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September 27, 2012

The Sad & the Sniffles

Just a few DayQuil-laden thoughts on yesterday's incredibly moving episode (written wonderfully by Adam Dusevoir) of The Bold & the Beautiful (hey, go figure, the show works when they focus on OTHER CHARACTERS).

- Katie had an out-of-body experience!


Now of course since this is a soap, the whole "going into the light" thing looked at cheesy as humanly possible, but we soap viewers are used to accepting these things. It's sort of part of the trade-off for them offering us up a full episode of entertainment (well, depends on your definition) five days a week.


- But who cares if it looks cheesy when right there in the light to welcome her is... Storm!

- Donna had flashbacks to the "Storm accidentally shoots Katie" storyline!


D'oh! Sorry, Sis!

- Speaking of Donna, yesterday's episode was truly the best performance I have ever seen from Jennifer Gareis on this show.


It was actually nice that they played this out during Brooke's absence, because it positioned Katie's other sister front-and-center. I really didn't know Gareis could do this -- and yet they still never use her at all. Hello, people!

- Katie had a little chat with Heavenly Storm (that sounds like a Christian rock band, doesn't it?).


Storm: Oh, no, you don't. I gave you my heart, and you're not giving up now. I know it feels right, you know, being here, but it's not time yet. We'll be together someday, just not yet.

Katie: Mom? 

Storm: Yes. Mom, too. We'll all be together. Until then, you have things to do.  You have a purpose in life-- your new baby, your husband.



Now, I'm sure the purpose of this episode was really just for a near-tragedy to bring Hope and Liam closer back together or some nonsense, and it's obviously not launching a new storyline since Heather Tom is presumably about to head out for maternity leave, and I'm still annoyed that all is forgiven as far as Bill is concerned because of this but hey, it was a great episode. And maybe it'll lead to Bill doing some soul-searching? Maybe? Yeah, good luck to me, I know.


Bell will probably submit this and win another Best Show Emmy.

"Storm"? I just can't with the names on this show?

Also? I was confusedly wondering why an X-men character was on this soap until I scrolled down

Those were the days i couldnt stand Katie. Not that i love her now but i like the way she sticks it to Steffy and Bill (sometimes) altough i know she will never leave him.

How Donna was wasted.... Eric and Donna were a good couple but of course it had to be ruined to make room for rape facilitator, thug in pant suit Satanie... Classic Bratley...

I miss Storm.

JG was brilliant! I always love Logan sisterly scenes and this was BRILL.

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