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September 20, 2012

Marriages to End, Thwart, and Begin

If I were married, I'd totally save today's episode of General Hospital to watch on our anniversary every year. So romantic! Sam talking to John about divorcing Jason (on their anniversary), Alexis hoping to get Kristina and Trey's marriage annulled (oopsie, it's consummated!), John talking about the restraining order his common-law wife and baby-mama has against him, Connie twirling her D.I.D. mustache regarding "her" wedding to Sonny, and Sonny explaining to one of his thirty-four babymamas that he's about to become stepfather to his son-in-law.



And oh yeah, and the divorce that happened off screen that Carly told Johnny about, the one with which I take the most umbrage. Last we saw Carly and Jax, she was telling him it's time to sign the divorce papers... and, scene. And next we see it's another day and she's just filling in her lame new douchebag boyfriend about it? Look, I know in a way Carly and Jax ended their marriage on screen about 47 times, but dammit, this was the only hint of a pairing that Laura Wright's Carly has ever been in that I could get behind personally (and yeah, yeah, I know the whole objection about how the show made Jax the loser in that relationship at every turn, but they're under a new regime now that I trust more on that front, and I'm a sucker for Laura Wright and Ingo Rademacher's chemistry, regardless of writing). And this is a couple that's been a major pairing for more than half of the past decade. They couldn't give us scenes of the two sitting down to sign the papers and saying goodbye? What's worse is that I find it impossible to care about the stakes here. Johnny's going to lose Carly when she finds out what he did to Cole and Hope? Or when he goes along with whatever plan Connie has for him? I cannot find a way to muster up a damn about Johnny anymore, which bums me out because I used to find him uber-charming. And worse, the union of Carly and Johnny has never rung true for me, not for one second. It looks like he needed a mommy figure and she's around to provide nurturing. This is not because of the age difference -- please, I like an older woman/younger man coupling a lot -- but they seem so forced to me. Am I the only one who feels like they look like they're playing house or something? And it's weird because neither Wright nor Barash is an actor who usually has trouble selling anything. And this whole storyline hinges so much on the stakes of this "great love." And I'm just left with a big fat shrug.

Across town at Casa de Contrivance (aka the apartment of Trey and Starr), Kristina did that annoying soap thing where she emerged from the bedroom in the dude's shirt and put on a big show of canoodling with her man in front of the other person in the scene to make the point that they have done the nasty right before.



Have any of you ever done that? No, really. I cannot imagine the brass balls it would take to come out of a bedroom half-naked and kiss up on some dude with an audience of one standing there. Also, the self-delusion. Speaking of self-delusion, I thought the consummation of the marriage was going to serve as a roadblock to the annulment, but instead... Kristina really is as dumb as she looks. She's decided since, during their fake marriage, she and her boyfriend had good sex once? They have a real marriage, like forever. I mean really? If every time I ... oh, nevermind. Let's not go into all that.

Speaking of things I can't get into, Tracy "falling" for another asshole is not my idea of a good time. Admittedly, Tracy and Joe have some legitimate chemistry, but we all know if Sonny says Joe is a bad guy, he's a bad guy. And I realize she kicked him out at the end today, but that's clearly not the end of it. Wait, I said I couldn't get into that. That and how dumb-as-a-brick we must suspend disbelief for Maxie to be in terms of buying into Connie's explanation that she all of a sudden has an overdone Brooklyn accent and a taste for leopard print simply because she's integrated. That, on top of the fact that Starr found out this whole Joe/Trey business and neglected to mention to Sonny and Michael that Trey came home in tears about an incident with Kate. Come on, now! Too easy.

Eh, I'm bitching an awful lot while I'm still sincerely finding the show a damn good time, and I sure don't expect to love everything. Today's episode just happened to feature a lot of my biggest pet peeves front and center. Tomorrow? Heather! All is forgiven! Well... we'll see.


For all intents and purposes, I should like that Tracy, who's previously been considered an old hag who's laughed at when being forced into marriage, and unworthy of the love of anyone, would be the object of desire, and would be the catalyst for redeeming someone. But I just can't.

Can we get Todd & Tracy as business partners? Please? Pretty please?

Also, I hope that GH gives Edward a good send-off...during Thanksgiving...with pizza!

Am I the only one who feels like they look like they're playing house or something?

No. No, you are not.

