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September 27, 2012

Bachelor(ette) 2012

You know, the utter nonsense that Konnie's behavior is a signal to absolutely no one that this is not just an integrated Kate and my continuing consternation regarding the implication that Elizabeth, a grieving mother, decided to alter DNA results to keep another grieving mother from finding out her child is alive are two major, major things that made it hard to enjoy today's episode unencumbered. But you know what? Oops. I did!

Now, the guest list was a bit baffling. Lulu, sure. Olivia, sure. Felicia being the mother of the planner and the girlfriend of the bartender, sure. Kristina, as the daughter of the groom and Sam, as her sister? Okay. Starr, as a favor to Michael? Please. Elizabeth, as a.... way to show her looking guiltily at Sam? That's about all I got there, other than a tenuous connection to Olivia. Remember OriginalKate and her friendships with Alexis and Diane? HELLO? (Plus, don't we love those two in party mode?)

And it was equally contrived to have Spinelli at the bachelor party, since Sonny treats him like he's lower than spit. But no matter. It was fun anyway.

First of, damn, Lizzie!


First of, looking seriously hot. Second of all, that's some serious Lizzie bitchface she's throwing at Sam there! That made me a little nervous, but fortunately her later looks were about a million times more guilty.

I think this might just be the former teacher in me, but was anyone else super-stressed that Kristina and Starr, both under 21, were in the bar drinking?


Look, I'm not going to pretend that I didn't do plenty of boozin' before 21, but that's when I was under 21 and thought I was all manner of grown up. Now it makes me nervous! God I hate getting older, I've gotten so uptight! But isn't Mac going to get sued? Or Coleman? Or... aww, I bet Coleman will be sad he missed this party.

And hey! They remembered that Lulu and Liz actually have a relationship!


Sure, they'd had a rocky gap there for a while, but they'd long since made up and it's good to see them interacting with affection for one another.


They're even allowed to laugh!

Speaking of female friendships being acknowledged, Maxie and Lulu!


Working together for the greater good! (a.k.a. coaching amateur strippers)

And of course the vastly different "fun quotient" differential between the bachelor party...


...and the bachelorette party...


Damn straight!

And how cute was Felicia running around handing out cash for stripper tips?


Felicia always was one who knew how to have a good time (plus check out Liz cracking up in the background).

Equally cute was Sam rushing up to cover her little sister's eyes!


So you know? I'm just going to walk away amused and happy with today's episode, and ignore the final moments of nymphomaniac Connie (the standard soap go-to for any primary alter ego has gotten tired, especially since every one of them was developed out of some sexual trauma... wait, dammit, I'm ignoring it today!) and Tracy. Oh, Tracy. 

So I'll leave you with this image, which must conjure up ideas of how totally fun this episode must have been to shoot!


Good. Times.




Today's dialogue was hilarious, too. And I love how they switched from Spinelli reciting poetry to the ladies PUMMELING UNCLE MAC IN A SEX-CRAZED LATHER TO GET AT THE STRIPPER!

As for Liz, yes there was that one bitchface, but then she looked more like she was about to throw up, until Milo came on and distracted her. I liked the dialogue with Lulu, too.

Carlivati tweeted that they're 21. Kinda. Just replied to a question broaching the topic that Mac would be fired if she weren't 21. And yes, it was nice to see all the ladies interacting.

I think Starr is 21. Kristina I'm not sure about.

But...uhm...if that was the true Connie personality from back in the day (with Milo), I don't think Joe's lying. Just saying.

Starr turned 16 in early 2008, so that would make her almost 21 but not quite. As for Kristina, I thought we were still supposed to believe she just finished her freshman year of college, which would make her about 19. Then again, soaps have never cared a whole lot about age. Lulu was born in 1994!

I also don't think Joe's lying about raping Connie, but this show has been sending out such screwed up messages about sexual assault these past few years, what with Michael, Sam, Jax, Kristina, and probably a ton more that I'm forgetting. Then again, we've got Carlivati and Valentini now, and they tend to handle these stories much better (I mean, with the exception of the great tragic rapemance of '08). If they can write it without making rape victims seem crazy, then I really hope they go that route. They'd just better not half-ass this storyline.

Ah okay. I might have been thinking about KA, I know she's 21.

Yeah, Kristina should be 19 and Starr 20, based on the last time we heard about their ages. I mean it's no biggie -- but just last year a big deal was made about Michael being under 21 and drinking wine at home with Abby!

