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September 05, 2012

Things I Want To See More Of, Part I

1. This.


Seriously. Rebecca Herbst and Kelly Monaco have always been dynamite in scenes together and, while I do not need them to be in regular catfights ever again, I love them as reluctant allies. They make great frenemies. (Yeah, yeah, blah blah Jake blah blah, Liz is so evil or whatever, Sam is so evil or whatever, etc., etc., Liz/Sam internet wars ad nauseum to infinity and beyond, but I like it! Hell, the most popular and beloved love story in the history of daytime was between a rapist and his victim. Things can be made to work when the right players are involved.)


Perhaps Jason's imminent departure will give them a chance to come together in new ways that don't involve him? This is my great wish.

2. This!


Kirsten Storms back as Maxie! I mean no disrespect to Jen Lilley, who did a terrific job in Storms's absence, but let's be fair: Maxie-as-Crazed-Martyr was not a particularly attractive storyline for that character. This return is helping to give me a little amnesia about all that! A very warm welcome back to Kirsten Storms, as well as the warmest wishes to Jen Lilley in future career opportunities! Ms. Lilley dealt with a lot of heinous backlash when she first showed up, but I think her vulnerability and commitment really won over a ton of the audience. She probably already realizes that soap viewers' good will tends to travel! And Kirsten Storms brings a real edge to Maxie that has been sorely missing -- a smarter edge, a pricklier edge, but one that has more wounds to hide.

3. This guy.


I'm... probably not going to get what I want on that one, am I? Especially since he's already accepted death and is about to tell Patrick that Robin is alive, which he naturally will not do before he is very dead. I'm not new to soaps. Maybe they'll just coma him right up? I don't know, but I will miss Nathin Butler in this role -- he's been a delight as Ewen has unraveled these past few weeks. And have y'all seen the doggie he adopted? Those eyes will melt you.


Since Jason is leaving, the Liz/Sam wars ought to be moot, right? Because I'm right there with you - Liz/Sam have the potential for epic soap frenemy-ship. Bring it on!

If only I could inspire that kind of vitriol. I mean who doesn't want to be called a bitch/slut/whore/tramp on a regular basis?

But, since I can't I'm going to second how nice it was seeing Kirsten Storms again. Jen Lilley had a thankless job, and handled it with grace, especially given the garbage lobbed in her general direction. But she had different fortes, which they didn't get to at first, when they writing to Kirsten Storms strengths. So I look forward to having the "old" Maxie back, and, as for Jen Lilley, we'll always have the prison clown.

RC had no problems keeping the rapist known as Ford on OLTL, but kills off a sexy and hot doctor on GH? What the heck? First RC gets rid of cute Matt and now Ewen is dead.

Soaps need rivalries, enemies, frenemies, etc,,,which is why GH fell short with the Liz vs Sam wars. I loved the rivalry and frenemy between OLTL's Viki and Dorian, but GH dropped the ball when it came to letting TWO women (Liz and Sam) drive their stories instead of a bunch of men!

Totally w/you on the Liz/Sam thing. Plus, w/Jason gone and poor, hot, Ewan kaput, howzabout a Liz/Jax pairing? I'd love to see a Liz romance that isn't full of grinding poverty and/or angst. McBam were also scorching today. And I am really enjoying Tracy bopping around annoying everyone w/how healthy she is.

Becky Herbst and Kelly Monaco have mad chemistry with each other -- I am so with you on hoping to see RC take advantage of that.

Blair/Tea during Tea's illness was one my favorite frenemy pairings.

Much like with Blair and Tea, I am completely convinced that Liz and Sam will decide they're sick of Jason treating them like crap and they'll just fall into each other's loving arms and... no? That's not how this show works? Hey, it could happen!

@JennyP I am SO with you on a Liz/Jax pairing. I saw potential for those two years ago when she was pregnant with his baby. Well, you know, surrogately.

