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October 16, 2012

Thanks for Nothin'!


Boy, remember last week when I was over the moon about Duke's return, and the possibilities of a reunion I've waited almost an entire quarter century for? 

I'm sorry to say this, but I would have rather he stayed dead.


Duke: The only woman I want to hear you talk about is Corinthos's daughter. And when you talk about her I want to hear only three words: SHE IS DEAD.

No. It's just not. I just don't. This is another impostor. Look, I'm totally fine with Duke being a gray-area kind of guy -- it makes sense with his introduction story back in the 80s (though not his departure story, thankyouverymuch), and they dominate this show. But having a teenage girl murdered? Nope. He wouldn't. Not in a million years. I don't care what kind of torture he was subjected to in his Turkish prison or who he's evolved into, it wouldn't be this. It wouldn't. Not in a billion trillion years. Running a scam on Sonny? No problem-o. Having innocent young women offed in order to do so? BIG PROBLEM-O.

So unless this was part of some long con in which Duke knew all along Kristina couldn't possibly die (NOTE TO DAYTIME TELEVISION PROGRAM: I WILL ACCEPT THAT IF IT'S THE CASE, PLEASE JUST TELL ME SOON!), I will be pretending this effing storyline doesn't exist because seriously. This is not bringing irrelevant Irene Manning back and turning her into a supervillain over on OLTL. This is bringing one half of a beloved supercouple back and turning him into a malicious child killer. So what was the point? No fucking thank you.

Damn. Way to ruin many months of good will. 

On a saner note:

  • Luke appeared to have been drinking red wine at dinner? Off the wagon, just a little? Am I just overthinking it?
  • Florencia Lozano would have just crushed me and broken my heart today if my heart hadn't already been shattered into a million pieces (see above).
  • Speaking of getting more mileage out of gray-area characters, can Britt ease up and just be kinda bitchy and not totally a cartoon? I'm ready now.
  • Shut it, Luke. Anna wasn't your girlfriend before Duke returned, so why does she owe you anything now?
  • Daniel Edward is a good name for the baby, and imagine my relief that Sam's original plan of "Jason" has become a distant memory.


I say how about letting the storyline play out then judge it. I hate when people jump the gun when a story has barely gotten started-I mean in general

re: Luke. I'm starting to think there may be something going on? He drank a sip of whisky or something too on Thursday or Friday.

Angela, how is anyone jumping the gun with this Duke stuff? This Kristina stuff is just more evidence for the pile. I myself was pretty much on board with "bad guy" from the moment they showed he knew Robin was captive. I suppose they can redeem him by a) having him be brainwashed or b) having him be yet another imposter but while that would save the character it wouldn't save the story for me, which is already an overcomplicated mess and I'm sure RC still has no clue what the ultimate purpose of taking Robin was.

Kim McC needs to show up stat to wrap up this story. It's a total, total mess.

I'm thinking it's all some uber-elaborate plan to take all Sonny's power and rid Port Charles from the mob menace Forever!! Yay!!

Duke would NEVER have a kid killed. . . and kristina is still a teenager (though they seem to be wanting to age her).

I think maybe getting Robin out of the way of harm might've been because of the pathogen in the water (couldn't let her get a virus like that), and then handsome poor thrown under the bus dummy dr.Ewan did the whole electric shock therapy too much.

Anyway, I'm on board with the just no, way Duke would kill a young girl.

On the Sam/Danny/Jason/Todd/McBain train, Tea was terrific - beyond terrific today. She broke my heart.

Todd was a real heel for not coming clean. He is so completely emotionally stunted he can't handle anything.

My working theory as of today is that the Duke who died in Anna's arms was in fact the real Duke, and this guy is the real Jonathan Paget, and we're dealing with some kind of Face/Off situation. It's just dumb enough to be plausible, and preferable to Evil Duke. But like Louise said, either way it makes the whole return storyline pointless.

Of course, I also have a theory that sometime in the last decade Luke was secretly replaced by Bill Eckert. That's not plausible, but it makes me feel better.

Florencia Lozano was heartbreaking today. And her hair has look gorgeous throughout this whole ordeal. I like her friendship with McBain, too. If OLTL had gone on, I could've shipped that.

Sam was going to name her son Danny if he lived, but chose the name Jason Jr. when he died. Sheesh. What a biotch.

Luke killed a four year old and is back to drinking?