I don't REALLY care. But I get distracted by this stuff!

I hate the Liz bitchface. It's not attractive and she does it a lot. I think Liz has a lot of potential, why they waste her on Jason is beyond me. And if she did change the lab tests, I have to ask why? Jason gently rebuffed her a week or so ago and it had nothing to do with Sam's baby. Can't this woman move forward instead of backward?

You'd think someone would have realized that Kate would never act the way she did at the party. Obviously, Port Charles is populated by morons.

I might have been able to appreciate this bachelorette party if it didn't emphasize so perfectly how completely everyone in the room was dumbed down in order to continue this storyline. Isn't it amazing that before the intergration, you had people left and write wondering what was going on with Kate over the slightest things, but her and everything she did at this party was just waved aside.

I'm not going to even touch the unnecessary stupidity of how they are writing Elizabeth.

At first I was going to say that Elizabeth might have been invited to the party because of her and Kate having a moment when it came out she bonked Ewen on the head as Connie and she was in GH, but then I remembered that she was Connie now, so that theory went out the window.

I never thought my favorite piece of dialogue would come from Spinelli:

"How fortunate that Sonny still has the peppermint liqueur that I gave him...two Christmases ago."

I think the Kate/Konnie/Connie thing is ok. I remember when Viki on OLTL was first integrated she really struggled with dealing with the parts of her personality that were clearly different than Victoria Lord. However, she was being brainwashed to kill her own son at the time so maybe that doesn't wash?

Anyway, I say even the most staid and "classy" women tend to let loose at their bachelorette party (turn into crazy, liquored-up, aggressive she-devils).

Having said that, I'm really hoping that Liv will clue in when she sees the whole Kate/Konnie/Connie and "MagicMilo" thing going on. That would be over the line for even an integrated Kate I think.

As for Elizabeth, the first screencap reminds me of the Lizzie (pre-rape and pre-Lucky) of old. I think we saw that particular face quite a lot back then. I was glad she seems sick about what she did now, rather than gleeful.

Wanted to say also that I really loved the juxtaposition and role reversal of the men sitting having a quiet evening, talking about marriage and love and the women getting rip roaring drunk and letting loose (to say the least). It was fun, despite everything that was wrong with the story.

Why do so many fun things seem to happen at that bar? Oh yeah, alcohol.

I know! I miss the Girls Nights Out. They should let more people have a good time at the Floating Rib -- fortunately it does seem to be popping up more often lately.

And I know it's sacrilege because it was a Guza creation, but I miss the karaoke nights too. I just always enjoy events on soaps when folks drop all their various animosities and tensions and have a good time. Puts unlikely people in scenes together, actually enjoying one another's company.

As a lifelong soap opera viewer, I understand suspending belief to watch story play out (Heck, I watched and enjoyed DAYS when Marlena was possessed by THE DEVIL!) but I have a problem suspending thought/intellect. I could suspend the belief I had long enough to enjoy parts of the bachelorette party and KS' OTT performances (both Kelly Sullivan & Kirsten Storms) BUT I have a hard time with everyone not realizing Kate has split into Konnie! Her behavior is so blatant and cries for attention. I mean, Lulu figured out Ronnie was the stripper beater with less evidence! Olivia suspected Heather was up to no good BEFORE she broke any laws! Mac was the police commissioner! An aside: Mac is so hot! He and Felicia look gorgeous and I wish they were featured being adorable more often. JJY is a fine actor and should be utilized.

Milo has got it going on! Seeing him strip was a hoot. I loved seeing the girls' cut loose but would have preferred Alexis and Diane in attendance versus Starr, Kristina and Liz. I love seeing Liz in anything other than hospital scrubs and with her hair in a different style.

And the way they are using Liz has me spitting nails. It's outrageous, offensive and stupid. Outside of a few wonderful Liason scenes a few months back, I have wanted Liz extricated from JaSam's black-hole of nothingness. Liz and Rebecca Herbst warrants story and not to be used to prop lesser characters/stories. Given how Ron Carvialti destroyed Marty Saybrooke on OLTL (a beloved character involved in the show's watershed storyline) I am terribly concerned for Elizabeth Imogene Webber!

You'd THINK Starr would notice something was off on Kate. After all, her aunt & cousin both have struggled with DID in the past.

I have no problem with Liz's bitchface in this plot point. It's total bs. The writers have totally obliterated Liz identity as a caring mother, who grieves the loss of her child and lives with that pain daily.

