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August 14, 2012

Watch This Space

You guys. You GUYS. To say that I profusely apologize for being an absentee soap-snarker does not even do it justice; I'm completely overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and shame over the amount of half-written posts that have piled up over the week and sat, ignored, while I was distracted by the Olympics and an insane amount of real life nonsense. And the thing is that there is SO MUCH that I WANT to say. I want to squeal over Dante and Lulu, and swoon breathlessly over John McBain, and make a variety of ill-timed references to Small Wonder while talking about Jason, and share with you my ideas for a comedy spinoff starring Heather and Todd. And I planned to do all of that until THIS:

Steve: So, my mother's accomplice wearing the mask -- you never saw his face?

I became all sorts of dumber after having heard this. We're lucky that I am still typing in full sentences and not just drooling on my keyboard, because I could actually feel my IQ plunge. I know he is fictional and that he has fictional malpractice insurance, but I worry about him performing surgery on fictional people and operating on their vital organs. Is there a fictional watchdog group we could inform about his difficulties with common sense? This is a fictional lawsuit waiting to happen.



Oh God...he's totally still needs to learn a brain is not a foot doesn't he?

LOL I thought of that comedy spinoff of heather and todd this afternoon on twitter. I have been trying to come up with a name???LOL

@Sheri I think Crazy Calling would be the perfect title for their spinoff. Because one just can't get enough of that phrase.

Mallory, when you post again you must also tell us how you feel about not being able to (affectionately) write "fat-headed Joss" again, except with nostalgia. She sure grew up fast up in her bedroom.

Janet B., that was my first thought when I saw the aged Joss...no more adorable fat-headed baby - poor Mallory! They'd better keep Cam as cast, or there will be a revolt from Serial Drama readers.

Yes LizM, I love the kid who plays Cam and I hope they leave him as is!

Oh, Mallory...I'm shocked you didn't go for "A mask is not a face."

(Insert required "STFU, Steven Lars" here.)

A foot is not a brain? Bahahaha! OLTL's Dr. Greg Evans was a riot. I LMAO at the scene of Greg running weirdly down the hospital hallway.

Brooke is gorgeous, Hope is gorgeous, the location is gorgeous. Rapist and Liam ruin the scene though. Poor Hope will only suffer with Lame :-(

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