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October 09, 2012

The Day the Soap Blogger Broke

Some days I think I really just must be the easiest audience member to please. All you have to do is bring back a character that got killed off over 20 years ago and reunite him with the love of his life! Simple dimple! I mean okay, getting these two back on the show together was a hell of a coup, but I couldn't help thinking this one mildly hilarious thing: just last year this particular head writer got me with practically an identical story. A favorite soap couple of mine that I'd long since given up on ever seeing together again shared a screen, shared past memories -- even a story of many years of captivity and the deceit of an impostor who had learned personal details while sharing that captivity. 

Sure, this time there was no undead evil mother who was running a rogue CIA operation and brainwashing her twin sons, but we can't have everything, can we?

Instead we just got a classic, wonderful performance from Finola Hughes and a heap of sorrow and lost years and chemistry that broke my heart into a million pieces.



I've melted.

And while it wasn't perfect (when is it ever?) because of the cloud of Duke's knowledge that Robin is alive (and why, which we still don't know), and of course it was torture to watch Duke lie and ask after Robin and ask who she's grown up to be (especially since the Duke/Robin relationship was one of my favorite adult/child bonds basically ever on TV), it was still riveting television because... well, Finola Huhges.

(And here was about where I broke completely.)


But it's not all bad! Just as in that "other" storyline from that "other" show last year, in both cases we got terrific flashbacks



I'm so glad they showed a clip of his awesome old penthouse over his club. I always thought it was so cool that the elevator opened into his apartment -- I know Sonny had that later, so it's a blemish, but come on. SUPER COOL.



Oh man, I loved those two. I hope soon we'll get some flashbacks of their awesome wedding!


So much love and kilt-awesomeness!

Anyway, Anna's no dummy and she's also a super-spy and, you know, has a history with double agency and all that, so it took some doing but he finally convinced her it was really him. He'd fought his way out and escaped to get back to her because that kind of love lasts a lifetime... and I assume we'll be getting a little more info soon please, pleeeeease? (And hopefully that info will include how somehow faking Robin's death totally saved her and Anna's lives in some manner and he's protecting them still, and will definitely come clean eventually about his heroic acts, right? 'CAUSE I CAN'T TAKE IT IF DUKE WASN'T SOMEHOW SAVING ROBIN.) But no matter, because for the moment? Duke and Anna! Ian Buchanan and Finola Hughes, together again!



I believe in love again, y'all. I believe in humanity again!

Oh yeah, Luke walked in at the end.




Yeah. Suck it, Luke. You can't hold a candle to Anna's Scotsman! Don't even try.



The last regime had no plans to bring Anna, Robert or Holly back to town for Robin's funeral. Is GH perfect? No. RC/FV had to change their original OLTL ending because of the PP deal which we all know went belly up at the very last day of shooting in NY.

My point is we have seen more GH vets (Tracy, Monica, Anna, Robert, Anna, Holly, Helena, Duke, Heather, Felecia) etc.. in just seven months versus the last TEN years under Frons/Guza/JFP and GW! On top of that, SK is returning to the show hopefully as AJ Quartermaine.

"They trashed the end of OLTL and if they are in control of the end of GH, likely will do the same..."

Sueb,I hesitate to say this, but were you actually watching OLTL at the end, because I thought that was some brilliant soap writing, just like GH is getting now.

Anna and Duke have not lost a step-her face still glows when she sees him. I hope he's sticking around and is a Robin rescuer.

@Marz, I did watch the end of OLTL. And although the last few weeks were wonderful, they wasted a ton of time in the last six months with worthless characters that took up way too much time (Fords, the porn storyline, etc), sidelining characters that were core to the history of OLTL.

I just don't trust them. I agree that GH is better than it was prior, but that isn't saying much, is it...

Sueb, I think it's saying A LOT! It's beyond "better" than it was prior. I wouldn't hesitate to say it's the best it's been in a decade or more! I say KUDOS to the regime for bringing "soapiness" back to GH.

Which is the perfect segway to DUKE AND ANNA! OMG, the flashbacks were the BEST! I agree I was so happy to see the penthouse elevator! And Finola Hughes' hair...OMG, I coveted it BIG TIME back in the day. I have to admit, even now, I think it's pretty fab-o. I'm just so thrilled to be seeing the oldies but goodies again. Could I dare hope for a little Sean and Tiffany love somewhere?

On a side note, am I the only one that was creeped the hell out by Luke walking in on Lulu and her 'sexy baseball nightie?' EWWWW!!!!!

Duke has been "dead" for 20 years.

Whoops! Hit enter too soon. My point being that Duke's been gone so long that there was absolutely no need to bring him back just to ruin him and the memory of his relationship with Anna -- which I'm sure many newer viewers never even saw, at this point -- in order to push her and Luke forward.

Isn't it a little more likely that RC and FV love having vets and reconnecting to the history of the show and thought fans would like to see any old favorite and could make a juicy triangle out of it?

It was good stuff with great acting by Finola and IB in this...yes there are holes but it has to be some plausible excuse to bring a character back from the dead so I just rolled with it.

I'm impressed with this return but cautious. (Is this a tale of 2 Dukes)?

I've experienced disappointment with these writers so not doing the electric slide just yet. Let's see how this plays out.

I like a previous poster who had the thought that perhaps Duke got wind of some other nefarious plot (of Faison or Helena's) to "get" Robin, and so he kidnapped her first to save her and that idiot dr. zapped her with electric shock therapy. Now he's stuck with waiting til she gets better and then he'll save her.

Also I agree. I think viewers like vets, the writers/producers know this, and so VETS! Yay! I'm all for it. I wanna see MOnica brought into this Sam's baby story. I wanna see Monica figure out that this kid looks too much like Jason looked as a baby to not be his. How bout that?

I loved the mention of Laura today. . .kinda off handed. I'm wondering if maybe there might be a Genie Francis stint coming up!
I was so hoping Todd would come clean to tea today. It seems that he always gets so close to telling the truth, to coming clean, and gets interrupted, and loses his nerve. that's the pattern. Iwas hoping there was a little growth! sigh. Todd. sheesh.

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