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September 23, 2012

What A Day For A Daydream

I knew this was coming.

I knew that General Hospital wouldn't let Patrick mourn for forever and, really, that I should be grateful the writers managed to keep Patrick unattached for even this long, because the show's historical tendency to haphazardly rush storylines and ignore any sort of emotional resonance easily could have given us a story that saw Patrick in love by the time mid-July rolled around. And they didn't. And that makes me happy.

So, in return, I feel like it's only fair for me to watch things unfold and not judge. This is extraordinarily difficult because my default emotion is judgment, and because I am a reformed (please don't point out that my reformation came about only because of the faked death of one half of the couple) Patrick and Robin squealing and flailing devotee. But I'm going to trust the writers, who have done a pretty fantastic job with this story thus far, not to completely ass this up and rush Patrick into an absolutely ridiculous love triangle rife with overacting and cringe-worthy moments. Yup. This is me just sitting back and not jumping to conclusions. I'm just along for the ride, all pleasant optimism.

But if I were still the kind of person who would mire herself in a bottomless pit of pre-hate, these are the kinds of things I think I would say. You know...hypothetically.



  • Where on earth did these two even come from? The show didn't even have the common decency to have them lurk around in the background like extras for a few weeks before being given non-essential lines and then a storyline. No, all of a sudden they were just there and I assumed I had forgotten about their introductions, which led me to seriously and melodramatically wonder if I have an injury that is causing me to forget large chunks of information. Luckily for me, I'm not injured, I just watch a show that has gotten markedly better but is still staggeringly inept.
  • Britt seems extremely predatory. I can't tell if it's because of her smile, the strident way she speaks or because all of her dialogue has a touch of crazy aggression. Or all of the above! All I know is that I physically worried for Patrick's life when he hesitated after Britt roped Sabrina (basically a stranger) into babysitting for Emma (who must be rolling her eyes like, "I don't need a babysitter, I need a bodyguard to keep me safe from the unhinged women you bring home").
  • Sabrina's fantasy was so awkward on every single level that I had to cover my eyes like I do when I'm watching a gory scene in a horror movie. I JUST stopped cringing.
  • Also, she's strongly coming across as young-teen, which gave her scenes this week a Lifetime movie sort of feeling.
  • I say all of this like there is even a small chance I won't devour every single second because I am the kind of person who smiles every time Jason Thompson is onscreen.


And I'm sure the Scrubs fanbase is in a complete uproar right now.........

I'm a huge fan of Kimberly Mccullough and I love Robin as I watched her grow up.

Even if I weren't a Robin fan, this storyline is just lame, stupid and gross.

Britt is nothing but Lisa Niles 2.0--acting as if she f'ng owns Patrick and is loading work upon Sabrina as if (IF) Sabrina is competition, based on seeing her and Patrick standing next to each other.

And Sabrina--who looks like she's 18 and acts like she's 13. She's JUST, JUST met Patrick--doesn't know shit about him and is already fantasizing about him an awful, horrid Cinderellaesque/Harlequin Romance manner.

Just as most of Patrick's grief/mourning/pill addiction was done off-screen, these f'ng writers better make sure any dating that Patrick does is also done off-screen! It's the least they can do.

Is this storyline all part of a Cartini plot to save money by getting Jason Thompson to quit? Honestly, I'm not invested enough in the character of Patrick to care if he moves on or not (although I think JT is talented), but geez, so far the setup for this story is beyond cringe-worthy and Britt and Sabrina are nothing more than one-note cliches.

Also, while I am theoretically all for building up the hospital side, why couldn't they have done it by adding Serena Baldwin who could be a med student or intern, and Sarah Webber, or, even better, bring back NotDeadAlan, instead of these 2 characters I've never heard of and don't care about at all.

That fantasy had me diving for the mute button.

Kay,,,IA, we should be seeing Dr. Sarah Webber or even medical intern Dr. Serena Baldwin putting the moves on a single Patrick. Heck, it would have been so soapy with Patty boy having a ONS with Sarah and then falling for Serena, with Liz smack in the middle just as her friend Robin comes home. Liz would want Sarah to be happy and then her friend and neighbor is found to be alive and well. The story would have been soapy and full of family drama. I can just see Scotty Baldwin giving Patrick the evil eye for messing with his daughter and Lucy would be along for the ride!

Speaking of love, sex and romance. Alexis has not had sex in four years, Liz in 2 1/2 years while Carly goes from one man to the next? Sonny went from Kate to Claudia to Brenda and back to Kate all in the last four years! Okay, now I need another shower.

