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September 18, 2012

The Blah & the Blue

Straight recap of today's The Bold & the Beautiful!

Deacon explains to Hope that he's sorry he left before her wedding and that he's come back because he heard it didn't stick.


(Does he know just how many of Liam's weddings didn't stick?)

Katie talks about the strongly kicking baby and Bill says a bunch of dumb sexist crap about what Spencer men are supposed to be like. Katie is mysteriously charmed while still scolding him for it, as per usual. They say a few words about Hope and Liam and I glaze right over.

Hope tells her father she thought she'd never see him again. She catches Deacon up on all the latest tedious drama with Liam, and Deacon expresses appreciation for Hope's forgiveness and acceptance. "I'm as responsible as anyone else for things not working out between you and Liam," he tells her. 


Thomas and Caroline canoodle and then start chatting about Hope. And Liam. Because it's a day ending in "y" and what the hell else would they talk about. Rick rushes in and raves about the photos that poor Oliver took of Thomas and Hope. Rick is as unsubtle as ever.

Liam comes in all dressed up like a Real Spencer Man in a leather jacket.

Hope starts to tell Deacon about the misunderstanding regarding "his" note back in Italy, which he starts to ask about but she interrupts him because this is a soap opera and people never just get revealing questions out the first time.


Oliver! He's adorbs. Pam and Donna act ridiculous about this "prestigious" receptionist position they share. 

Bill insists to Katie and Liam that Hope doesn't love Liam anymore and they "both know all there is to know." Which they don't, so we cut to Deacon listening to Hope explain how things fell apart at all of the many weddings. He looks less than pleased about how this all played out, and keeps things vague with, "If I had just stayed [in Italy] there never would have been a letter for Liam to misinterpret." Deacon tells Hope she sure doesn't sound like she's finished with Liam. OH IF ONLY.


Oliver looks suspicious but also a little amused by the whole situation. I imagine he's thrilled to have escaped unscathed from his own triangle with Hope and Liam. Zack Conroy actually brings a lot to his lately-completely-thankless brief appearances on this show. Why can't we have more of him? HE'S JUST DARLING. But I digress. He leaves and Rick tries to eat Caroline's face. She doesn't particularly resist.

Bill and Katie and Liam have another one of their usual exact replica conversations about Hope.

Deacon suggests to Hope that Steffy is the real problem, but Hope explains that she's the one who invited Steffy to Italy. Deacon tells Hope he never wrote that note in Italy. 


Oh LORD. Deacon now tells Hope he never meant to write the note. Total copout back-pedal, show. I was almost impressed. Deacon brings up Bill and gets pretty pissed when Hope tells him how Bill had finally accepted her and has now reversed course. Hope tells Deacon she hopes he sticks around and that she loves him. She comes by love pretty easily! But we already knew that.

Bill catches Liam looking at a photo of Hope and Thomas and calls him Liam the Conqueror again and directs him to never look back. Meanwhile, naturally, Hope is looking at photos of Liam and herself and we get a flashback to their grand love in Italy. 

Deacon shows up at Bill's office. With a smirk. 



This smirk-off felt like it lasted 8 minutes. I seriously hope Deacon outsmirks Bill. I know he won't, I know he won't win. But a girl can dream.


Seriously why is Donna working as a receptionist? Didn't Bill buy her shares of Forrester Creations for millions? Was't she a model or something once? Why doesn't her sister Katie give her a big girl job at Spencer Publications? I like Jennifer Gareis but she and Zac Conroy deserve better than what this show is giving them. First warmed over Nick Marone (I find it absolutely skeevy the way people pass around partners on this show, considering that Los Angeles is a city of what? like 8 Million people), and now the Pam and Donna show. I think that Pam and Donna have chemistry but give them more to do. Perhaps they both go on the same dating site that Taylor once used and end up both dating Jared.

"...because it's a day that ends in 'Y'..." lmao...thanks, I needed that this week!

"Liam the Conqueror" --> massive eye roll!

I am interested to see what will happen with Deacon this time around. I guess it's too much to hope for a Deacon x Brooke scene considering he is now on GH, so he won't be sticking around THAT long, and with Brooke on the infamous honeymoon........ At this point, I'd prefer Deacon dating Pam to what he's doing right now. But maybe it's too early to tell; here's hoping.

Zack Conroy is MUCH better since he got rid of the Bieber hairstyle (that was probably a long time ago, but i hadn't seen him since!), and I felt so bad for him when Rick bossed him around to take sexy pics of Hope & Thomas. I know Oliver slept with her mother, but the way Liam has been treating Hope, I wonder if Oliver is the more suitable love interest :p (and I couldn't really stand HOliver the first time around).

Maybe its the new maternity look and I am out of the loop, but for God's sake can't they find something for HT to wear that doesn't look like it is four sizes too small?!?

I really would like to know whats so special about Scott Clifton. Zack Conroy is better in every way yet Oliver is pushed aside to make room for Lame's enormous ego.

On the other hand Sean Kanan is HOT!

@pinky: I totally agree about Sean Kanan...there is something about him that is soooo yummy! I also love his sense of comedic timing. When katie walked in yesterday and he held his arms out wide, I just about died! ...then rewound it a few times....then a few more .... Also agree SC doesnt do a damn thing for me. I asked my preteen daughter if she thought he was cute and got an "eh...no, not really...".

I think Scott Clifton is a good-looking young man and a gifted actor, but he was much hotter on OLTL. The character of Liam makes him very, very unappealing, and even the greatest actor on the planet would be hard-pressed to find ways to make that character look good.

But Zack Conroy is also good-looking and a gifted actor, and plays a character I don't want to punch in the face! I don't understand why they even keep him around when they don't even use him as much as they use Pam. His appearances are just day-player-like gigs, and you'd think they could find someone cheaper. I hold out hope that they're keeping him in their back pockets for a reason, but we all know about hope and Hope and this show...

I never got into Liam character, even when he wasnt a douche. Scott lacks charisma imo. He was cute with Hope but that was it.

I never watched SC on any other soap, it would be interesting to see him play some good material. I do enjoy how he plays off DD though...usually. Not when Pops has him in a headlock calling him a pussy.

I loved DD as Brad Carlton, he is a good actor. I cant stand Bully though.

Did i mention SK was hot? lol.

Yes, yes you did....I agree. Lol. I love his acting as well as how damn handsome he is. What I can't stand is Hope's breathless gushing "My daddy WUVS ME!!!" Barf....I really, really hate her....really alot. And as much as I like DD, yesterday's "yelling at God" in the chapel had me squirming in embarrassment. Ugh.

I love Hope. I didnt care about her at first, she was only Brooke's daughter for me. But she turned into a strong young woman. I am glad at least Bratley let her have a relationship with her father, she now knows her father loves her and thats great imo. Of course it would be better if Deacon hadnt done what he did.
I didnt watch DD's scenes but i heard he was good. I have to see it now. lol.

Oh. Oops...sorry its only my opinion about Hope...didnt mean to stomp on yours. I will admit I admire her finally dumping Liam...nice to see her grow a spine! Maybe she could share with Steffy?!? Lol. And yes, if deacon is truly in it for HER not the cash and prizes, then yes a girl's gotta have her Dad in her life. Although I don't think she had TOO rough a life with Ridge!

I think scott Clifton is a terrible I repeat terrible actor!DUH!

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