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September 17, 2012

Gasp! Choke! Wheeze! Wail!

As I watched Kelly Sullivan nearly asphyxiate today as she gasped and wheezed and shrieked while Kate pieced together the clues that seem to indicate that Trey is the child she abandoned in a drawer, I scoffed to no one in particular and said, "Right, because that's how people respond to news. With a series of increasingly melodramatic and oxygen deprived sounds. Right".

Kate: How old are you?
Trey: ...25

And then I realized that I had those exact responses to today's General Hospital and today's General Hospital related news, so either I am a melodramatic mess or perhaps I ought to give Kelly Sullivan a little more credit for a performance that turned out to actually be highly realistic and nuanced.

(Of course at the very second I typed the above sentence, my rewatch of today's show aired the exact moment that Kate-Now-Connie screamed at Trey, "Do I have to spell it out for you? I WANTED TO AB. ORT. YOU!" So, uh, never mind. It's just me being a mess.)

GASP! Sean Kanan is returning to General Hospital as Question Mark.

I mean, WHAT?! This was most certainly not the General Hospital news item I expected to read today and I am more than a little flabbergasted. I am excited and perplexed and now I want to spend the rest of the night watching classic AJ Quartermaine clips on YouTube and have a debate with myself over who the best AJ is, Sean Kanan or Billy Warlock and I am not doing anything to make myself appear sane, am I? Do we think he's an undead AJ? Or a Jason recast? Or, in the grand tradition of soap ridiculosity last seen with the poorly written and underdeveloped clusterfuck that was Sarah Brown's stint as Claudia, will he be some random mob-related character with an ever-changing backstory and an instant connection to Sonny?

CHOKE! Jason was actually kind of amazing today.

Up is down and left is right and I'm feeling sort of uncomfortable with this new world I'm living in. It's possible that I am suffering from pre-nostalgia and will spend the entirety of Steve Burton's farewell tour looking on a bright side that isn't there, but...it was there, wasn't it? It was there in a nicely written, beautifully acted scene that saw Jason let Elizabeth down gently and show some real, raw emotion.

Jason: My life hasn't changed. It's still violent. It's nothing you and your kids should ever be around.

Jason: We both wanted to keep him safe. To go back on that now, to expose you and the kids to that violence, that makes it all for nothing. I was Never a father to Jake. I was never anything to him. But I can honor him by protecting his mother and his brothers.
Elizabeth: Protecting us from you?
Jason, adamantly: Yes.

I loved these scenes more than a little bit, once I moved past the profound secondhand embarrassment I felt for Elizabeth.  But overall, it was well done all around.

WHEEZE! Todd is hilarious.

Tea: So you don't want to hear who I hired as a nanny?
Todd: Mrs. Doubtfire?
Tea: Someone you know.
Todd: Fran Drescher.

If there was an app that just featured Roger Howarth telling corny jokes, it would make a fortune.

WAIL! John Ingle has passed away.

Last week's stunning scenes are made all the more emotional now. John Ingle was the only Edward I've ever known and I loved him to pieces. Edward featured heavily in so many of my favorite 90s era GH storylines (and Ingle made cameo appearances on two of my favorite shows, The Office and The Golden Girls, which always makes me happy when I see those episodes in reruns) that I will always have wonderful memories of Ingle being all kinds of cantankerous and wonderful and...sniffle.


John Ingle's daughter has a post writtten explaining her Dad's performance last week. It is really a beautiful tribute to him and General Hospital. I don't have the link , but I will try and find it.

As our Dad moves closer and closer to joining our Mom, I thought I would share a bit of much needed "happiness" for the Ingle clan. For those of you that have followed Dad as "Edward Quartermaine" on General Hospital for all these years, I wanted to let you know that Dad was able to return to the set on August 24th, for what will undoubtedly be his last performance on the show. His scene was small and he had very few words.... but his presence on the set was monumental. Beginning with a standing ovation by the entire cast and crew as we entered the set, to the line of people waiting to hug and wish him well, it was a day that he (and we) will remember forever. Several months ago, Dad had said that " if he only had one more day on the set of General Hospital, he would feel like he had won".... On that Friday, with the help of one of his caregivers (Anthony), a wheelchair van and 2 of his daughters, (myself and Chrissy), that goal was realized. Entering the set of GH was emotional for Dad and it was obvious why he has loved being there all these years. Chrissy and I joked and said it was the ONLY "Hospital" we have enjoyed visiting since January! Ha! The filming did not take that long and Dad did a good job. The cast and crew were patient and worked with Dad to get a scene that was meaningful. Standing there watching the monitor, we were struck by the reality that it was not Edward Quartermaine who was on the set....it was Dad surrounded by people who love and care about him. It was truly a wonderful afternoon. None of us know what tomorrow holds, but today we will hang onto the memory of August 24th and the love and support that was shown for our Dad. For anyone who might want to see the show, it is being aired tomorrow (September 11th), on ABC at 1:00 p.m. (PST). This is a new time slot for GH, for those of you who watch the show. The producers said it was September 11th, but then we heard that it may be a two-part episode. Might want to set your tivos for both days just to be sure. Last but not least,"Thank You" again to all of our family and friends for your love, prayers and support over these past few months. We truly CAN feel it:-)

