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November 29, 2012

And I've Found My New Ringtone

This happened, dear readers. I swear to the deity of your choice, it happened and it was GLORIOUS:

Michael: I'm sorry Dad, but you have no one to blame but yourself.

MICHAEL! The normally loathsome, oft mob-worshipping, usually selfish punk said that to SONNY. And Sonny responded with a stare that was filled with devastation and anger, but mostly confused. "Sorry? What that means?" And it was a magical moment.

Was it more magical than the OTHER amazing thing Michael said, angrily, to his father today? How can you really differentiate between perfect and flaw-free?

Michael: You can't always use force to get what you want. It might have worked with AJ, but--
Sonny: Why are we talking about AJ?
Michael: Because you made him give me up by using threats and violence. THe same thing you're doing with Connie right now.
Sonny: There's no comparison! The situation's different, Michael!
Michael: AJ always told me this was your M.O.

Who knew that Michael's new M.O. was awesomeness?! Sometimes I love things.


And countdown to the inevitable "A.J. is brainwashing Michael against his REAL parents" storyline begins in 5....4....3....

I hope I'm wrong but years of Sonny fluffing has broken me, y'all.

Christmas came freaking early this year!

Finally! Michael walking in on Sonny with Connie today was something that would have never happened under the old regime of Guza, Frons, JFP and GW. Sonny is being shown as the bully and low life thug that drugged a teenage Karen years ago!

Oh. my God. WHEN did Michael become so awesome and rational and mature? WHEN? Last year I was wishing he never woke up and now he's the voice of reason. Wow!

Clearly, these writers don't worship the mob. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Who'd have thought at this time last year we'd have a moral center of the show AND that it would be Michael?

I think Sonny will be out. Remember, Tony Geary, Steve Burton and Maurice Benard all said they'd leave if Guza did. Well, Burton left, Benard's contract is up in early 2013 I believe....

Here's hoping!

The heavenly choirs of angels rejoice. Seriously, I never thought I'd see the day.

I started watching GH in 2005 (Laura Wright's first episode was mine as well) and was addicted for two years. Then they started killing Quartermaines and the Sonny/Jason worship rocketed up to a million. I finally kicked the addicted and stopped watching - until these past two weeks. Dammit it GH - you sucked me in again.

It's all I was asking for all along, really (along with 32 trillion other erstwhile GH viewers)(OK, maybe not quite that many, but you get the picture): I knew that there was not a prayer that we'd get a real break from Sonny-Carly-Jason-Sonny-Carly-Jason-Sonny-Carly-Jason, so couldn't we please just have some balance, some counterpoint to the total worship of everything they did?

And apparently we can.

Now, how hard was that? (I'm looking at YOU, Jill Farren Phelps, Robert Guza, and Brian Frons.)

And let's not forget the best part: not only did the entire Port Charles universe not collapse, but the ratings are actually up.


It's great to have some balance..and therefore to see Sonny as the flawed character he really is..but let's not go to the otherwise biased opposite side..AJ is also a discutable, flawed character not mister 'victim' and 'innocent'..
Michael should see that ALL his parents are flawed and learn to deal with it..moreover it would make far more INTERESTING and smart and truthfull storytelling.
Michael could be integrated to the Quatermain, built a relationship with his biological father (both Mike and Aj deserve it, rightfully own it) while still being torn because he still loves his mother Carly and adoptive father Sonny but knows that the three (Aj, Carly and Sonny) can be morally bankrupt when they think it will favour them and love to take revenge... Reality check for Michael Quatermain-Corinthos.

Lexi Ainsworth is sporting breast implants now

@Vicki: I just saw on Michael Fairman's site the Maurice B. has signed a new contract, so I guess it's another few years of Sonny-Sonny-Sonny. Much as I truly wish they'd give the character a rest (and us a rest from the character), if they're willing to continue writing him as something other than The Untouchable, the one that nobody ever questions and nobody ever bests, then maybe I can stand him. Who knows, maybe I'll even like him again at some point.

I am happy to hear that Maurice Benard is remaining with GH. I understand the unhappiness many have had with the character over the years but I have always liked the actor plus think he's absolutely adorable. I think the writing regime has gone out of it's way to repair damage done by Guza & Co. Sonny has integrated as part of an ensemble and not front-burner only. Sonny has really shown his commitment to Kate/Konnie during her mental break, relating it to his own battle with bipolar disorder. Under previous writers, Sonny would have abandoned and blamed Kate for her mental illness. Sonny has been treated a heck of a lot better than Jason was under these writers as he abandoned and blamed his wife for being impregnated by her rapist!

Personally I was actually praying on my knees no less,that MB wouldn't sign. Oh well. Guess he would not be able to get another job.he cannot even speak lately.he always seems to be thinking what his next line is.I have hated Sonny forever.If he stays I have to DVR the show,no more live. So I can FF him.
On the other thing. I also now like Michael. I just hope Ron will not pull a Guza and have AJ do something and have Michael hate him again! I like the father /son relationship. Hope it stays. Oh well the show has improved 95%. the ratings are going up,the fans are actually looking forward to the next days show,I guess we are winning.we can't get everything we want. So I hope they just keep going. The more vets they bring back the better I like it. General Hospital about the hospital ? Get on with the nurses ball,and lucy.

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