorting through some old unlabeled video taopes recently brought me back to the days of the orignial Jerry Jacks. It reminded me how much I despise this current version of the character.

Thank you for the Sebastian Roche love! I love watching him work.

I ran into Sebastian Roche at a club in Vegas a few years ago. I heard his voice behind me, turned around to make sure I wasn't hallucinating, and yes, he sounds just as sexy in person. That man could read me the phone book and I'd be rapt.

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