Since the Russian mob storyline I've thought that if GH ever decided to do a lesbian storyline, Liz & Sam would make the perfect pair!

i want to see more of Todd and Blair! i want Kassie DePaive to come back and take her man from Carly. Carly better look out Blair push Carly out the window like she did Tea if that what it takes way to go Blair!

jbj I have always thought the same. Those scenes in the cabin when the Russians were coming after them were amazingly hot!

SaLiz FTW!!!

Poor Ewen... :( I spoke to Nathin Butler when I was covering GHFCW, and let me tell you, he's just as good up close and personal. He was so nervous at GHFCW. LOL!

TODD! TODD! TODD! That's mostly what I can tell you about GH lately. OMG, he is just too awesome for words.

"Let me introduce you to the band. Port Charles and the one-percenters." LMAO!

When he took the spoonful of Tracy's soup and spit it back in the bowl. Then there was "you know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, don't you?"

Someone knows how to WRITE for Todd. I just want to eat HIM with a spoon! I love him with Carly, but I loved him with Blair when she came back to tell him about getting married, too.

McBain and SAM are SMOKIN. When he pulled her up off the floor after she hit her head and they were inches apart, WHOA. I haven't seen a pairing that steamy on GH in a LONG TIME. I never felt that kind of chemistry with Sam and Jason. Just BAH. Of course, I also don't think Steve Burton is anywhere near as hot as McBain, so maybe that's my reasoning.

Also HAPPINESS that Kirsten Storms is back, but did anybody else feel a little weird when she was talking to Patrick about taking care of Emma, etc.? I was so used to Jen Lilley's expressions, and, of course, all those scenes happened with her, so it rang...hollow or weird or something. I just have to get used to seeing her face again.

I'm probably the only one who is excited for the Maxie/Spinelli kiss (ducking)

missed Kirsten Storms.. glad is she back and wish Jen Lilly all the best.

Going to miss Ewen.. he is cute and NOT in the mob oh well

Totally on board with Jax and Liz pairing. Would love to see Liz as Joss's stepmom.LOL. Who does Carly hate more Liz or Sam? Maybe Sam and Liz can bond over Carly hate.. would love frenemies of Liz and Sam explored some...

Bring back Jake and then Sliz can share scenes while their sons play together.

I wanted SaLiz back when they were in the cabin hiding from the Russians. They seemed like a happy lesbian couple.

Sam let Elizabeth's baby get kidnapped, on purpose. She knew what she was doing. The child could've ended up dead. No one should look at her with anything other than disgust.

@ hedda lee **Sigh** I have no stake in the Jasam vs. Liason wars at all. However: It's a soap. Characters do sleazy, seemingly unforgiveable things all the time and then get forgiven and redeemed. If I were to look at characters who did such things with nothing but disgust, I'd have to stop watching soaps altogether. I'm glad Jason's leaving so I don't have to hear Sam and Liz (normal female soap characters -- no better or worse than ten other characters I could name from numerous soaps) called every name for prostitute in the book. The sexism makes me want to throw up.

Todd ROCKS! Everything he said was pure gold. I agree with Rene', these writers know how to write for RH.

He made Sonny adorable in that scene. It even looked to me that RH and MB started laughing after that Jimmy Hoffa comment and they had to cut it out.

Two comments had me rollling...well more then just two but these stuck in my head.

Hey you two..you brunettes, you in? (to Sonny and Johnny) too funny.

And when he said to the group "before we get to the pearly gates...OR those other gates with the 3 headed dog and the abandon all hope sign!"

That was perfection to me because I mean look who he was talking to, Sonny, Johhny, Carly and Tracy Quartermaine. It just seemed apropos. Himself included (Todd admits to his many crimes often).

