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September 27, 2012

Bachelor(ette) 2012

You know, the utter nonsense that Konnie's behavior is a signal to absolutely no one that this is not just an integrated Kate and my continuing consternation regarding the implication that Elizabeth, a grieving mother, decided to alter DNA results to keep another grieving mother from finding out her child is alive are two major, major things that made it hard to enjoy today's episode unencumbered. But you know what? Oops. I did!

Now, the guest list was a bit baffling. Lulu, sure. Olivia, sure. Felicia being the mother of the planner and the girlfriend of the bartender, sure. Kristina, as the daughter of the groom and Sam, as her sister? Okay. Starr, as a favor to Michael? Please. Elizabeth, as a.... way to show her looking guiltily at Sam? That's about all I got there, other than a tenuous connection to Olivia. Remember OriginalKate and her friendships with Alexis and Diane? HELLO? (Plus, don't we love those two in party mode?)

And it was equally contrived to have Spinelli at the bachelor party, since Sonny treats him like he's lower than spit. But no matter. It was fun anyway.

First of, damn, Lizzie!


First of, looking seriously hot. Second of all, that's some serious Lizzie bitchface she's throwing at Sam there! That made me a little nervous, but fortunately her later looks were about a million times more guilty.

I think this might just be the former teacher in me, but was anyone else super-stressed that Kristina and Starr, both under 21, were in the bar drinking?


Look, I'm not going to pretend that I didn't do plenty of boozin' before 21, but that's when I was under 21 and thought I was all manner of grown up. Now it makes me nervous! God I hate getting older, I've gotten so uptight! But isn't Mac going to get sued? Or Coleman? Or... aww, I bet Coleman will be sad he missed this party.

And hey! They remembered that Lulu and Liz actually have a relationship!


Sure, they'd had a rocky gap there for a while, but they'd long since made up and it's good to see them interacting with affection for one another.


They're even allowed to laugh!

Speaking of female friendships being acknowledged, Maxie and Lulu!


Working together for the greater good! (a.k.a. coaching amateur strippers)

And of course the vastly different "fun quotient" differential between the bachelor party...


...and the bachelorette party...


Damn straight!

And how cute was Felicia running around handing out cash for stripper tips?


Felicia always was one who knew how to have a good time (plus check out Liz cracking up in the background).

Equally cute was Sam rushing up to cover her little sister's eyes!


So you know? I'm just going to walk away amused and happy with today's episode, and ignore the final moments of nymphomaniac Connie (the standard soap go-to for any primary alter ego has gotten tired, especially since every one of them was developed out of some sexual trauma... wait, dammit, I'm ignoring it today!) and Tracy. Oh, Tracy. 

So I'll leave you with this image, which must conjure up ideas of how totally fun this episode must have been to shoot!


Good. Times.




My favorite bit of conversation was between Max and Dante. Max tells Michael not to tie himself down too young, like he did with Diane. Dante says, "Weren't you like 40 then?" Max, "I'm still not 40."

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