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September 05, 2012

The True & the Awful

Yesterday was a red letter day indeed, because I could relate to Bill Spencer's reaction to something.


In cased you missed this spectacular little piece of storytelling, that's a photo of the graffiti Hope had Thomas spray-paint on the outside of Liam's house. A heart with a Spencer sword stabbing through it. (By the way, Thomas is tall, but that was impressive. And fast!) To which Bill had the only possible human reaction:

"Are you freaking kidding me?!"

I wish it were a joke, Bill. I really do. But the joke's on us, the audience.

Anyway, Bill correctly pointed out how obscenely immature that was (naturally with no self-awareness of how obscenely immature it was to fake someone's brain tumor so your son wouldn't divorce your former concubine or to, you know, trap someone in a gondola). But then he went on to be his usual "jackass of the highest order" self. Which, as usual, Katie scolded him for but will then ignore.

In better news, it was finally a new day! Hope's not running around town in her wedding dress and cardigan anymore!

Hope is, however, holding stupid and pointless press conferences again. Only this time since she actually had nothing to announce (and practically swooned mid-conference like her bodice was too tight), Rick stepped in and announced Thomas as a new designer for Hope for the Future. Because that's how the fashion industry works. "Well, I already have a job but since my Uncle Rick said it out loud that I have this other job, I guess I have no choice!"


He apparently also had no choice but to kiss Hope during the press conference. You know, to "make some noise." Because these people are mentally impaired and have yet to learn that they always crash and burn when they bring this personal crap into the business world and public sphere.

And so now what? We have a Steffy/Liam/Hope/Thomas/Caroline/Rick sextangle? Hey, you know how we've all been begging for a year for them to bring the triangle to a close? We didn't mean to just make it bigger. In the words of the Great Jackass Bill Spencer, "Are you freaking kidding me?!"


$Bill IS an ass, but, Don Diamont is all kinds of freaking awesome in my book. Anyone else think that whole diatribe of "move the hell ON already " was the actor himself speaking to bradley bell?!? Hmmm... And in a really pissy shallow note, while I think HT is even more stunningly beautiful pregnant, could someone for the love of God find her a dress that doesn't look like its choking the breath out of her unborn child??? My God did she look uncomfortable!

Ughhh. While I don't hate Thomas & Hope together, I really the triangle to be over. Stat!

What a nonsense... I cant believe Hope would even allow that creep to come anywhere near her after everything he had done!

Rick whoring his sister so he can have
CarOHline? Disgusting...

And STFU Dimebag Bill...

I still laugh every time you write "gondola" -- out loud, every time.

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