Instead, her only goal is to chase a man who doesn't want her and inflict additional by keeping a child from it's parents. All in an effort to prevent Jasam their happiness.

Sorry Liz has to take this unnecessary hit but Jasam has never been able to stand on their own.

I got Elizabeth being invited to the bachelorette party, since she and Kate did bond over Ewen. Connie may be out now, but she's still pretending to be Kate so it made sense to me.

I was able to enjoy this episode, atrocius writing aside for some characters.

Random thought: Liz's bitch-face is MAGNIFICENT and soul-searing.

That is all.

Yeah sorry but did not enjoy the Magic Mike knockoff today. Milo stripping wasn't sexy to me at .

Some writer goofed and forgot that bars get shut down if they serve alcohol to minors

I like light moments on soaps but this one was tacky and those women are not friends.

I actually liked Magic Milo better than Magic Mike, but that's me. I despised the movie. I thought Milo was adorable.

Well, I guess it's time to welcome the return of little Lizzie Webber - troublemaker! She was certainly in attendance at that particular bachelorette party.

When will she realize that she left that person behind almost 20 years ago?? Hmn?? Could be good story. Ya never know!

I refuse to accept Starr as 21 until January, damn it! Her age has been consistent since way back in 2006 at least, when she started high school and met Cole.

But I'll accept that she would have been served at a family-heavy private party regardless of liquor laws technically in effect for the restaurant hosting. I've certainly been present where that happened in real life.

Just like with Sharon on Y&R, I can't WAIT for Elizabeth to get a royal smack-down for the stunts she has been pulling lately. Talk about delusional...but we have Dr. Britt to thank for this latest stunt. She's the one who told Elizabeth if she wants a guy, she has to make it happen for herself...or something to that effect.

I hope Jason finds out the truth and realizes Elizabeth switched the DNA and he kicks her to the curb once and for all.

RC recently admitted on Twitter that Liz's current story line is because Steve Burton left the show. How messed up is that? It has nothing to do with a still grieving mother, but just a way to trash Liz for Jason and Sam.

I kept imagining how differently that would have played out if Megan Ward were still in the role.

I enjoyed that the actresses were enjoying it, but that's about it. It was tacky, which is fine for half an hour, but two shows' worth? No thanks.

Why in the world would Elizabeth Webber EVER think that it would be a good idea to falsify a DNA test? Elizabeth as been a victim of a doctored test before. And she has had her family ripped apart by a missing child(multiple times). So why the hell would she inflict that type of pain on anyone? Even Sam. If Liz could help Carly during a crisis, then she sure would help Sam. Liz wouldn't inflict the loss of a child on anyone. Even her worst enemy. The only way I could even buy this crap about telling Jason that he is wrong(about Tea's baby really is Sam's child) is that she honestly believed that the test would say that the baby isn't Sam's child. And so she just wanted to end Jason's angst quickly.

I just hate the fact that JaSam is once again being propped up and Liz has to bashed to do it.

Liz has been alone for a couple of years now. She tries to date. She is encouraged by people to give Ewen a try. Then Jason buts in and tells her not to see Ewen. He can't give her a valid reason why, but of course he turns out to be correct. It is St. Jason of PC. After all of this crap, why wouldn't she be back on the St. Jasus train? She never really let go of her feelings for him. It was just the "adult" and "right" thing to do: to go back to Lucky(her first love) and be a mom. And everyone would be safe. Except her kids didn't end up being safe. Her time with Lucky was a disaster. Hell, he hasn't been around her boys in almost a year. Jake was kidnapped and later ended up dying in an "accident". Aidan was kidnapped and returned. Her home was destroyed in a fire. She goes out with a doctor who turns out to be loony tunes and almost dies herself because of his boss. She goes right back to that place where Jason was her awesome hero. Her life has kind of sucked since she and Jason departed. Reality since then hasn't been all that great. So why wouldn't she be willing to take a chance on the bad mob possibilities happening? Would it be any worse than her so called "safe" reality?

After the past few years of Liz(generally) trying to do the good, smart & safe choices route and it not working out like she had to have hoped it would. I'd like to see her break. And just have her do whatever the hell she wants to do. Not ultimate bad girl criminal, but just a bit more selfish. I think that her trying to be perfect(perfect mom, perfect nurse, perfect sister, etc) and pleasing to people around her has made her kind of miserable.

She is alone. And there is no reason she should be alone.

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