Kristina waltzing in sans no pants, super satisfied with herself for having had sex with someone she's known for a couple of months, was probably the most Sonny-esque move I've ever seen from her.

oh yeah, the Maxie stuff really bothered me as well. There's "okay that's stupid but I'll tolerate for the sake of story" and then there's "come the eff on!". The latter was one of those times. They couldn't've have had Connie be a wee bit more low-key?

Preach Louise!!! ICAM with you on all accounts, especially Johnny/Carly/Jax.

I do love Sonny/Alexis scenes and still cannot believe they parented an idiot as big as Kristina. My biggest problem is the acting in the Kristina/Trey/Starr scenes when I think in the hands of more talented actors the story could be salvaged. The actress who plays Kristina is particularly troublesome in that she only seems able to play pouty, oversexed, sex-kitten versus the youthful naive, vulnerable, natural version played by Lexi Ainsworth. This character has the same name but is a totally new character.

The second most annoying thing on thSam episode was Jason and Steven Lars scenes. Just so tanned, heavy breathing and unnaturallyintense. Boy, those scenes were annoying but at least there was major movement.

I do like how the stories are moving along at a swift pace. I look forward to Sonny and Kate's wedding day. I like how Joe Jr. seems to genuinely care for Tracy. I know he's a pig but I like Joecy (I just made that squish name up.) I also like McBam.

Pfft. Tracy was once with Luke the rapist, four year old child killer, whore paying lover, no job working twit and all around douche bag, so Joe is not that bad a dude. I don't know how anyone would want Anna, Tracy, Heather or Laura with sleazy Luke.

LW and IR sparkle as Carly and Jax.

Spot on, Louise. I hate Carly/Johnny with every fiber of my being and the only investment I have in this story is that I RELISH the idea of this all blowing up in Johnny's face.

And the Trey/Kristina plot? Yawn.

While I respect people's shipping of Tracy and Joe, I have to say I personally don't see his appeal at all. Does nothing for me. I wasn't a big fan of the Luke/Tracy pairing (I enjoy each of them individually, especially since RC has been trying to redeem Luke from his Guza-created horribleness, but just not together), but at least they were occasionally entertaining.

Yeah..Johnny's clinging to Carly does seem to scream "mommy figure." And he is constantly telling her he loves her or screaming to everyone that he cant lose her, and all it makes me think is that he seriously, misses his sick upbringing with Sister/Mom Claudia. Can't wait for this to end and for Carly to get pushed over into the Todd/Jax triangle.

And..ITA to the offscreen divorce being foolish. It would have been much more soapy if the divorce papers were still left unsigned for a while longer.

LadyBug, Luke may not be a great romantic prize, and I full support Tracy deserving someone who treats her better than he did. But at the very least, he's admitted what he did to Laura, admitted it was wrong, and has expressed genuine regret for it.

That puts him miles above Joe, who's done neither, and who's murdered another innocent woman and feels no remorse for it, thinks teenage abuse victim Kristina was probably making up getting beaten so badly she was hospitalized, is pimping out his own son and risking his life for money and revenge, and continues to blame and slut shame his rape victim every time he gets the opportunity. Oh, and also participated in a plan to poison the entire town that led to the deaths of multiple people, and expressed regret only about the one person he happened to be boning at the time.

So, yeah. He is a bad dude. Full stop. If Tracy deserves better than a repentant rapist, then she DEFINITELY deserves better than an unrepentant one.

Plus they've retconned Joe into involvement with the Metro Court hostage crisis, which makes him Jerry's accomplice for events that lead to Alan's death. Luke's a complex character with years of history on this show. Sometimes he's written well, sometimes not. But we don't know much about Joe, and most of what we do know is awful. So far, the only decent thing he's done is save Tracy's life at the very possible expense of his own, and that seemed to come straight out of nowhere. And he seems to love his son, but he's not above using him as an instrument of revenge, so...hell, even Sonny wouldn't do that.

That said, I'm firmly in the "anyone can be redeemed on a soap" camp. I just maintain that the writers, so far, haven't really taken ANY steps to redeem Joe.

They've made the whole "THAT NIGHT" thing deliberately ambiguous so they can get him out of that clean, and this being Carlivati I'm really not surprised they're doing it (as trainwrecky as it will likely turn out to be), but that pesky lesser crime of killing the sister of an FBI agent? Pssh, he can lie about that all he wants--the charges were dropped, so there!

I like you, show, but damn do I hate you...

