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September 13, 2012

Things I Want To See More Of, Part II

Y'all. It's just been an embarrassment of riches this week on General Hospital. First there was Monday's super-fun stage combat goodness (McBain's hilarious roll was on The Soup last night!), then there was Tuesday's heart-wrenchiness (over which Mallory appropriately shed So Many Tears), and then yesterday was this terrific sort of celebratory release from all the tension and the tugged heartstrings. So, I present to you a few pieces of awesome that I hope we get more of in the future!

1. Olivia-as-Cassandra-by-way-of-LSD.


Don't do drugs, kids! Or maybe do, because then you'll see the future. You could probably market such a skill for a pretty penny.

2. Long, hot kisses on location with the camera sweeping around the hottest couple in town. 


Yes, please. More, please!

3. Familial moments between Jason and his actual family. Sure, Monica's nonsense about what a big, fat hero Jason is was tired, but she's his momma and mommas are allowed to only see the good side.  


And for once, Jason wasn't actually out heroically saving the town. I'm sure his departure story will involve Jason throwing himself on a bomb to save, like, all of the children at the GH day care center or something, but I'll take the non-hero moments from this hitman when I can.

And Monica! This is, what, her third episode in the past five?!

4. Good-time celebrations amongst loved ones. 


Who wouldn't have a water gun fight right after learning that the water will save you instead of kill you?

5. Well, these two wouldn't. They celebrated the life-saving water in a way hotter manner. 


Hot love in the afternoon, people! I dig. 

6. Speaking of which, I'd love to see more of these sultry-sweet moments between the second hottest new pairing in town.



Also, rain. I love when it rains. I have an idea for who they can show us out in the rain at the beginning of today's episode. I'm just sayin'.


The happy ending for this "event that changes everything" being so...happy (Jax's nobodynodeath notwithstanding)...it kind of blew my mind, since NOBODY DOES THAT and all.

Overall, as semi-satirical as it was, hell--this was better than anything else I've seen on English-language soaps in a while (that said, the final episodes of El Talismán leave it in the dust due to sheer batshit craziness).

Overall, I enjoyed the episode, especially, Olivia who I have not enjoyed in so long. I've always felt that Lisa LoCicero was one of the stronger actresses in the cast but with such a horrible character. Right now, I am loving Psi-Olivia!

I also loved the Elizabeth/Steven Lars scenes, as I have loved their sibling-bonding scenes under this headwriter (Hmp! Garin Wolfe had Steve accuse Liz of attempting to kill Siobhan!) I ONLY like Steven Lars in big brother-mode.

Sam & John are by far Port Charles' hottest couple. Alexis & Shawn are too forced and chemistry-free. Still, I am happy to see "love in the afternoon."

I shudder at the thought of the younger adult set returning to the screen :-(

I agree with soapbaby - Sam & John are scorching hot! I don't get the Alexis/Shawn thing - I don't see any chemistry either. Now Jerry Jax....that's a different story. Wow - it's too bad they can't find a way to keep him around full time. I never realized until this time around how sexy SR is. Both Jax brothers should be on screen full time. Todd is still killing it every time. RH is fan-freaking-tastic.
I'm just loving that GH is must see TV again....Finally!! Keep it up!

Louise, what about off-screen Natalie's fiery red hair pretty much saving all of Port Charles? You go, Nat!

The show as a whole was ok yesterday, but the last montage was fantastic. I loved the couples kissing or holding hands in the rain (sans Skate-rain is S&B's thing, okay). This week has been really decent all around, but I was a little annoyed that everyone was celebrating while Jax was 'dead'.

Sam's smile at John yesterday was the happiest I remember her being since the wedding, which is a nice change. And I absolutely loved all the family bonding--Steven/Liz, Kate/Olivia, Sam/Molly, Patrick/Emma, Monica/Tracy (a little)--that absolutely would really happen if you thought that you all might die in a giant plague. And Jason was forced to stay put while a policeman deactivated the bomb! Will wonders never cease!

My God, your link at the end to what you would like to see.....tears.

Add me to the list that thinks Sam & John are THE hottest couple.
I don't care for Alexis & Shawn at all. He may be good looking, but so far, he hasn't clicked with any of the women they have forced on him. (Except for his friendship with Molly in the very beginning, I haven't liked the character.)
Unless they can come up with a really good SL for him, he won't be missed if he leaves.
And when he goes, he can take TJ with him. I would like to see Molly in puppy-love with someone else.

I say bring back a widowed Dr. Tommy Hardy with his teenage son, Tommy Hardy, Jr. or Steven Lars probably had a ONS child along the way that could date Molly or Morgan. I would rather see core GH family members (Hardy/Webber) paired up with the next generation of teens.

I'm with you SZima on your feelings about Shawn, as I feel exactly the same. I do disagree about TJ. I like the current actor and the previous actor who have played the character. I think he and Molly are adorable outside of any allusions to sex...Ewww. I wish their puppy-love had been shown build up onscreen instead of no airtime and then, BOOM!_ insta-romance. The same for Alexis and Shawn_ insta-romance with no build up.

I think besides having off-the-charts chemistry, Sam & John work because of the slow building of their relationship. I acknowledge the chemistry of Sam/John as a viewer who has never liked the character of Sam McCall. And as someone who has very much liked Alexis Davis, I feel she is better than this chemistry-free pairing. I think she's only had chemistry with Sonny and wish that would be explored but, alas, that will never happen!

Back to TJ...I wish he had been brought on as Tom Hardy, Jr.

It's a soap...perhaps, that can still happen through inventive storytelling ;-) I mean, as of now, Shawn is not TJ's bio-dad.

Re: Thomas Hardy, Sr., Matt Ashford is available!

Yeah I agree! What about Lucy Coe or Baldwins? I'll take Webbers, Q's, Baldwins, Cassadine's etc. Keep on with the history! Yeah!

I have to disagree with the Sam/John lovers. I dont see the chem and think they are boring. Both are low talkers, always wearing black, not much passion or personality...they might as well be siblings. John was great with Natalie...I know, I know she's not on GH, but she is fiery and hot tempered, impulsive....a nice contrast to a low key type.
I agree Todd looks great all wet in the rain. Very sexy!! Even better if Blair was with him in the rain.

Don't know if anybody is reading down this late -- but is it possible that the meaning behind "the event that changes everything" is that the change means "entertaining soapy storytelling with a happy ending with a minimum of mob influence" -- because that's a change I could believe in.

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