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October 11, 2012

Stuck On Repeat

I am more invested in Sam's reunion with her son than I ever anticipated being. "I think Sam is finally going to get her baby back this week!" I excitedly announced to a co-worker today who does not watch General Hospital and who did not even bother feigning interest when I explained that this was a soap plot and not a real life situation that could be the basis for a Lifetime Original Movie. "Sam and Jason are face to face with Heather in a dangerous situation?!" I asked my DVR before double checking my recording for tomorrow's show, which will possibly feature the conclusion of this story, and even making sure I was recording it on two channels just in case, because the thought of missing any of it is worrisome.

Is it just me? It's just me, isn't it? But it IS sort of emotional and awesome, right? And the moment where Jason showed Sam photos of her son was seriously heart-melting, wasn't it?

Jason: He looks like you, remember?
Sam: No, Jason. I don't remember. I only got to hold my son for a few minutes. I don't think I could even picture his face.


Sam, after seeing pictures: Oh my god, Jason. He's so beautiful! No, that's the wrong word. He's handsome. I mean, I don't know much about babies, but I'd say he looks pretty big for his age. I wish I could hold him.
Jason: You will.

It's like I'm a pod person. Although in my defense, I DID spend much of the episode hoping that Olivia will be this storyline's fatality because she so heartily deserves it ("Hey, dangerous wackadoo standing menacingly at the top of the stairs! Let me run UP the stairs in an effort to run past you because what could possibly go wrong?!") and...I'm operating at less than one hundred percent, mentally, because all of Tea's scenes today BROKE MY MIND. And MY EARS. The shrieking and the gasping! The wheezing! The constant repetition of shrill lines delivered in the midst of complete hyperventilation!

Tea: If I don't get him back, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do. Help me, help me!

Tea: I'm going to stay calm. I'm going to stay calm.

Tea: What is it? Do you know something I don't know? What is it? Do you know something?

Tea: I don't know how I'm going to forgive myself. How am I going to forgive myself. I don't know. I don't know how I'm going to forgive myself?

Tea: I'm going to calm down, I'm going to calm down, I'm going to calm down, I'm going to calm down. Okay. Okay. I'm going to calm down. I'm going to calm down. Okay. I'm going to calm down, I'm going to calm down.

While all of this is probably an incredibly realistic portrayal of a horrified mother whose son is missing, I'd gladly give up realism (I mean, I've stuck with this show for a couple decades, haven't I?) to spare my hearing, and Florencia Lozano's vocal cords.


I have zero interest in Sam or her baby.

Until someone over at GH decides to out all of the vile things that Sam did to Jake, Liz, Cam and Jason, her baby can stay gone. Also, let's bring back Jacob Martin Webber a child that had to be killed off just so that JaSam could have a baby.

I recently read a post at another site that wanted to know why Sonny could populate all of PC, but Jason's only child (Jake) had to be killed off since the boy was part of the legacy family of Hardy/Webber/Quartermaine/Spencer.

Oh, yeah. While I am in rant mode. RC had to kill off Tea's baby with Victor which further ticks me off as a OLTL fan. First, RC kills off Cole/Hope and then he kills off baby Victor. Yes, I am a disgruntled OLTL fan that only came back to GH because of Ron and Frank.

Bravo LadyBug! I am in complete agreement with you on all of the things you stated above. JaSam getting their baby and the inevitable reunion because the baby is back...Meh. JaSam are stuck on repeat! Boring every day. Tea, Todd, Liz and Alexis are all better characters sacrificed at the altar of JaSam. At this point, Jason (Steve Burton) cannot exit the canvas fast enough for me.

I do think the child actors (two separate babys playing Jason Jr./Victor Jr.) are adorable and one looks like Jake. Another better character sacrificed for JaSam and replaced.

And as a Florencis Lozano fan, I HATED her performance on today's episode and completely understand viewers who dislike her acting style. Argh.

Yeah, I hope Tea never comes back after this storyline.

I'm glad Sam is getting her baby back although I normally don't care for Sam much.

I can't stand Jason or Sam, and I really hate the DNA switch. I loved that the writers had the guts to make Franco the father and to be frank about Jason's inability to feel empathy, and hated the reversion to the typical soap DNA weasel. Heather can have the baby for all I care.

I wished I cared more about Sam and her baby. I should. I know the writers want me too. I don't. After watching Liz be decimated once again with the DNA test lies, I don't give a damm about the Jasam kid or Sam. Counting down to Jason's exit. I really am frigging tired of GH Sam.

Thanks for this one! Perfect.

I understand why some people are done with this storyline particularly after Liz switched the test results. They're tired of Liz being made out to be the villain to further the JaSam angst.

But I actually have a lot of respect for Liz after she copped to it all. When was the last time a character confessed so readily and so soon to something like that on a soap? Liz has a conscience, and while she understandably holds a grudge against Sam and still has feelings for Jason, she couldn't keep going knowing what she had done. I loved her scenes with both Jason and Sam apologizing, and it RH made me feel the conflict and pain that baby Morgan was coming back and Jake was still gone (something that imo should never have happened).

