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September 05, 2012

Things I Want To See More Of, Part I

1. This.


Seriously. Rebecca Herbst and Kelly Monaco have always been dynamite in scenes together and, while I do not need them to be in regular catfights ever again, I love them as reluctant allies. They make great frenemies. (Yeah, yeah, blah blah Jake blah blah, Liz is so evil or whatever, Sam is so evil or whatever, etc., etc., Liz/Sam internet wars ad nauseum to infinity and beyond, but I like it! Hell, the most popular and beloved love story in the history of daytime was between a rapist and his victim. Things can be made to work when the right players are involved.)


Perhaps Jason's imminent departure will give them a chance to come together in new ways that don't involve him? This is my great wish.

2. This!


Kirsten Storms back as Maxie! I mean no disrespect to Jen Lilley, who did a terrific job in Storms's absence, but let's be fair: Maxie-as-Crazed-Martyr was not a particularly attractive storyline for that character. This return is helping to give me a little amnesia about all that! A very warm welcome back to Kirsten Storms, as well as the warmest wishes to Jen Lilley in future career opportunities! Ms. Lilley dealt with a lot of heinous backlash when she first showed up, but I think her vulnerability and commitment really won over a ton of the audience. She probably already realizes that soap viewers' good will tends to travel! And Kirsten Storms brings a real edge to Maxie that has been sorely missing -- a smarter edge, a pricklier edge, but one that has more wounds to hide.

3. This guy.


I'm... probably not going to get what I want on that one, am I? Especially since he's already accepted death and is about to tell Patrick that Robin is alive, which he naturally will not do before he is very dead. I'm not new to soaps. Maybe they'll just coma him right up? I don't know, but I will miss Nathin Butler in this role -- he's been a delight as Ewen has unraveled these past few weeks. And have y'all seen the doggie he adopted? Those eyes will melt you.


Sam and Liz have the perfect makings for a frenemy relationship. Think of all the horrible things Dorian and Vickie have done to one another on One Life to Live... The atrocious things that have transpired between Blair and Tea on One Life to Live... And the epic hate with a tiny bit of love and grading respect relationship between Erica Kane and Brooke English on All My Children... And don't get me started on Kendall Hart's and Greenlee Smithes' journey from enemies to frenemies to enemies to sisters to.... Well, you get the point. Sam and Liz could be the next great frenemy pair to rival the rest...

"And I'm probably in the minority, but I now prefer JL as Maxie. Always found KS's Maxie annoying on so many levels. And what some consider edge, I just saw as immaturity."

^^ I'll join you in the minority. JL is the stronger actress and could hold storyline.

Re: Liz & Sam as "frenemies"...as long as the writing is slanted in favor of Liz propping Sam, I wish to see them sharing as few scenes as possible.

I agree with you on all counts. Ewen was just starting to get interesting. Maybe he'll be resurrected. After all, the other two Aussies are MIA too-- so maybe they can all miraculously reappear in their blond-goatee awesomeness!

@soapbaby that's why for the most part, i hated when dorian and viki were friends. same with blair and tea. the bias was almost always in favor of viki and when blair/tea became friends, the bias was in favor of tea. no no no. i love the saliz chemistry but liz propping up people who've done her dirty like blair propping up tea and dorian losing out to viki over and over again is not something i'm cool with.

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