Duke is now looking to kill a barely legal 18ish or 21ish girl since she was drinking booze at Connie/Kate bachelor party?

The writing for Liz was excellent under RC until he pulled that crap because SBu was leaving the show to have her tamper with a DNA test. SBu told fans at one of his PA's over the weekend that he spoke with FV about Liz changing the DNA test and said that she would never, ever do that to a child, but the writers went ahead with the story.

Tea aka FL is all kinds of awesome. I love me some Teaaa Delgado!

I miss OLTL. GH has become OLTL light with all of the stories that I saw in 2011 now taking place in Port Charles.

LadyBug: "GH has become OLTL light with all of the stories that I saw in 2011 now taking place in Port Charles."

I didn't watch OLTL in 2011, but I've read enough to know that almost all the stories CarTini are telling now are just a rehash of what they've already done. I know that there is always a lot of regurgitating of storylines on the soaps, but almost every plot these guys have done is just a re-write with different characters. They certainly haven't had to put on their thinking caps to come up with anything fresh and new.

As far as Duke goes, I really hate the fact that they are making him such a despicable character. There are too many of those on GH already. We DON'T need any more…and especially ones that are into killing innocent people/children just for the hell of it.

All that being said, I am enjoying much about the show these days. I just wish we could get something really new and exciting. Maybe with the Patron Saint leaving, things will start to turn around.

I say go back to good old love in the afternoon. . . couples getting together, breaking up, having affairs (not just fake affairs to "get" someone or other). Not that I'm condoning cheating, but I'd rather that than endless "world ending" plots.

the only couple I'm invested in right now is Dante and Lulu because they are the only couple that really seems to work. carly and jax worked. That's no more. Sonny and original Kate worked. no more. Max and Felicia work but we never actually see them. I'd love to see Todd and Blair but that probably won't happen. I really DON't want to see Todd and Carly. I think Todd and Elizabeth could be soapy. . . but mostly because I want to see Todd interact with Cam and Aidan. I'd love to see Duke and Anna replay but don't want duke to be a teen killing kinda guy. I really don't want to see Luke and Anna. I'm sad that it appears that Jason will NOT be around for Edward's passing.

just some of my rambly thoughts

I didn't watch Duke back in the day, so I have no attachment to him BUT I feel this Duke being "evilest evil of all evils" is to salvage Joe Jr. who may have been originally conceived as a enemy for Sonny but comes off like the hired help. So, Joe Jr. is content sharing Sonny's wealth with Duke?

Duke being made a villain would also prop Sonny as hero and make Luke look like a proper love interest for Anna. Connecting the water pathogen, Joe Jr. schemes, Robin's death, Duke's return and even Connie/Kate is too much tomfoolery going on. Everything doesn't have to be made an "umbrella" storyline to give Port Charles a sense of community.

Back to Duke. Why transfer Sonny's money to an account for Kristina for Trey to inherit versus just transferring the money to himself directly? And why a focus on Kristina when she would presumably only inherit 1/4 of Sonny's fortune as she is one of his four children? Why no mention that Kristina is the child of a Corinthos and a Cassadine? Why make an enemy of The Cassadines? If Duke wanted Sonny's empire, why attack his children who all except for Dante presumably have exorbitant trusts from other wealthy families: Cassadine (Kristina), Jax (Morgan) and Michael (Quartermaine)? Why not kill Sonny and stage a coup?

The GH writing credits currently lists 3/4 of the old names from OLTL.

The thing that made Duke such a great character back on the day is that his greatest sins were greed, pride, and some stupidity. He always hated the violent side of the mob business and bent over backwards to protect people (Frisco, Felicia, Anna, Robin, even Robert) from physical harm. That's why the "mobster with a heart of gold" thing worked for his character in a way that it does not for Jason. And that's why the love story with Anna could actually redeem the character. He wasn't a murderer. So I am horrified that the writers would write this character as completely evil. It either shows a complete lack of understanding of the character's history and why fans loved the Duke and Anna love story .... Or we are in for one of the most convoluted story lines ever. I hope I'm wrong.

Being a Duke and Anna fan from back in the day, I hated it when the story line turned to revenge on Sonny Corrinthos.

The flasbacks with Duke and Anna were priceless though.

All issues with this incarnation of Duke aside, am I the only one that thinks Ian Buchannon got better looking with age?

Do not read if your spoiler free...there is some Internet speculation that Duke is NOT really Duke but ......

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