Pffft. The Scrubs fan base can go kick rocks. Seriously. Kimberly McCollough decided to move on to a directing career after being back on GH from 2005 until 2012. I liked Robin and Patrick, but the couple should have broken up with the Lisa Niles nonsense back in 2010 only to reconcile right before Robin "died". It really bugs me to no end that fans get ticked off when the second half of a pairing that stayed on the show moves on to a new romance. I wish KMc all of the success in the world, but JT obviously wants to work and he should not be held back from another romantic pairing while Kimberly moves on with her life. I feel the same way about JJ and SBu moving on to other things in their life, which means Becky Herbst and KeMo should look forward to working with other male actors on the show.

I don't think LadyBug that we object to Patrick moving on. I actually think Cartini gave him a fair amount of (soap) time to mourn.
But it's the choice of women that I at least find objectionable. I am sure more lies beneath the surface, but Britt seems very Lisa-like (been there), and Sabrina is very immature. Unless she was somehow programmed to fall in love with him on sight, her behavior is inappropriate for anyone over the age of 15.
And where did these people come from? It all seems forced.
Friday's show was the 1st I FF through in months. I am tired beyond all reason of Sam and Jason. And can someone please tell KeMo that child only has one syllable in it. Her chi-eld pronunciation makes me nuts.
And please don't leave Elizabeth hanging. After the Ewen reveal she has no one, and deserves a good man.

MissyLaddy, you forgot Claire and the one night stand he had with Carly after Michael went to prison in between Claudia and Brenda. AND he also kissed/tried to sleep with Olivia a whole lot while he was married to Claudia. The man can't be alone for one damn minute.

I'm all for Patrick moving on...with Liz. Britt is too forceful and Sabrina is too young for him. Patrick and Liz have chemistry to spare and they're so natural with one another. Though I'm hoping Britt and/or Sabrina will be just a rebound fling and then he'll go for Liz.

OMG, Britt and Sabrina are just AWFUL! I was saying, "oh Jason, I'm so sorry" to the screen when Patrick had to do that ridiculous fantasy sequence. JT must have had to think about his paycheck over and over to get through it. GROSS.

Britt and Kristina need to do a "bitch face-off," and I couldn't tell you who I think would win. They both have it down pat, though Kristina looks more like she's about to say "oh no you di'n't" and snap her fingers.

I have interviewed Erik Valdez twice now, the last time on Friday, and he's so happy people are starting to warm up to Trey (poor guy, he's really sweet!!), but I hate to tell him that if they keep him in this redonkulus storyline with NuKristina, he's going to have a hard time getting a fan base. It's cringe worthy.

I found the storyline that they are about to put JT/Patrick in mind-blogging WTH. Like some have said, are we really going to end up subjecting Patrick to a Cinderella type storyline. Would it not be more interesting to go back to the organ donor storyline and have that storyline fleshed out with Patrick learning about how far the trafficking went? Did we have to watch so much screen time given to two characters that not only do we not know but don't care about? I really enjoyed the lab tech that shared screen time with Spin the other day. She was unobtrusive and it was a nice introduction of this character. However Britt and Sabrina, I could really do without them and especially this storyline. They could have at least let the audience get to know the two new characters to the point where we would slightly care instead of going full steam ahead with this storyline.

Per usual, I am in complete agreement with kermitklein. Jason Thompson's talent is being wasted and the viewer's time is being wasted. My big problem with soaps over the past five years isn't the introduction of new characters but rather "how" new characters are introduced. There's no care or attention to "threading" story and connection for new characters and they are thrust at the audience full throttle. I hate beig dictated that I should care about a character before I get to know a character. Every time I saw Sabrina and Britt I just longed for seeing Elle (the new lab tech) seen with Spinelli recently. She was delightful and slowly woven in by being a point in a already progressing story. I'd rather see more of her and less of the walking-personaliy traits of Britt and Sabrina.

For Patrick, I was for a slowly-built, romance with Maxie (when played by Jen Lilley.) If it had been written like GL's romance between Josh and Harley after Reva was presumed dead. Harley had been the nanny for Josh/Reva's children and formed the family's support system. The romance between Josh and Harley was slow and thoughtful and never meant to last longterm but lovely all of the same. It was like a yearlong process of romance.
But now with Kirsten Storms back as Maxie, I'd drop a Maxie/Patrick pairing and totally get behind a Patrick/Liz pairing in which he learns of Jake being alive and a victim of the organ-harvesting operation. Patrick brings Jake back to Liz and their romance sparks.

