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October 27, 2012

In Which I Could Not Possibly Be More Anxious

It's amazing what a well-timed piece of General Hospital history can do. We all knew Sean Kanan was returning. We all knew his first airdate. We all knew that, despite the vague way the casting announcement was worded, he'd be back as AJ because of the (roughly) thirty thousand mentions of AJ Quartermaine this week on a show that historically referred to him hardly at all unless it was to denounce him some more, like he was the town's war criminal, or during the annual listing of the Quartermaines who have been lost throughout the years.

So why did I SCREAM at the end of Friday's show and flail my hands and generally make a spectacle of myself?




The worst part of this looming hurricane/Frankenstorm is my worry that I will not have electricity on Monday, which would be a TRAGEDY, because I cannot even wait for Monday's show. I have so many questions: Where was he? Why is he back now? How did he once again rearannge his facial features and change his height and body type?


I just hope his return is more in character than the Duke return. Not that I ever liked Duke to begin with. Anyway...maybe if we all join forces, we can expel Sandy and the two other storms out to sea before it causes trouble.

I wasn't watching during Duke's time nor was I an AJ fan in his day. But oh man if I didn't squeal when each of them made their first respective appearances after being gone for so long. Damn my 80's/90's loving soapy heart....

I can accept creepy evil Duke if AJ OG is sober, kind to Monica, and if he crushes Sinny legally while gaining a good relationship with his Son Mikey! Am I asking for too much?!?! Ha!!

I'm not convinced Duke is Duke. Or at least a Duke that hasn't been tortured and twisted by brainwashing or something. That's my theory and I'm clinging to it.

As for AJ, oh AJ. I have such high hopes that they will inevitably crushed. But the good news is that I'm expecting that and even crushed expectations will make me happy.

I don't even mind if AJ is "evil" as long as he's a sustainable kind of mischievous and powerful evil. Not a whiny doormat of "evil" as manufactured by Guza.

I’m excited about AJ’s return also. I always the SK version of AJ. Nothing against Billy Warlock (Loved him on Days and Baywatch!) but when he took on the role of AJ t changed the character. He went from being this tall, blond, bad boy who looked like a Q and was a jerk to being the pathetic runt of the Quartermaines who nobody liked as much because he wasn’t tall, blond and beautiful like Jason. I am anxious to see what the new creative team does with this character.

I squealed, too. Totally agree tofflondon. I always thought Sean Kanan was so pretty. Yeah, AJ was a f*ck up and a jerk, but whatever...when SK played him he was hot.

OMG, that yummy smirk <3 <3

I don't have too much history with SK's AJ, though I was always amazed at how much he and SB looked like brothers. But I am really excited for this return, even though I'm sure AJ will be another EVUL EVIL to make Sonny and Carly look better.

I do hope that, if the rumors of her return are true, that they acknowledge the closeness between AJ and Skye. I really loved their bond as the losers of the family when Skye was first Q-ed and BW was in the role.

Don't yell at me over this, but I'm wondering if the s/l we're getting with Duke is a re-write on what was supposed to happen on OLTL with the tale of two Todds. I had read on a very reliable spoiler site that Faison was coming back, so now after everything I've been reading about how this Duke is acting, I'm going hmmmm.

Sorry not a fan of SK's acting. And yet another bloated man to GH. The women of Port Charles are in better shape than the men!Ugh why no eye candy, just mroe worn out men!

^^ Such an unpopular opinion I happen to share. [ducks for cover.]

Cindy, I'm with you on both counts--a cool return for AJ and wind being taken out of Sandy. I also would have liked to have seen at least one interaction between Sean Kanan and Steve Burton. Might have been interesting at least to those of us who were watching back then--before and after Jason's accident. I also wonder how AJ will react to hearing of his father's and Emily's deaths, unless he already knows.

Mallory, if you haven't already started searching YouTube for clips of Sean Kana's AJ, I stumbled across a really cool one where Jason, Monica and Alan visit AJ in rehab. Toward the end AJ gives Jason advice about how to deal with his breakup from Karen. Oh, the irony in his words... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKoMPpJ5bZw.

Too funny.

I believe I read somewhere that SK and SB are cousins in real life, so maybe that explains why they look alike. I do wish Jason and AJ could have had some scenes together before SB left.....oh well. He's alive, he's alive! Yay!

I know this is daytime and anything is possible, but didn't Alan go see AJ when the latter was in the morgue on a slab? Or am I imagining that?

I can't wait for this to play out, really. I'm not familiar with SK's AJ either, just BW's.

I was never a huge fan of SK's AJ, mainly because I always thought Billy Warlock was the better and more interesting actor (he managed to make AJ compelling despite having the worst storylines). But frankly another Q is just good at this point.

To me, when Billy Warlock was brought in is when AJ became EXTREMELY weak. Yes, the character was always a screw up, but when you went from tall, strapping Sean Kanaan to much smaller Billy Warlock it was like they changed him because of that. He was now smaller than Jason, so let's make him weaker than Jason physically and as a person. That's what I always felt about it. I much preferred Billy Warlock on DOOL as Frankie. Never cared for him as AJ on GH.

@Nancy: I believe Burton and Kanan are cousins . . . but by marriage. Which makes their resemblance all the more freaky.

So...it seems they "borrowed" the true love's kiss method from Once Upon a Time. Interesting.

Did I understand Monday's show correctly (I was trying to pay attention while dealing with Superstorm Sandy)? Monica engineered AJ's "death" and hid it from Alan for years? Because Alan wanted AJ to pay for everything he'd done and would have hunted him down and brought him back to Port Charles?

I thought I was willing to accept just about anything to get more Quartermaines back on GH, but I'm now rethinking that. This rewrite is managing, in my opinion, to trash both Monica and, more appallingly, Alan, who isn't even around to defend himself. I'll give it a little longer, but so far, it's totally thumbs down.

On the whole I give Carlivati/Valentini credit for some substantial improvements, but between this and what's gone on so far with Duke, I'm starting to embrace the often-stated opinion that they aren't doing well by the legacy characters.

@Michael, Lord knows they didn't do well by Robert Scorpio. I'm wondering how they are going to handle Tristan's return this time around.

@Dawn--true; Robert was on so briefly that I had forgotten that I disliked what they did with him when Robin "died."

How they can get so many things so right, and then really screw up so totally on some basics, is astonishing to me.

(I still wouldn't want JFP/Guza or JFP/Wolf back, however.)

ohhh Mallory...

BECAUSE OF THE AWESOME...Yes...Totally because of the awesome.

I personally love SK. L-O-V-E...

I can accept creepy evil duke if AJ OG is sober, kind, monica, if he put Sinny legal and get a good relationship and his son mickey! I ask too much? !?!Ha! !

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