Hate me but I think Joe Jr is pretty good, paired with Tracy and sparring with Jerry. I liked his concern over Tracy running to the hospital to see about her and teasing her about cooking the soup. I like when he talks to Jerry and always SUMS up Jerry's loonnnnnggg expositions. That's hilarious to me. Joe Jr is always looking at him like WRAP IT UP already, there has got to be a shorter way to say what you want to say! (yes I am blocking out his connie/rape involvement and his son Trey - and I'm waiting on the writers to retcon all of that horribleness).

Gotta say this. I am LOVING all the affection and time and male attention and FRONT BURNER action that first Alexis got, and now MS. TRACY Quartermaine is getting. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Tracy had some major screentime and good lines and that right there makes this soap viewer already a hundred times happier. Come on JE is awesome.

Johnny is out of his league in the Carly, Todd, Jax, Sonny scenes. They need to pull him back into the teen scene or let him be a spoil for Dante/Lulu. He just seems so out of place especially when Jax is in the picture. And I love Todd pointing out to him Carly's instant attentiveness to Jax when he was injured. Hilarity.

It bears repeating..KEEP INGO..He is so fine.

I get such a kick out of how "fans" hold grudges against characters , while the characters do not hold grudges against each other. Sam and Liz (not real people) have long ago worked out their feelings over what happened several writers ago. Sam has saved Liz-Liz has saved Sam and they've worked well together in crisis situations. It's a soap, not a Criminal ID cold case.

Or what Liz R said so well...again.

"Todd ROCKS! Everything he said was pure gold. I agree with Rene', these writers know how to write for RH."

The writer who is giving Todd his best days is Scott Sickles who wrote most of Todd's great stuff on OLTL, after RH came back. I think Todd is always smarter on days SS is writing.

I personally don't want a Elizabeth or Sam friendship. I don't want a frenemy thing going on. I think if they did a Blair/Tea thing with Sam and Elizabeth, I would absolutely hurl. I prefer them to stay indifferent to each other. Only help each other in crisis situations and then go on their merry way not to think about each other until another situation happens with each other that they can't avoid each other. I get sick and tired that Elizabeth has to stay friendly to people for doing or saying things to her and no I'm not just talking about what Sam did to Jake even though that's enough (And yes, I know some will be like but Sam did save Jake because to ME (yes I'm emphasizing me) it would be like they wrote Elizabeth almost getting raped and Tom coming to save her before it happen then Elizabeth becoming besties with Tom), but the fact that Elizabeth was standing over her dead friend's body and mourning her and Sam started in on her like she couldn't even see Emily's dead body laying there or Elizaeth grieving or the fact that Sam was going to point the finger at Elizabeth for her hit and run even though she didn't know who hit her. No, I don't want to see Elizabeth and Sam as friends or frenemies (and really I don't see how Elizabeth would benefit being a friend of Sam's) when Sam has done some heinous things to Elizabeth then turn around and watch Elizabeth still not liking Maxie over a far less charge than what Sam has done to her. That has never sat right to me when I see Maxie/Elizabeth scenes and Sam/Elizabeth scenes. That Elizabeth still has a dislike for Maxie and avoids her when she can all because of what went down with Lucky years ago (and yes, I know that Maxie throws attitude at Elizabeth but on occassion so does Sam) but she still tries to have a convo with Sam. I want them to remain indifferent and keep her on the same line as they had her with Ric. She didn't search Ric out for convos, but when she ran into him, she tried to be civil, but moved on and forgot him a minute later.

And I'm probably in the minority, but I now perfer JL as Maxie. Always found KS's Maxie annoying on so many levels. And what some consider edge, I just saw as immaturity.

Sam and Liz...or as a friend named them: SIZZLE.

Oh, I so hope GH pursues a Sam/Liz friendship, if for no other reason that I find the fans who hate (HATE) those characters (Sam in particular) to be inappropriately intense, and also, hilarious.

you are so on point about sam/liz. i would love for them to become frenemies not just to stick it to all the liz and sam haters...equally, but because they have great chemistry.

so happy to see ks back as maxie. i was squealing for joy. good luck to jen t.

as for ewan...i am not really sorry to see him go.

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