I can't wait for Sam's baby to come back home. Could you imagine what life must have been like with crazy Heather and shrill Tea?

I felt invested in Jason and Sam for the first time in a long time yesterday, watching that. Sam's words were exactly what I think a mother would feel. I remember when my babies were young thinking they were the handsomest, biggest strongest boys ever! It's what a mom does.

I think they did address the Sam/Jake/Cam/Liz horribleness when Elizabeth was trying to explain to Jason why she did what she did. Elizabeth talked about Jake and Cam and Jake's kidnapping and them all being threatened and Sam knowing. She talked about how maybe that might be part of the reason why she felt she did what she did. Then she copped to it, took the blame and said there were no excuses.

I think Tea was likely VERY realistic, but it is hard to hear. I imagine she sounded exactly like I would sound if one of my kids ever went missing. Hell, my daughter was out of my sight for maybe ten seconds once at an event, and I nearly lost my mind on about ten security guards and event workers. Having said that, it was (TEA) hellishly hard to listen to and to watch. Todd was awesome as usual.

Seriously, Jason refers to HIS child as 'your baby' when speaking to Sam .. and as Sam's baby when speaking to others .. and yet i suspect Steve Burton's exit will be him heading off to find Sam's baby ..

Jason doesn't know yet that the baby is his. He still thinks it's Franco's.......

Tea and her constant shrieking ruined the episode for me, even though as noted her reactions as a scared mother were fairly realistic. Maybe a bit TOO realistic for a soap.

No comments about Todd and his handstand? I seriously couldn't stop laughing. It was the only thing that got me through Tea's freak out.

On the same note, I couldn't stop staring at how nicely Roger Howarth fills out those slacks. What a sweet backside!

Todd's handstand is a perfect example of why I love that actor playing that character. It's the physical equivalent of his awesome line readings-weird and wacky and totally unexpected. As for the baby thing, no offense to Steve Burton, but I will be SO GLAD when the whole thing is done with and Jason is gone. GH OD'd on stoic black-shirted hitman and needs to rehab.

I think my hearing *just* recovered from Tea's freakout last fall at Victor's funeral. Seriously, Banshee Tea is one of the few things I don't miss about OLTL.

We should all be lucky that we don't have DanYELLa there as well.

Now I thought her freakout at Victor's (hubby) funeral was awesome, and Todd was awesome there. This is definitely realistic, but so hard on the hearing. sigh. Perhaps as someone else pointed out, a tad too realistic for me. . . maybe tomorrow she'll play silent shock?? Here's hoping.

I love me some Tea Delgado! Yes, she shrieks like a banshee, but I will take that over Sam just acting like someone stole her boots.

Sam's dirty deeds are not public so that everyone in town knows what she did to Jake, Cam, Liz, Jason and Lucky. I don't see Steven, Epiphany, Grams, Monica, Carly, Alexis, Molly, Krissy, Patrick, etc.. (Sonny knows about Sam watching Jake being taken from the park, but he does not know about Sam hiring the men from the park)giving her a huge pass on terrorizing a baby.

Liz tampering with a DNA test made absolutely no sense since Jason said the only reason the two couldn't be together is because his life is dangerous. Jason has already forgotten the danger since he just told Heather that he is the father of Sam's baby. If Jason is dangerous for one woman and her children, then he should be dangerous for ALL women and their children and should not be getting married to deliberately have a baby.

Jason telling Elizabeth that he couldn't be with her because his life was too dangerous, is the equivalent of "it's not you, it's me". It's a convenient excuse. He won't tell her, "I can't be with you because I love Sam, and want to be with her, even if she doesn't want to be with me".

The only people he ever left the mob for was Robin and baby Michael. He really wanted that to work out, and tried really hard. But it didnt work out well because Sonny was gone, and Carly came back, sniffing around, causing problems.

Telling Liz he can't be with her is just easier for him than hurting her with the truth.

I'm with you all you can't get into the baby stuff--other than how very awesome Robin Mattson has been. I was never invested in JaSam, and frankly KeMo doesn't have the acting chops to bring this story.

I truly hope when SB rides off into the sunset on his way to Y&R, that they will back burner Sam. (I know they won't since what will John McBain do?) I don't want to see her on my screen this often when there are so many actresses on GH who CAN BRING IT--and do every time they're given some time.

Also--the many live of Joe Jr. is tiresome. I don't care about him, or his character. And Tracey (and Anna) deserve better.

Tea always shrieked. That's why we fans of OLTL called her Tea YELL-Gado. A little of that goes a long way.
I agree about Sam. It's been way too much of her for too long. She is not that great an actress, with not much range of emotions.
Tracy does deserve better than Luke or Joe. She has chemistry with Joe, but he is too far gone to be redeemable. I would love to know how he, Jerry Jax and Duke are all involved in the fake death of Robin. So far it makes no sense.

Tea gave me the biggest headache while watching Friday's show. I haven't watched today's episode yet, but I am a HUGE JaSam fan and I am so happy that they're getting baby Danny back before Steve Burton leaves and his character is inevitably fake killed off.

Sam's done a lot of horrible things, but who on a soap hasn't? She and Jason were made for each other, and Liz just strikes me as completely pathetic.

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