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October 15, 2012

I See The Writing (Repeating?) On The Wall

Maybe I'm wrong; maybe the dialogue we heard today, so death-obsessed and accompanied by the most dramatic of music, was just typical General Hospital morbidity and not foreshadowing for a poorly-paced and shoddily-resolved murder (or attempted murder. Which, from what I understand, is considered a capital crime and mortal sin in Port Charles. Actual murder is sort of a tricky gray area) mystery. I'd love to be wrong! Mostly because I don't think I have the wherewithal to survive another Port Charles trial (do you know how embarrassing it is to scream "I OBJECT!" at a fictional judge on your television screen?! Of course you do, because you have the same knowledge of the American justice system as a typical third grader and are therefore also horrified by the legal inaccuracies depicted on this show), but also because I don't want to lose the campy villainy of Heather Webber, who has raised daffily and terrifyingly talking to herself to an art form.

So, yeah, I'm hoping that the following are just a series of random dark moments, unconnected to each other and to the future plot of the show.

Dante: I'm not going to go near her until I know I'm not going to kill her or she's already dead. Whichever comes first.

Steve: Olivia's going to be fine and so are you.
Elizabeth: 20121015_1448-vi

"Yeah, sure. 'Fine'. Right. 'Fine', 'murdered', same diff."

Heather: What if I'm not? What if something happens?
Elizabeth: 20121015_1448-vi

"Something like fucking MURDER you nutter? Something like that? You know what will happen then? PEOPLE WILL CHEER AND FEEL SAFE AT NIGHT!"

Steve: It won't.
Elizabeth: 20121015_1448-vi

"Honestly, did none of you see me menacingly raise my eyebrows and seethe with hatred? What is the point of having perfectly manicured and surprisingly mobile eyebrows if no one is going to pay attention to them?"

Anna: I am going to see to it that you are confined to a hellhole a hundred times worse than Ferncliff for the rest of your miserable life.
Heather: Please don't.
Anna, mockingly: Oh, don't! Why? You'll never breathe fresh air again or feel the sun on your skin or see your precious Steven Lars again.

Steven: Maybe it's better for everyone if she just never wakes up.

That's a whole lot of people wanting to physically harm, or otherwise erase from this earth any sign of, Heather. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's the start of a mystery. Maybe Heather is immortal and can't be killed, so all of this is extremely moot. All I know is that if Heather winds up dead, my money is on Elizabeth's eyebrows.


"Anna, mockingly: Oh, don't! Why? You'll never breathe fresh air again or feel the son on your skin or see your precious Steven Lars again."

Feel the "son" on your skin? Whoa...that's a whole other story, isn't it?

I'm fine with everyone reaction save Liz. She's overreacting and it's coming off as suspicious. Despite the fact hay Steve pokes his nose into her relationship business, I never thought they were close as to warrant her uber protective mode. Her sidebeyes and her snapping Ana were weird.

I'm still trying to figure out why they expect us to believe Jason could grab that baby, one handed, when Heather had basically a death grip on it, holding it close.

I am in agreement with andemcbeal re: Liz's reactions toward Heather and to an extent Anna (I'm okay with Liz urging her to lay-off Steve but I think it could have been said with fewer words and less attitude.)

I also agree with Cindy re: Jason's miracle save of the baby. Implausible but I have to admit I find that baby so darling I was cheerful no harm came to him! I found it more unbelievable Heather survived a fall from a building with a minimum of ten floors (all of the action in GH happens on the 10th floor.) Still, I am happy Heather survived.

I would like to have seen Tea handled with more respect and empathy in this story. Instead, Tea is being "handled" by people looking her in the face and not telling her the truth or being treated like a criminal when she only wants to have her child! She's as much of a victim as Sam. I wish the story would play out the struggle of both of these women coping together instead of being "handled." Both Sam and Tea languish as men decide when/how to tell them the truth. Argh.

I watched Tea's scenes twice to try to make a fair assessment and because I think Florencia Lozano is a very strong actress BUT I thought the falling to the floor twice was a bit OTT. Her histrionics were distracting at times but I felt the emotion which is more than I can say for many of the other performers. Plus, FL has done ALL of the emotional work in her scenes where the other actors stand around flatly. FL is clearly a "theatre" performer and comes off way too "big" for television. I have liked the character of Tea for many years and hate that she is used as a plot-point to prop lesser characters.

At the other end of the spectrum was Rebecca Herbst's lovely, understated performance as Liz grieving Jake and empathizing with both Sam and Tea. Sometimes less is more! I really enjoyed the scenes between Liz and Britt. It really made Britt likeable whereas she has been written as the one-note "bitch."

Sabrina (the nerdy nursing student) was WAY out of line telling Patrick, "Your wife is alive." WTF?! So many things wrong with that...1.) she overheard the statement in a private conversation, 2.) she repeated the statement made by a psychopath and 3.) she showed no tact in delivering the news to Patrick.

Ha, SZima, thanks for the catch! That would be an HBO storyline right there...

Liz has been a good and supportive sister to Steven Lars while he at times has come off as a jerk thinking that she tried to kill Siobhan.

You know, when I first watched the scene of the baby being carried off the roof, I didn't notice Jason lunge forward, but maybe he did. Since then, I watched yesterday's episode and, as much as I wanted to care about Sam, I didn't. Tea was far more distracting and believable. I agree with the poster who referred to her acting as though her boots have been stolen when Tea was losing her mind.

