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September 11, 2012

Tears. So Many Tears.


I just spent the past ten minutes trying to write a sentence that adequately expresses just how I felt about today's General Hospital and I'm having a difficult time of it because--are you sitting down? Please do, because what I am about to say is shocking and I'd hate for you to read it and then comically pratfall and not just because I'd be sad to miss a hilarious pratfall, but because I worry about your safety. Okay? Sitting?--it's nearly impossible to convey my state of utter bliss (and because I'm unhappy with the portmanteaus I've tried to coin combining "verklempt" and "goosebumps" and "ohmigodthisisamazing!"). This episode was spectacular. I am actually fretting--fretting!--over not being able to watch the next show until late tomorrow night. I want nothing more than to sit and have an epic marathon of this week's shows and clap my hands at the pure soapiness in every single scene.

Of course, when I have said marathon, I'll need a full box of tissues because--my heart, you guys. My heart. It aches right now. Michelle Val Jean's Tweet will break your heart and when you sit down and watch today's show...can your heart re-break? I think it can, because I think mine did.

Tracy: Patrick. My father wants Emma to have this.
Patrick: I-I can't accept that. There's protocol.
Tracy: Forget protocol. We're playing by Quartermaine rules now, and if a Quartermaine steals it... a Quartermaine owns it, so I stole it for Daddy, and Daddy wants Emma to have it.
Patrick: Monica--
Monica: I really don't know what you're talking about. I just know that a vial of the antiserum has been misplaced.

And when Emma (who had broken my heart for the first time by asking "If we don't get better, will we get to see Mommy?" OH MY GOD, could I cry any harder? No, no I could not! I set records! I could be an Olympic gold medalist in weeping!) took the antiserum and Edward...you guys. YOU GUYS.

I am a mess. A complete and utter mess, with streaked-mascara and a pronounced wheeze. Every single second of this was perfect and John Ingle is perfect and I have spontaneously burst into tears three times while I typed this up.  Damn, this show can be great sometimes.


Did anyone else notice that the boat Alexis was on was named Grace? I have to wonder if that was in tribute to John Ingle's late wife of the same name; and if so, how beautiful.

God, today was just so poignant -- one of those days where life and art blur together. Tracy's last speech, about how if this was Edward's time to go, he would soon be reunited with the woman he loves, apply to John Ingle as well. It was just all so beautifully and sensitively and humanely and graciously done. I'm a puddle of goo over here. FEELING ALL OF THE THINGS.

I just finished watching it myself. I am . . . with the. . .no words. And. . . the tears.

Oh, John Ingle. Oh, show.

Mallory, this was a unanimous Serial Drama reaction. Ooof.

Can anyone remember the last time GH did something so genuinely gracious?

What they did for John Ingle today was extremely gracious.

I tried twice to type something. . .but was crying too much to make sense. John Ingle appeared out of those elevator doors and the crying started and it hasn't stopped. I love that in all this, Edward Quartermaine gets to be the classy, self-less father-hero. Well done.

I hated the cook fake out. Hated it. I thought if Edward has to die off screen, I could handle it. Then it turned out that it was Cook and Edward showed up and everything was okay. And I wanted to hit Monica as badly as Tracy did.

And then there was the one dose of serum that had to go to a doctor and I was watching Patrick and he mentioned Emma and I thought it would be given to Patrick and he'd give it to Emma. And I accepted the schmalzy ending as it was going to be.

And then Tracy... gulp... uh, Tracy went to Patrick and Emma with Emma asking if she would see Mommy and... well... I just wasn't ready for that. I wasn't. I don't know how one prepares for something... like... that.

And John Ingle. I hear about his health and all I can think is that he's dying of a broken heart.

So to sum up... Good job Cartini, JI, JT, JE, and the little girl who plays the adorable Emma.

Speaking of Cook:

May she rest in pizza.

I read that everyone was crying after filming Edward's scenes, so I'm betting Patrick and Tracy's tears were genuine...which in turn makes me cry harder. It's a vicious cycle.

Mallory - You nailed it. As cynical as I can be about GH, I was truly moved by the lovely acting and dialogue of the Edward/Tracy/Patrick/Emma scene. That little adorable girl who plays Emma has stolen my heart since Robin's death and continues with every line of dialogue and expression. Just beautiful. Jane Elliott, Jason Patrick and John Ingle formed a trifecta of acting brilliance. John Ingle as Edward was stellar and so sincere. I found it a bit odd that Edward sat in that room by himself but it was quite poignant. Well done!

I also loved the moment between Carly and Todd in the hospital on which he stated that someone would find her worth changing for the better (or something like that.) LW & RH shined in that moment. I'm all for a Todd/Carly/Jax triangle. As much as I like the actor, I hope it's the end for the character of Johnny Z. He's been written into a corner.

My sister commented to me how much this episode felt like a homage to GH of the 80's with all of the good guys working together to stop a terrorist. A few gripes: Monica Quartermaine nearly ruined everything for me. I hate how bitter and joyless she is all of the time. I wish Tracy had slapped her for her inconsiderate manner of delivering bad news. I hated how Lulu showed up but I like her and Dante together. Hate how forced Alexis and Shawn are. Same for Jason and Sam_ seriously, they whine everyday and if they truly loved each other they would have remained together in the face of imminent death. I hated how most people behaved as if they were not expected to die (only Steven expressed his brothely love to Elizabeth) and the inconsistency in how sick some were and not others.