I'd love to see a slow burn Patrick/Elizabeth love story, but I also love their friendship, so I am okay if it never turns romantic. I think JT is one of the most talented actors they have; I want a front burner story for him, and that means romance, let's face it. I just wish that romance were well built and with a character that the audience can care about. Even if one of these actresses/characters develops beyond this initial WTF introduction, it will take a LOT to overcome the negative first impressions this out-of-nowhere dual intro has created.

I think if GH was going to do a Liz/Patrick pairing, they should have done it a couple of years ago. Now I feel like their chemistry has settled into more of a familial thing and I wouldn't want to ruin their friendship (look what happened with Liz/Nik). Plus after this latest round of Liz/Jason ish it would seem like both are each other's backup; Liz because she can't have Jason or Lucky and Patrick because Robin is dead and they're convenient for each other.

I could actually go for something slowly developing between Patrick and Maxie. To me that would be much more soapy given the Robin and Matt angles, plus it would spare me from another round of Spixie and I'm all for anything that prevents Spixie.

I agree with you Kay, I would love for the Elizabeth/Patrick to stay platonic friends. I like them as friends and for once us seeing a friendship that doesn't have to turn sexual. That's why I could never get behind Elizabeth and Nikolas because they had been friends since the 90s and not one time had Elizabeth even entertained those type of feelings for Nikolas, then out of the blue, they are sleeping together. It never rang true to me.

If it was Jen Lilley, I would love for a slow develop between Patrick and Maxie, but with KS in the roll, I now can't see Patrick and Maxie together. But I do agree with you that we definitely need to be spared another round of Spixie.

I am hoping that Sabrina turns out to be the previously unknown daughter of newly resurrected Duke Lavery, sent to GH to spy on Patrick, unaware that it is because her dad has Robin. Then, being in love with Patrick and finding out what Duke did, reunites Scrubs! (Yes, I am mildly delusional w/this, I know.)

as a scrubs fan and a Jason thompson fan I can't even begin to tell you how much I HATE this stupid shit. whoever said that this Britt is like Lisa 2.o is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I mean this stupid hot mess is an insult to Scrubs, Robin, Patrick, Emma, FANS and well everything. Patrick is not this stupid. who the hell would let a complete stick up there ass STRANGER tell them who they can and can't leave their little daughter with?? I mean WTF??? it makes no sense!!!!! and seriously why can't they come up with a better storyline for Patrick/Jason??? YYYYY??? this crap pisses me off and I know this Britt person has an agenda and it's beyond insulting to scrubs. BEYOND. Jason deserves better material. I'm not even gonna go into that kid who has a crush on him. all I see it as is great they are gonna have Patrick once again be clueless and get involved with a crazy bitch while his wife is being held hostage somewhere and suffering. I would say this would probably make me as a fan of both Jason and Kimberly and scrubs less angry if we the audience didn't know Robin was alive, but u know what, I still would be this PISSED off. it shows no respect AT ALL TO THE CHARACTERS AND HISTORY OF SCRUBS.

****Pffft. The Scrubs fan base can go kick rocks. Seriously. Kimberly McCollough decided to move on to a directing career after being back on GH from 2005 until 2012. I liked Robin and Patrick, but the couple should have broken up with the Lisa Niles nonsense back in 2010 only to reconcile right before Robin "died". It really bugs me to no end that fans get ticked off when the second half of a pairing that stayed on the show moves on to a new romance. I wish KMc all of the success in the world, but JT obviously wants to work and he should not be held back from another romantic pairing while Kimberly moves on with her life.****


I think the Scrubs' fans' reaction is to be expected. They were never going to be happy with Patrick moving on. That being said, at the end of the day they don't have any power and are not the reason Patrick hasn't been moved on yet. That would be Ron Carlivati the headwriter. Ron is not the type to cater to a fanbase, if anything he's more the type to do the exact opposite a fanbase wants. If he wanted Patrick to be moved on, Patrick would be moved on. Quite frankly, given the way Patrick has disappeared from the screen for days on end and now gets stuck with random newbies in a story that will probably get 5 minutes a week tops, I think Patrick is far from a top priority for Ron C. Now maybe if Patrick developed DID...

LadyBug, I'm a Scrubs fan and your rant is ridiculous and untrue about me and most likely many other fans you lumped together in your unwarranted attack.