Spot on post. I was highly anticipating an awesome divorce scene between Carly and Jax. Something that hopefully ended with Jax saying I will tell Brenda you said hi implying they are together forever and getting married now. Only in my mind or fanfiction? Okay, but seriously, I would have rather watched that than the dullness and stupidity that is CarJohn. I hate that I actually feel bad for Trey because Kate/Konnie is so horrible to him and basically everyone is his life is using him for silly revenge except Kristina.

Does anyone else think that perhaps Joe (while still being an unpleasant person) may not have raped Connie? I mean.. we only have Connie's word on this and LOOK at Connie! Kate is the alter. Kate is the made up person to protect Connie, not the other way around and look how Connie (the real Connie) acts and presents herself. She's a raging, slutty, trashy, hobag and probably always was. Sonny was her first love.. but I think she was pissy about something and DID call Joe Jr. over for a little romp. THAT is what Connie is all about. Just look at her behavior with Johnny and Ewan and Steven Lars. Girl wants it bad!

Agree on all about Jax/Johnny/Carly. It's just not right.

More Todd and Heather please!

Hmn, I do think that Kate (though that wasn't her name at the time) is the true "original" personality. However, I have wondered also if Connie called Joe Jr. over and Kate "came back" in the middle of it?? Like she did that time with Johnny?

True, he should have stopped, as Johnny did as soon as she protested. True he seems to be a real sleezebag. True he is using his son for nefarious purposes. True his mysogyny has surpassed Sonny and is reaching Guza-like proportions (is that even possible?) with his assertion that Kristina "probably made it all up"

However, as a 17 year old kid he may have been genuinely freaked out and confused by the transition from Connie to Kate (or other Connie as she was at the time)??? Maybe? AS soon as she said no, he clearly should have stopped. Something I harp on with my sons AND students. Not excusing the behaviour here, but maybe it explains his seemingly true belief that he is innocent of wrongdoing?

I don't think Kate is the alter. There's a difference between changing your name and DID, even Soap DID. With a few minor exceptions, most of what we've heard about Teen Connie is that she was a Good Girl. Olivia was the wild one.

It really doesn't matter that the marriage was consummated. A good lawyer could get it annule don the grounds of fraud.

^^ Right. But that means a good lawyer. And as much as I have liked Alexis in the past, she's not exactly the most competent lawyer (or mother for that matter ;-)

Saw, I don't even see Carly and Todd as any kind of possibility whatsoever. He's still brokenhearted over Blair, by his own admission, just a few days ago. And if Carly's not going to be with Johnny after what he did to Cole/Hope, what makes you think that she would be with Todd after all he's done to Jason, whom she still puts above even her own children? Them thinking that baby is dead is why this whole mess started in the first place. He knows it's not true and is still keeping quiet and the more he says he's done nothing to her, the more it's obvious that when the truth comes out, it's going to be u.g.l.y. between them soon.

The fact that he not only helped Heather with her mess in switching the babies and knows that Jason is the father of the baby living in LV with Tea is enough to send Carly spewing her usual venom, especially with Jason leaving soon, however he goes.

Luke told Todd to get back to him once he got to know Carly a little better. Well, he'll be getting that chance soon. I just hope he's wearing the proper gear.

There is just so much wrong with GH right now I seriously don't know where to began. I think I pulled a muscle in my eyeball Friday from watching such an eye rolling episode. Every time I think they can't go any dumber with Carly or Krissy, they prove me wrong. At least with Krissy I can sort of understand because this is her first 'adult' relationship if you want to call it that, but manipulative, lying, scheming Carly...really, really..they have made her this dumb that she can't tell that she's being lied to especially considering the lies are the lamest lies I have ever heard. Johnny tells her that Todd has over him that he got 18 mill from shady people even after he 'quit' the business and he just didn't want her to know because he was ashamed of it and she believes this. What exactly did she think he bought the Haunted Star with? Legal money? I think not, and he sure wasn't ashamed to say that he bought the HS.

Then my sort of understanding for Krissy goes out of the window with the fact that even though they are trying to write her as a naive girl, she shouldn't really be. Aside from Sonny being her father and the men her mother has dated added on to her sister's shady life, she has also done some scheming, lying, and getting away with murder (literally) in her own time where I would think she would question Trey a little more than she is because his excuses are lame and weak too. He was the producer of the show. Never to be seen on the show, but yet the show needed them to marry even though if they had made the show he would have never been seen and audiences would have never known him. What the what? I just can't with the stupidity.