Then, something someone said about Liz switching DNA results had me rolling my eyes. I haven't watched in months, only tuned in because it was rumored that this awful story was finally coming to a close and I wanted to be sure. I have to admit, I was hoping Heather would grab Jason and take him off the roof with her. I don't buy into his sudden feelings toward a baby he all but despised since finding out wasn't his. It's not like his wife is at fault for that. If anything, Jason...anyway, that rant could take years and it would solve nothing.

Every time Jason called the baby his, I gritted my teeth and wanted to throw things at the screen. No, that baby isn't his (at least not until that "surprise") but Jake was and he barely shed a tear over that kid.

Back to Liz (damn this A.D.D.), I can't believe (and yet, I can) what they had her do. Right, because she would intentionally steal a baby from its mother just to exact her revenge. The only REAL part of her confession was her explanation of how she basically died inside after losing Jake, that she's been putting up a front all this time and the dam is starting to shatter, despite her every effort to hold the water back. Time isn't going to change what happened to her son (HER son, damn it. Not Lucky's. Not Jason's! HER SON! As a viewer, I should have expected him to not make it past nursery school once they decided he was Jason's, but I thought surely not.) and she shouldn't be expected to just get over it as everyone else has. She loved that little boy and she has paid for the sins of her past ten times over; I don't care what anyone says.

Sam though? Sam hasn't paid enough. I know she lost her daughter a few years back, but no one really thought that baby would live, not once Carly found out about it, so it's not the same. She didn't watch that little girl grow up, hear her laugh, watch her walk for the first time--it isn't the same. It doesn't give her the right to stand by and let kidnappers take a baby out of his stroller or hire a pair of goons to terrorize two little kids who were completely innocent in the whole affair. Sam gets a slap on the wrist (I would have turned her into the police, but hey, this is Port Charles and the PCPD aren't all that competent). And Liz, for temporarily stealing Jason's hope that his wife's baby might actually be alive for all of two or three episodes, has to grovel at Jason's feet and let him say whatever he wants, taking each blow like he wasn't as much to blame for the danger both children were in (hell, all the children, if you count Cameron, though most don't because he's not the bastard son of a mobster) during most of their lives. HE was the one who let Jake get kidnapped TWICE, almost blown up, almost trampled...it's amazing that kid made it past his first birthday. Being there to take Liz to the hospital when she went into labor doesn't excuse the danger he kept her and her family in. He didn't save that baby: the doctors did!

And Sam. I think it's been beaten on the head enough about how Jason kept McBain occupied while Sam lay in her seedy motel room and made no attempt to bother any of the other tenants, who would probably have given her a ride to the hospital when they heard that sweet little baby struggling to breathe. He was almost enough to make me root for Sam...but it fell short when he was suddenly "killed" off and I started despising her again. I LOVED when she called Jason out on everything and blamed him for things he should have really accepted long ago (accepted with more than just a double-blink combination or a long stare at his box of painful mementos). Then, of course, she was his biggest defender and now he's going to be with her because what else would be the purpose of all this stupid writing?

I think they should keep Heather alive, if for no other reason than for her to tell Anna (in detail) about Robin being alive and not stopping until she believes her and finds her daughter. I'll admit, I have only watched this show the last few years for Robin and Patrick and then little Emma and I don't blame that poor kid for locking herself in the closet because, having been left alone with that barely-legal nurse, I probably would have done the same thing. It's not fair to make her grow up without her mother; history shouldn't be repeating itself. If they really want Robin to go off-screen, let the three of them sail off into the sunset together. Let Patrick and Emma leave town for good and go find Robin.

Sorry for the long rant, but another scene of Elizabeth's decimation brought it all to the surface.

Excuse me.. but in what state is it fine to just TAKE a baby from it's known mother and then authorize medical tests and expect to take that baby home with no proof or legal ruling? None. No where. Can't happen.

Just because StJason and John the cop SAY that the baby is Sam's doesn't make it legally so. I call such bull shit on the entire story line starting out with the fact that the writers had John go against character in not TELLING Tea that her baby died at birth the moment he found out just to have long scenes of Tea screeching and screaming while Todd lies, lies , lies. Terrible. It could have been so great too.

I agree with another poster who said that Sam wasn't evoking a lot of emotion. She didnt lunge for the baby or at Heather when she jumped. Perhaps it was shock or frozen solid from fear, but to me she seemed nonplussed about the ENTIRE situation whereas Tea was completely LOSING IT, as any mother should be.

Others have complained about shrieking TEA but I thought she was great. She portrayed a frantic mom to perfection, screaming and wailing included, and NEEDED. And then when Heather fell off the roof, yeah I would have been SCREECHING at the top of my lungs as well.

It was pretty good campy soap to me, and wrapped up the story quickly due to SB's exit. I for one did not want this dragged on for years and years to come.

Yeah the writing for Liz is garbage, with all the propping, but I'm hopeful that new love is coming down the pike for her soon.

She does play protective sibling well.

I thought Sam was quite engaging. Tea seemed over the top to me.

I give props to Florencia Lozano because the actress gives it her all. As a poster stated over at DC, when OLTL's Eli kidnapped Tea's daughter Dani, Momma Tea ran screaming after the car and unlike Sam did not freeze while her child was in danger! So much for Sam being the old ride and die chick.

I have really come to love Patrick now that he is on his own as a character. JT is leading man material and should not have to sit on the back burner just because Kimberly McCollough is off living her dream. RC should have held off on Robin being alive once GH received a reprieve back in April.

Mallory...YW...It just hit me funny when I read that!

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