This is the post.

I liked billy warlock better as a.j. And deacon better not be a recast Jason q...I was glad that character was going going gone.

I'm rather fascinated by Kelly Sullivan's eyebrows. They annoy me and yet I can't look away.

@uliis They do have a life of their own, don't they? I think they out-act Drake Hogestyn's and Larry Hagman's.

Beautiful post from John Ingle's daughter. I'm glad he got his wish for the last day and as I said last week, we had the rare opportunity to say goodbye to him as he did with us. We don't often get that. Oh, sure there are last appearances and all, but this was so beautifully done and handled as a goodbye. Such a wonderful man. RIP Mr. Ingle.

@Mary P

Thank you for finding that. It was beautiful.

RIP John Ingle.

Off-topic, but was Tracy's middle name always established as Angelica or was it a reference to Jane Eliot's time as Angelica Devereaux on DAYS?

Forgot to add, I thought Connie (or Kate, don't care) was unnecessarily mean to Trey. Geeze. He didn't tell his father to rape her. I think Erik Valdez is growing as an actor, I actually like him. If only they'd get a better Kristina...

That post from John Ingle's daughter was so touching. It really echoes what we seemed to see onscreen that day. The loss of the actor and the character - irreplacable. We've seen it before - Anna Lee comes to mind on GH, Eileen Herlie and James Mitchell on AMC. The actors and the characters carry such a strong resonance of the shows they've been a part of for such a long time.....

The Scully stuff today was pretty good! I didn't think I'd like the guy playing Joe Sr. at all, and I didn't at first. But I've enjoyed him with Tracy a lot, and it's been a pleasure to watch them both.

And although I don't care much for Trey, I did enjoy his scenes today with Kate and then with Connie. They were brutal. Connie is one mean lizard but she knows how to aim her zings with deadly accuracy.

Now if someone would just put Christina into a deep, deep, looooooooooooooong sleep, it might not end up being so bad.

And then we had Elizabeth....As Michael Kors would say, "Slutty, slutty, slutty!" Poor BorgJason barely had time to insert a couple of new AA batteries into his brain before Elizabeth threatened to short-circuit it all with her deep space tongue exploration. I have to say that the long shot of those two making out that Sam saw looked way more like monkey grooming than it did kissing.

Then BorgJason tells her it won't work out because he's trying to have more awkward and boring interactions with Sam aka looking-for-her-dead-baby, and Poor Elizabeth rushes back to the hospital supposedly for an extra shift but instead to start her endless troll for another warm body to get all passive-aggressive with. Poor Grandma Audrey must be hoping Elizabeth gets in some serious boinking time soon, just so she can have some time off from raising Elizabeth's kids.

And then there's Steven "Tanning Bed" Lars, calling his dear mother because he's feeling bad about the way he spoke to her. Being that delusional means there is now no doubt that he's Heather's kid. If only he's inherited some of her smarts. And if nothing else, if ONLY he'd inherited her ability to not walk around with his mouth hanging open each time he finishes a sentence. Maybe, though, that's what drew Olivia to him in the first place. Just imagine the number of flies he catches on a daily basis!

Poor Tea. She was always able to pick out the frauds and the losers in Llanview, but I think she's met her match with Heather. God only knows what she's going to teach that kid before the truth comes out.

@Cindy - oh, Connie was brutal. I mean, even if she had told him all that in the gentlest way possible it would still be really hard to hear. I don't blame the poor guy for sobbing.

Rest in peace John Ingle.