I thought the time of repetitive conversations were over once Guza and GW left as head writer, but I now stand corrected. Carly and Johnny conversation that end up the same way. She questions him if he's not telling her something, he denies or come up with a lame excuse, she believes him , and she's once again telling Todd to leave Johnny alone. Todd and Johnny's conversations. He tells Johnny about how if he goes down he'll tell about Johnny killing his grandchild and her father, Johnny tells Todd if he goes down, he'll tell about Todd switching the Sam's baby with Tea's dead baby. They agree to keep each other's secret. Same conversations with the same ending.

For the love of all Soap Gods, not to be crass (but I am) but how much more up in Jason and Sam's ass can they make Spinelli climb about their great love and how much they are meant to be together. On that note, how much more do we have to endure any character on the show having to talk about Jasam staying together and how much they have overcame to be a couple because what is really eyerolling to me is when characters that try to pimp this couple (who in the past really didn't care about them being a couple, i.e. Alexis, Carly) say how Jason and Sam have overcome so much together, all I can think about is that the majority of what they supposedly overcame was them lying and keeping things from each other and the fact that they are still showing that they lie and keep things from each other but ad nauseum, we have to continously hear how much they belong together because of the love. It's just overkill. They even involved Jake's (I refuse to call it the Floating Rib) and the cheap motel, the Rendevous in pimping this couple. I kow we're supposed to suspend realism here, but too much realism is starting to be suspended for this couple. Supposedly Jake's is a dive bar that bikers as well as other unsavory characters go there to relax. No dive bar is going to keep a cheap toy. That would have been tossed in the trash, never to be thought of again. The motel, that cheap toy would not be in the lost and found. Right now the maid's two year old son or grandson would be playing with that toy. Because really, that's what they are. They are cheap looking toys. The chinese restaurant has now found itself in Port Charles in order to facilitate this story because from my recollection, I could have sworn that Jason and Sam drove for hours supposed getting away from the 'pressure' before they stopped at this restaurant that they have never been before. But now this restaurant is in Port Charles.

Speaking of the cheap figurines, I'm tired of hearing about the dragon and the phoenix. It's so forced, it's ridiculous. If they had written Sam and Jason both being curious about the chinese culture, if they had expressed Sam and Jason wanting to visit China one day, if they had even had Sam and Jason have chinese accents in the apartment, then maybe, maybe I could stand listening about the phoenix and the dragon and looking at those ugly, cheap toys, but considering they don't/didn't write Jason and Sam doing any of this, I'm tired of looking at those cheap little toys and hearing about the phoenix and the dragon just because they like chinese food.

I really can't wait for this trifling baby storyline to be over. I'm so sick of it. Between killing two children (Jake and Tea's baby), destroying a relationship that involves a child (John/Natalie/Liam), wasting three characters that could be doing so much more interesting things than keeping secrets about this baby(Todd/Johnny/Heather), and toward the end leaving a woman with nothing when it's all said and done (Tea), just hurry up and give Sam back her baby so that it can be put in the closet or housed with the nanny as Sam chase around Port Charles after John pretending to be a PI and helping him. This storyline has brought enough destruction for other characters, just let it stop.

I don't know, Bethie, BillC (you aren't the artist formerly known as BillC who could be summoned with the clarion call of "boobies, boobies, boobies, are you?), I just don't see the rape as ambiguous at all. Sure, we didn't see it "live", as it were, and I'm going on a crazy person's memory, but...it really was graphic. Plus there's that whole stripper killing thing. And since it wasn't Abby, that's bad. From what I hear tell.

As much as I hate this Connie/Kate story, I can't help but sort of look forward to Kate and Sonny's wedding. I love me a soap wedding. Plus with Connie taking over I'm picturing glorious, OTT tackiness. Big hair, leopard-print bridesmaid dresses, lots of sequins, the works. GH owes me a gloriously OTT soap wedding to make up for the grossness of this DID story.

I too loathe Carly/Johnny. I still don't understand how they became anything more than FWB and Johnny professing his undying love. It's too bad that Carly basically destroyed Jax because Laura Wright and Ingo are so sparkly together.

I wish GH hadn't written Joe into such a corner because he and Tracy have good chemistry together but I love Tracy too much to want her with such a sleazebag, regardless of the chemistry.

Hi all,

Just reminding you about the Serial Drama comment rules: http://serialdrama.typepad.com/serial_drama/2006/07/serial_drama_fa.html

Please remember to be civil and steer clear of personal attacks! I removed a couple of comments but left all non-personal content.


If Trey & Kristina are staying married will Starr move out and find her own space? She would find Maxie a trip though I say put those 2 together. Starr would find Spinelli hilarious lol~

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