Oh I how I heart Jon Ingle. He's always been my Edward (I never saw the original guy who played him and I LOATHED ON SIGHT that recast Edward we had to suffer through for a while including during Lila's funeral HATE GRR HATE) and, if that was truly his last on-screen appearance, I will miss him so.

Emma and her Robert koala also got me choked up.

Tears. Cartini has had me in tears so much this year...and John Ingle...Oh he had me in tears. And Tracey. Dante and Lulu even. Heart break, heartbreak, heartbreak. And John who was unable to answer his phone to say goodbye to Natalie because he was still trying to defuse the bomb....blimey...*is in tears again*

I loved the John Ingle scene. That said, can I ask a question?

If all a person had to do is drink the antiserum mixed in water (the stuff Joe gave Tracy), why did Joss and Alexis have to get kidnapped and made so very ill to not get infected?

If he was going to kidnap them anyway, why couldn't he have taken them out of town and kept them out of harm's way until everyone else was dead or something? Or kidnapped them and given them the magic "drink this you'll never feel a thing" instead of "hold still while I inject you with a poison that will kill you dead for second after you've been very, very ill"?

And is it so much easier to hide Robin in a sanitarium, first in Port Charles and then Switzerland, than to say, hole her up in a secure cabin in the middle of nowhere with guards?

I just don't get it.

Regarding the sanitarium: Robin is HIV positive. If her kidnappers want to keep her alive, they need to monitor her HIV meds and viral load carefully. Easier to do that in a medical facility with medical professionals than in a cabin with guards.

I watched the last part of yesterday's episode on my DVR while blow-drying my hair, and therefore couldn't really hear the dialogue very well and had to put the closed-captioning on. The drama really didn't hit me at the time without being able to hear. But after reading all the kudos on a couple web sites this a.m., I watched a youtube clip someone posted, and I can see now how wonderful those scenes were (I'm at work but I had to check them out!). Tracy's voiceover and the music were perfect. I noticed under Cartini that the music for dramatic scenes really adds to the whole feeling (example when Robin "died" and Patrick was getting ready for the funeral). JE, JI and JT were all fantastic as usual. Sure there are plot holes and contrivances, but there are also so many great soapy moments, on many days the hour just flies by and I can't wait to see what happens next. They're really pulling out all the stops this week for the time change to 2 p.m. in most areas. I read Monday's ratings were very good.

I wish Anna had been part of the action over the last couple of days. I'm sure it is because of the actress's schedule or something...but when they opened the case and found a bomb, my immediate thought was...ANNA! Anna could diffuse it! Wasn't that her specialty in the WSB?

Don't get me wrong--I think the action has been very well done--but I would have loved to see a woman play a heroine and not just a damsel in distress.

Ahh. I had heard rumors about Edward, but when we got the bad news about Cook, I figured Edward was fine. Then, when he appeared and and I realized that not just Edward, but the wonderful John Ingle, is not strong - oh, gosh. But JI didn't need to say much to portray every nuance of his character. I just want to say THANK YOU, John Ingle (and thank you to GH for paying JI and Edward the deserved warm respect). You are much loved.

Re: Gwen.

Alexis and Joss were basically given a vaccine which, as vaccines tend to do, temporarly made them sick with what the vaccine is now protecting them from.

The antiserum Emma received is more in line with an antiobiotic or antiviral you are given after being infected with a disease. You already have it the disease, this is just remedying it.

Right...but if given the choice, I would have given my loved ones the one that didn't make them so sick first. Then again, I'm no criminal mastermind. I don't even play one on TV. And I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night either.

Jason Thompson tweeted yesterday that he wasn't acting when he was crying as Edward watched Emma get the serum. His tears were real.

Mine were too. Who doesn't adore John Ingle? I don't even have the words to describe how this episode made me feel.

The Edward scenes made me bawl. So simple and yet so moving. Kudos to John Ingle for doing these scenes. It meant a lot.

Damn I was in tears thanks to yesterday's show. I'm really hating on Duke right now. Why the hell would he be so careful about Robin(I get why he would want to have her out of town, to keep her from saving PC) and yet he didn't think about protecting her beloved husband and little girl? That is just being a douche. It was hard for him to see Robin zonked out thanks to shock treatment, but he didn't think about how devastated she would be if her family freaking died?

Edward/JI? The man was just plain awesome. Even without a word.

Monica and Tracy? Yeah, I was ready to punch Monica in the throat for setting Tracy up like that. It just plain wrong.

I didn't know about John Ingle, but as soon as I saw him I knew something was wrong. But those scenes were wonderfully done and perfectly in character for both Tracy and Edward: for all her scheming and bellyaching, she adores her father, and he adored Robin and would naturally want her daughter to survive. Just fantastic stuff all around, and if this is John's last hurrah, one hell of a classy way to exit.

Somthing is really wrong with me. I am rewatching this episode yet again. At work. Crying and snotting at my desk. Like a mad woman.

This was some good soap.

I wanted to punch Monica in the face too over that "there's been a fatality" lead in that turned out to be cook. Loved Tracy's snark. Monica are you that insensitive or just STUPID.

Oh so good. I cant say it on ENOUGH SITES.


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