Mallory, as usual, you hit the nail on the head . Patrick trying to move on was inevitable but this instant triangle is campy and contrived. Britt is a barracuda and Sabrina is a female Spinelli who acts like she's Molly's age.

What I don't like is not that Patrick is moving on but the caricatures that these 2 new characters are written as. Every time they show Britt I half expect to hear that muted trombone sound from a 50's movie "wah-WAH-wah-wah-wah!" She's way too predatory towards a man whose wife recently died. And obviously Sabrina will get a makeover at some point and we're supposed to be astounded at the transformation. IF these are permanent characters I would hope they get fleshed out at some point and become more nuanced instead of central casting cliche figures, so I'm going to wait and see!

LadyBug, insulting the perfectly valid opinions and preferences of others is really not terribly helpful. If you are not a Scrubs fan or a fan of those who ship couples who you feel have run their course, fine. Say so. There is no need to disparage other who don't agree with you.

Janet B., I agree with you; seems cliche, but you never know. I'm willing to give RC the benefit of the doubt; the man has given new life and depth to several of my favorite women characters, so I'm willing to wait and see where this goes.

I heard the actress who plays the student nurse twit, er, sorry, Sabrina, is actually on contract, and that Lisa Niles 2.0, a.k.a. as Britt, is not.

Either way, I've no use for them. And even if Kimberly/Robin is coming back, I wouldn't have been opposed to Patrick moving on.

I've heard and read that Kimberly wasn't happy with the that hack JFP, or what GW wanted to do with Robin...maybe RC/FV can convince her to come back and stay, since they decided not to kill her off by giving Robin AIDS. I'm grateful to them for that. But not for that poor excuse of a funeral, or for having Patrick have that whole pill addiction off-screen with no f'ng consequences. But, that's all moot now.

I'm hoping Patrick DOESN'T go out with that stalker Britt.

Personally, I don't see where Ladybug's post was an "attack". I use to be a very big Scrubs fan and I don't see anything she is saying that is that far off base. There were QUITE A FEW in the fanbase (did you all happen to check out twitter when KMc first said she was leaving AND after she left?)who were saying things like "I wish they would let JT go so we can get our reunion". Really? You want to see a man FIRED so a fictional couple can go off into the sunset? Okay. :/ There were also the PERSONAL attacks on Becky Herbst because some ASSUMED they were going to put Patrick and Liz together. Let's not even mention the severe personal attacks directed at Brianna Brown. This was not, in anyway, the majority of the fanbase, but I can completely see where Ladybug is coming from here. KMc decided to leave and JT decided to stay. Whether or not "Robin" is alive is irrelevent if KMc decides not to return. When the show "killed" Lucky, the audience knew he was alive but yet they still started the makings of Liason. Patrick can't mourn forever. Yes, this is rushed and stupid, but it was going to happen sooner or later because JT wanted to stay.

Robin is ALIVE why would I want to see Patrick move on EVER. This isn't like soaps in past. Soaps are dying & probably wont be around long,not even another year.
Why is it ONLY Scrubs get other women as stories. Why should Robin come home to Patrick moved on again. Robin should come home to a man who waited for her because in his heart he would know Robin is alive.The Patrick I know would know Robin is alive in his heart and not give up let alone not ignore Ewens mention of Robin.
As for the newbies and Liz, Maxie just NO!KEEP Liz, Maxie, Sabrina, Britt & ANY other woman away from Robins husb & child.Liz had enough men and lets not forget she did her girlfriend Emilys man Nic. If Liz is so gret let her get her own man not Robin's likje she did Emilys. Maxie is Robins sister/cousin & no way to that. Maxie wouldn't even accept Patrick moving which was a dumd thing the other day when Maxie had no problem with Patrick dating.Sabrina and Britt are bad but better than Liz and Maxie who are JUST VILE with Patrick and Emma.Liz just was all after Jason.Love how some Liz fans want her moved to Patrick so she gets story. If Liz is so grreat let her get her own man NOT Robin's.
How about a story with Patrick that doesn't involve women for a change. After Leyla/Lisa I had enough women. I would feel the same if JT left and KMC stayed Robin& Patrick have a deep connection & love that needs to be respected.
Would like to add that NO ONE knows if JT wants to stay & he prob doesn't which is why they kept Robin alive. I'm sure FV and RC knew HGH could get cancelled any time and mmust know that JT wants to move on.
Also Love how some call out Scrubs fanbase when other fanbases like Liason/Jasam/Lante wouldn't want another women either.

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