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October 01, 2012

Happy Freakin' October!

Y'all. Y'all. I cannot even deal. I mean I'd love to take some serious time and talk about how absolutely perfect Kelly Sullivan was in just her first 20 seconds on screen today (can we make Connie 50% less nymphomaniac and then just keep her and drop Kate completely???) or how cool it was that Elizabeth 'fessed up to part of her machinations (and perhaps more tomorrow?) and how great Rebecca Herbst was in those scenes or about how Ellie is, like, my new favorite fictional character ever because she calls Spinelli by his first name and requested that he actually does the same for her -- you know, like a regular human being! These things are awesome. But I can't think about these things. I don't care about these things. I only care about one thing anymore.




Oh my lordie. So hot, that kiss! The slow burn into it, that music, everything. I need a fan. I've taken to using one of those smushed-couple-names thingies and I never, ever, ever do that. I am done for.

Seriously. This is all I care about. 

Well, okay. This and baseball.


Sabrina can not possibly be Serena. Serena wasn't latina with dark hair and eyes. She wa sa blonde hair, blue eyed child.

True Mel, but to go back to my Blair again, she used to be American of Japanese descent!

I totally agree that dissemblance has been Clint's MO for the last few years and it wouldn't be beyond him to orchestrate the break-up because he feels John has abandoned Natalie and Liam. And to be honest, I wouldn't blame Clint. I think I was one of the few who had hoped that Brody would be reviled as both babies' Daddy because he would have been a better father than John or Ford. That said, Natalie is a fighter and I just don't see her walking away from John with a letter after fighting so hard to get him back (despite him not being worth it).

"That said, Natalie is a fighter and I just don't see her walking away from John with a letter after fighting so hard to get him back (despite him not being worth it)."

ITA. I think John and Sam are hot and i know something had to be done cause Nat is not here but i can not get past that once again Jolie fans are screwed.

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