Regarding today's episode: I enjoyed it. I liked Sonny/Tracy/Joe scenes and that Tracy stood her ground. I'm glad she found out who Joe is sooner than later. Hmmm...I wonder how Tracy & Joe will be reunited? With all of the talk about Edward and the death of John Ingle, perhaps Joe will be there for Tracy if/when Edward dies. Just my speculation. If Todd and Luke could be turned into viable romantic leads given they raped women (witnessed onscreen) then Joe will likely be redeemed to pair with Tracy.

To Chad: I am pretty sure Tracy's middle name of Angelica had been established for some time now although I honestly can't remember if it was stated onscreen before or after she played Angelica Devereax on DAYS. Another fact: Jane Elliott played Wally Kurth's love interest on DAYS (Angelica & Justin) and the duo played mother-son on GH (Tracy & Ned.) On DAYS, Angelica birthed Justins's son!

Back to today's show, I enjoyed Sam and I am not usually a fan. I hated Liz being rejected by wishy-washy, weak-willed Jason. She just faced two near death experiences and had the integrity to put her heart on the line. She didn't leave Jason's broken but justifiably hurt by Jason who has led her on. These writers clearly hate the character of Jason Morgan by making him an uberdouche!

The Kannie/Trey scenes were cringeworthy. Just awful performances. I hate looking at that actor's face who plays Trey and Kelly Sullivan's acting reminds me of the worst of Bree Williamson's Jess/Bess/Tess/Wes-performances. Plus, I think the actresses look alike so that doesn't help their s/ls are similar.

RIP John Ingle.

Hmmm. Kate/Connie was all kinds of vicious when it came toward Trey.

Dear Jason Morgan, maybe you should have NOT spent the last five months whining on Liz's shoulders about your wife, asked her to pickup mob money to bail your butt out of jail, spent time at her home, sat at Kelly's for breakfast with her and Aiden, and last but not least, you should have not pissed all around Ewen in an attempt to mark your territory. Jeez. Jason can NOT use the danger BS any more where Liz is concerned, because he had no problem at all deciding that Jake did not die from the mob and therefore it was perfectly acceptable for Sam to have her miracle uterus surgery on Jake's birthday and then happily impregnate said wife and looked forward to playing Daddy until the baby turned out to be Franco. Here's hoping that Liz gives Jason the old "bitch face" the next time he wraps his arms around her shoulders, kisses her at the bridge, and then says,"You know what you mean to me"! Or, Liz can just kick Jason in the balls, but I'm afraid that Carly still has them in her purse!

A very lovely account of John Ingle's day on the set. I have watched this show on and off for many years and still remember David Lewis, the original Edward's passing. Even though it is just a soap the characters resonate with us to the point that we truly mourn the actor's passing. John Ingle will be greatly missed.

I will miss my cranky, ornery, softhearted Edward Quartermaines. The Qs will never be the same. I still wish Alan was there with Tracy to fill the hole left.

Just my opinion, but I just absolutely LOVED Connie ripping into 'Trey'. He does think that he is special and just knows 'all' about 'everything'. He needed to be brought down a peg or two; he's 25 and hasn't grown up yet! (He didn't act so naive when he first came into town.) As an XTREME X-catholic and, unfortunately a 'good, little girl' myself, I wish I could have had a split personality to say those things when I was young! Connie was so pin point right and snarky in saying all those things that sweet little catholic girls don't say. lmao. I like Connie so much better than Kate. Kate = wish-wash.

I wish so much that Kristina would go away and get a personalty change along with her face. This girl really annoys me no matter what she is supposed to portray. Her attitude and expressions all scream 'b-itch-EE'.

Buzz on Twitter is that Sean Kanan is coming on as nuJason. **sigh** This saddens me for obvious reasons. :(

I'm with you TekBunE...I loved the Kate/Connie scenes even though they were a bit over the top. Connie is much more fun than Kate, and I loved the ICK face she made after Sonny kissed her and she was leaving the room. I'd want to wash my mouth off too!

However, I did feel sorry for Trey in the end when he started to realize that everything Connie said 'might' be true. There may be hope for that character. (Not holding my breath.)

As for Sean Kanan...I'd rather have him as a re-cast Jason than a back-from-the-dead AJ. Or another character altogether.

I have been behind on watching my DVR'd episodes, and happened to have to watch Edward Q's scene on Monday, the day I read about his passing. Thank goodness the hubby wasn't around to witness the wailing or he'd have taken me to the loony bin! So sad - he will be greatly missed. I hope they don't try to recast!

RIP John Ingle, so touching post from his daughter.

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