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September 23, 2012

What A Day For A Daydream

I knew this was coming.

I knew that General Hospital wouldn't let Patrick mourn for forever and, really, that I should be grateful the writers managed to keep Patrick unattached for even this long, because the show's historical tendency to haphazardly rush storylines and ignore any sort of emotional resonance easily could have given us a story that saw Patrick in love by the time mid-July rolled around. And they didn't. And that makes me happy.

So, in return, I feel like it's only fair for me to watch things unfold and not judge. This is extraordinarily difficult because my default emotion is judgment, and because I am a reformed (please don't point out that my reformation came about only because of the faked death of one half of the couple) Patrick and Robin squealing and flailing devotee. But I'm going to trust the writers, who have done a pretty fantastic job with this story thus far, not to completely ass this up and rush Patrick into an absolutely ridiculous love triangle rife with overacting and cringe-worthy moments. Yup. This is me just sitting back and not jumping to conclusions. I'm just along for the ride, all pleasant optimism.

But if I were still the kind of person who would mire herself in a bottomless pit of pre-hate, these are the kinds of things I think I would say. You know...hypothetically.



  • Where on earth did these two even come from? The show didn't even have the common decency to have them lurk around in the background like extras for a few weeks before being given non-essential lines and then a storyline. No, all of a sudden they were just there and I assumed I had forgotten about their introductions, which led me to seriously and melodramatically wonder if I have an injury that is causing me to forget large chunks of information. Luckily for me, I'm not injured, I just watch a show that has gotten markedly better but is still staggeringly inept.
  • Britt seems extremely predatory. I can't tell if it's because of her smile, the strident way she speaks or because all of her dialogue has a touch of crazy aggression. Or all of the above! All I know is that I physically worried for Patrick's life when he hesitated after Britt roped Sabrina (basically a stranger) into babysitting for Emma (who must be rolling her eyes like, "I don't need a babysitter, I need a bodyguard to keep me safe from the unhinged women you bring home").
  • Sabrina's fantasy was so awkward on every single level that I had to cover my eyes like I do when I'm watching a gory scene in a horror movie. I JUST stopped cringing.
  • Also, she's strongly coming across as young-teen, which gave her scenes this week a Lifetime movie sort of feeling.
  • I say all of this like there is even a small chance I won't devour every single second because I am the kind of person who smiles every time Jason Thompson is onscreen.


And Myshotzie up there just proved the point I was making............

And Myshotzie, er, I mean Cathy, just proved the point I was making.......

My name is CATHY just a FYI. PLEASE get it right and don't assume to know about me or others that don't agree with you or your posts.I stand by MY couple SCRUBS, Robin and Patrick and what I said & BELIEVE. It is MY OPINION not yours. No one asked you to agree since I never believed others like you who called themselves Scrubs fans but never were just like to throw that iut there to try and give credit to their posts. :)

Let's move on, please...

Hmn, wow. Not exactly what's usually done here, but ya know, to each his or her own I guess.

So,Ok. Well I am a Robin fan (for - like - ever!!)and it took me a long while to warm up to Patrick (I was still harbouring hope for a JnR reunion for a long long while). However, I have loved moments between Robin and Patrick even when they were so poorly written it was enough to make me cry. KmC and JT made it work. They shine as actors and especially when together.

But, she's moved on to new projects and he needs a storyline. He's too good an actor to languish forever in mourning. So, I say, bring on whatever but please make it work. Don't make it some gimmicky awful schtick. He should move on but should have trouble with it too. Let's see that. Not some childish daydream about a dreamy guy.

Let's see him in a mature story that shows the truth of the devastating difficulty a spouse has when trying to move on after the loss of their love.

I didn't like either actor playing opposite JT the other day. Hopefully it'll get better??

Ok Myshotzie (whose first name was also CATHY). I know your rants well enough on twitter to know how you post. Also I take the show for the SHOW that it is. Moving on......

*Sigh* My initial post stated that I liked Robin and Patrick, but Kimberly CHOSE to leave the show! Jason Thompson, Rebecca Herbst and Kelly Monaco should NOT be held hostage while Kimberly, Jonathan Jackson and Steve Burton move ON with their personal lives and careers. It is NOT fair to the actors who want to stay working at General Hospital.

Patrick thinks Robin is dead, which means he can date Maxie, Sam, Carly, Liz, Lulu, Olivia, Kate, Alexis, Sabrina, Britt or even Sonny!

Cathy, it sounds like you want Patrick to light a candle in the window in hopes that his dead wife will some how magically appear or he dies from a broken heart. It's a soap opera, which means Patrick should move on and just when he's happy along comes Robin and he's torn between his new life and his old one. Of course, Patrick will end up choosing Robin, just as the other woman (and no, I do not want Liz and Patrick), finds out that she is pregnant with his baby.

If KMc decides to come back to GH full time then great, but if not then JT should not be penalized for her life choices.

I have had a lot of favorite soap pairings over the last three decades and hate it when an actor leaves, but my sympathizes always lie with the actors that want to keep their jobs and their the ones that receive my support.

KMc is gone by her own *choice*.

Mallory, sorry, I just saw your comment to move on.

It just occurred to me that maybe Sabrina is really a mousy Serena Baldwin and along comes Momma Lucy?

Or, maybe RC is wanting to pair Liz with Patrick and since some (not all) Scrubs fans get so ticked off seeing Liz and Patrick share air space that he's created a way to tick off Scrubs fans by bringing on Sabrina and Britt so that they don't see Liz as such a threat (insert snicker)! I have always liked Liz/Patrick friendship (no romance) and wished that Guza had kept Liz/Nic friendship from when they were teens.

MY LORD!!! I'm all for talking about storylines and anticipating what might happen, but some people on here need to realize IT'S JUST A TELEVISION SHOW!!!!

Sorry Mallory, you were posting your "moving on" comment while I was posting mine.

It would be awesome if Laney Boggs, I mean, Sabrina, was really Serena Baldwin! Remember how Lucy Coe came on with the glasses and the librarian thing and she was really, well, not so much with the mousy? What a great nod to history that would be.

WOW Dawn so many assumptions. You know the saying when you ASSume. Just to clarify,I don't have twitter. So you would be wrong.

If we are accusng people then I recognize your name (from SB)from claiming to like Scrubs but even when Robin was onscreen you favored Leyla and Lisa. No way would I consider you a Scrubs fan. JMO like you have yours and others have theirs.

Robin and Patrick belong together and FV had a reason she was kept alive. Love how some seem to know what JT wants. I bet TIIC know he wants to leave which is why Robin remained alive.

Just like you and LadyBug have your opinions many of us have ours. Some won't bother even posting here but agree about Scrubs belonging together Since I was attacked by Dawn, I needed to respond. Now I am done and won't bother since it is a waste of time and GH will probably be ending soon.


Anyway. . . on the Sabrina really being Serena Baldwin and not so much the mouse, ala her mom Lucy Coe, I say go for it. That I could totally get behind. Hard to follow in the footsteps of Lynn Herring though. Lucy Coe was one of a kind.

This where you have it twisted Cathy, I like the Brianna Brown and Nazanine Bonyadi THE ACTRESSES. I had a problem with people (like you) ATTACKING the ACTRESSES for doing their jobs. All they were doing was a job and you attacked them on a PERSONAL level. Again, I take the show for the SHOW that it is. See you on twitter. My apologies to Mallory.

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