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October 11, 2012

The No & the Please Don't!

Oh boy.

I... don't want to complain. I want to rave because we got three full episodes in a row that had absolutely nothing to do with Hope, Liam, and Steffy. We had a Deacon visit. We got a lot of great moments and great acting from the grownups. We got Heather Tom, just kicking ass and taking names with her stellar thespian skills in her post-pardum depression scenes. And even yesterday, when we did get subjected to some Hope/Steffy scenes, there were other storylines on display as well. You know, like a soap should do.

But there was something about this...


...and the way they lingered just a little too long... 



Uh oh.

Oh, Afternoon Television Program, please please please don't do this! Please don't make Brooke have an affair with her sister's husband! Was her daughter's husband not enough? Were the husbands of half the other female characters on the show not enough? I'm not saying not to give her a new love story at some point but sweet mercy, not Bill! Can't she just have a little experimental fling with Dani, who must be awfully lonely with her wife out of town for 361 days a year? I mean I know getting dumped by the great love of your life because you answered a text message and did not immediately report this to him might really make you question your own (and the world's) sanity, but this is not the correct response. (Speaking of which, can these people ever learn to actually file marriage-related paperwork? This "oopsie" plot point is starting to be relied on far too often.)

So yeah, in summary: No. Please Don't!


Yes. Please Yes!

I say bring it on! Katherine Kelly Lang has been wasted for two years as Brooke has only existed to recap Hope's love life and the state of Hope/Liam/Steffy. Brooke Logan is a sexpot and should behave as such! Appropriateness be damned! Plus, Brooke and $Bill have chemistry. KKL has chemistry with every man in her orbit. It's a fact of nature. Plus. Bill and Katie need an interloper and since I can't have it be Steffy (as it should have always been) I'll take Brooke.

Also, Ridge abandoning Brooke on their "honeymoon" over her receiving text messages is absurd even by B&B standards. I would have preferred he plunged off the side of a cliff and presumed dead (as a soap opera should write legacy characters!)

I'm with Louise - please, please no. Please no. For one thing, I only find Bill bearable when he's devoted to Katie, and I think Bill and Katie ought to be a central couple. One that doesn't break up every five minutes. And if there has to be an interloper, how about a man going after Katie instead of a woman going after Bill? As for Brooke, bad enough that Bell wrote such a limp exit for Ronn Moss, but this would compound that a thousandfold.

I know I'm in the minority, but I hate Brooke...always have. The scrunchy face and crocodile tears annoy the shit out of me. I kind of like that she got dumped over something so trivial considering all the stunts she has gotten away with in the past. HT gave me chills yesterday when she said "I HATE when the baby cries." Uh oh. When Bill and Brooke lingered a little too long over their hug, I got a flashback to "the wine spill " when Bill was day dreaming about Brooke. Buckle up kids, it's all there. Brooke: dumped. Bill: wife detached. Sigh.

Those female characters and their husbands has been round the block several times, sometimes more than Brooke.

But yes Bratley is going there. There is a spoiler that suffering from "losing their loved ones" Bill and Brooke will kiss. I dont know what will happen. Putting the horror and absurdity of Brooke getting anywhere near the scumbag Bill who did everything in his power to inflict pain on her daughter (and treating her sister like garbage) aside, he is still Katie's husband... Using Brooke to generate heat and something to talk is classic Bratley. Let the blame Brooke games begin!

However what Bratley will do is not important. Nothing about this mess is nowhere as horryfiying as Rapist dumping Brooke for the zillionth time, this time over a f*cking text message! When i first heard it, i thought it was joke. Sadly it isnt. Nothing ever is Rapist's fault, poor wounded (!) Rapist has be the one doing the dumping all the time. Its always Brooke's fault and of course Brooke is a devastated mess blaming herself for the zillionth time. Admitedly Bratley outdone himself this time. Forget the facts, live Bratley's perverted, misogynistic dream.

Sorry for the rambling. When Jack left, i thought to myself it was time to give up. But i couldnt cause i love Brooke/Kelly. I was so stupid to believe that now that Rapist leaving, it will be different, forgetting that Bratley is still in charge. Now its time to leave :-)

Thank you Louise. Thank you fellow posters. Take care.

I can't believe I actually thought Bell might put in some effort for the Bridge breakup when he said that he thought the breakup would be plausible. BLECH.

Even though I think KKL and DD have good chemistry together, I *really* don't want any Brooke/Bill crap. And I agree that a man going after Katie would be a MUCH better alternative!

I am all for Brooke and Bill, actually i wanted it for years now !! Do do it Bradley and i will watch your soap ! I love HT and the Katie character but it is time to move on and she is so pathetic with Bill, come on..

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