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September 04, 2012

Richest in Money, Richest In Comic Timing

Maybe it's for the best that I deleted today's episode of General Hospital as soon as the recording ended (it's like a reflex for me at this point, driven by a desire not to have GH tainting my innocent DVR and before you start on your "You do realize that your cable box is an inanimate object, don't you?", I'm just going to tell you that there was a point in the summer of 2008 that my DVR just spontaneously stopped recording the show. Coincidence? I think not, okay? I think not. And anyway, I'm trying to break myself of this habit, especially now that the show is, you know...good), because I probably would have watched it endlessly until I could recite the entire exchange between Todd, Carly, Tracy, Sonny and Johnny, and then I'd go around reciting it endlessly and it would drive everybody around me mad with worry and annoyance.

This also means that I couldn't do a rewatch to get a finer grasp on what happened during the first half of the episode, which got interrupted by a weather report, or during the non-1% parts of the second half of the episode, which got interrupted by my rage stroke at Steve Webber who is a self-righteous douche of a douche, but let's be real: we all want to talk about Todd. He makes everyone better. Even SONNY was FUNNY!

Kate: Did you stash [Joe Jr.] in the trunk?
Sonny: Hey, I would never use my own car!

Todd: You are still married to a very handsome, very tall, very blue-eyed billionaire.  are still married to a very handsome very tall very blue eyed billionaire.

Todd: Oh, look, Johnny, there's a kid's table. Help yourself to some soup.

Todd: It's like It's a Wonderful Life, except starring Joe Pesci.

Johnny: You know that cash that we stashed at that place next to that thing where we buried that person?

Todd: You do know where Jimmy Hoffa's buried, don't you?
Sonny: I'll tell you later.

I love laughing at this show on purpose.


I was so relieved to see a day like this and not the ridiculous things we've seen Todd involved in of late. This was GOOD TODD.

Bwahahahaha! Todd is crazy!

Johnny should be sitting at the kids table. I know there are Johnny fans, but when he's in scenes with Carly, Jax and Todd, he looks immature.

Johnny and Sonny both shoulda been at the kids table, heh.

Steve AND Jason were both horrifically self-righteous. I'm not a big fan of Ewen and if he bites it tomorrow do not care, but seriously Jason? "You deserve to die?" I'm pretty sure the guy who makes plans to kill innocent cops, and has them beat up as well, deserves to die as well, and only didn't kill Luke last year because it made him feel better and Lucky's feelings didn't factor into the decision at all. What will I do without the RAGE Jason induces in me when he leaves??

Todd Manning truly makes everything better! As funny as Todd could be on OLTL, I feel that he is mastering lines that would have been given to David Vickers or Roxy Balsom in Llanview...I always thought Port Charles needed an infusion of humor. It's been lacking in that area for years. Todd Manning's been a greatly needed addition to GH.

And as pretty as Jax is...why is he such a dummy? His actions were beyond stupid and highly illegal. As much as I usually enjoy Ingo Rademacher and Sebastian Roche, I cringed through their terrible performances in the episode. Too yelly, too veiny, too over-the-top.

Todd is the BEST!! your right he does make everyone better!! I was cracking up during the whole episode cause of him!

What do i have to do to get more of Todd's bro-crush on Jax in my life?

Johnny: You know that cash that we stashed at that place next to that thing where we buried that person?

That's when I truly lost it!

Johnny's line sounded like somthing out of Dr Seuss.

Also, is it my imagination, or does MB seem to be enjoying himself a lot more since Sonny & Todd started to interact?

When Todd spit out Tracy's soup I laughed like a crazy person! The Jimmy Hoffa line nearly did me in, Todd Manning is a clusterf*^k of a gift to OLTL & GH :-)

I adore Todd! Simply adore him! I just loved today's episode. It was even better than the episode I had to watch twice when Tea gave birth. Thanks to FV and RC for bringing Todd over.

MB can be funny too, it turns out, especially with that dead pan delivery he has going. Even his lines with Kate...

When Todd first came on the show I thought he was an oddball, but now he is my favorite part of the show. That line about the kids' table...I find myself listening hard and sometimes rewinding to catch all the genius things he says.

I agree with LadyBug that Johnny does look kind of immature when he's with Carly, Todd, Sonny, Jax, etc., so the line about the kids' table was hilarious. And even Sonny appeared to banter with Todd.

I liked Johnny when he first came on the show, but the last three years, the character has been stuck with the much older crowd (Sonny, Olivia, Carly, Steven Lars, etc) versus being with his own age group (Maxie, Lulu, Spinelli, Serena Baldwin, Brooklyn, Dante, Sam, Liz,) etc.

Todd is like the candyman "Who can take a sunrise - Sprinkle it in dew - Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?" Except he takes crappy stuff, sprinkles it with humour and makes PC fun and interesting!

That said, I'm slightly annoyed that he's been on the show for a while now, is obviously becoming a very well liked character, and is still absent from the credits. I mean, RH has worked for ABC for quite the while eh? Or perhaps it's by his own choice? whaddya all think?

I still think the best Todd line so far was from last week when he wondered why Jerry would target a small upstate New York town that only a couple million people had ever heard of. I can only assume he was talking about the ratings.

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