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November 20, 2012

Because They Want Us To Have The Turkey Day Sads

(Or the Tofurky Day sads, in my case.)

Warnings have come for all the feelings I'll be having during today's General Hospital, so I decided to recap as I watch it so that I'm basically watching it with Serial Drama readers. So I'm not alone. Right? YOU GUYS ARE WITH ME HERE, RIGHT?

Deep breath. 

Here we go.

The DVR did not catch the first bit, but it looks as though Patrick got a call from Monica about Edward's health. Robert Scorpio (!) shows up at the door, and Patrick looks displeased. As one would when one's father-in-law skipped one's wife's funeral. (At some point, I might stop using Robert Scorpio's first and last name and might ease up on the exclamation points, but let's not hold our collective breath yet.)

McBain visits Sam.

Starr is crashing at Michael's apartment for now, and she is doing so on the couch. Good lord. I mean more power to 'em if they don't feel ready for sex yet, but they can't even sleep in the same bed? And Michael explains that he's a mental mess right now as some sort of justification for why he's not ready for sex, making him the first young man on the planet who ever decided he should not have sex because he's upset about something.

Carly and Connie bicker, and AJ shows up at the Q mansion just as Tracy and Monica are also bickering.


Credits! Ads!

I should eat. That's a lot of multitasking, but I just wanted to throw out that disclaimer just in case some Smart Ones Macaroni and Cheese gets on the blog post. Just wipe it off with a cloth, it'll clear right up, don't worry. (I hope my dinner description erased any illusions of my luxurious Manhattan lifestyle!)

McBain is trying to prevent Sam from driving herself nuts in the whole search for Jason.

Connie and Carly and Todd are... nothing, really. It's dull.

Sonny is filling Alexis in on AJ's release from jail, just as AJ gloats to Tracy about his release. Sonny complains to Shawn and Alexis about Michael defending AJ.

Michael explains to Starr that AJ is worse than his parents (with no mention of how AJ wasn't off doing maniacal shit like kidnapping kids till Carly and Sonny spent years taunting him about how he could have no access to his son, which might drive someone a tad nuts) (also no mention of the lots of human blood off of which his adoptive father lives), and Starr counsels him. Like she does.

Robert is going to explain to Patrick why he missed Robin's funeral, but first there are commercials! After which Robert fills Patrick in about Luke's Ethan lie and that he'd needed an excuse to run away because he couldn't face Robin's death.

McBain tries to offer support to Sam, but she tells him she doesn't need him to stand in for Jason (after correcting him in an inexplicably offended tone when John calls the baby "Daniel" instead of "Danny").

Sonny complains that Johnny, Connie, and AJ get to "work the system to their advantage" and he has to sit back and do nothing. Kind of, you know, like everyone has to do every time he works the system to his advantage which is daily.

Carly and Todd... no, it's dull.

Michael fills Starr in on more of his illustrious family history, and is sure Carly and Sonny and AJ can never accept each other.

Monica and Tracy bicker about Edward, who has apparently requested not to be taken to the hospital. Tracy yells at AJ to try to block him from seeing Edward. Tracy is being awful, and it's just overkill right now.

Sonny shares his sob story with Shawn, because apparently he no longer wants him dead? I have no idea. 

Todd tells Carly that he killed Victor, Jr., when VJ was threatening his relationship with his kids the way AJ is to Carly. Carly thinks maybe she should do the same. "Worked for you," she says. Really, Carls? Have you met Jack Manning yet? I didn't think so.

Sam gets really nasty at John and tells him to leave her family alone. I know she's upset right now, but damn, girl! Way harsh! She kicks him out and then gets a phone call from AJ.

Tracy talks to an unconscious Edward (aka obviously a body double we can't really see). She is trying to reassure Edward that everything's good with the company and the family and she just breaks completely.


Patrick and Robert have a nice little chat and mend fences. Then they hug and OH! Yep, there's my first tear of episode.

Alexis and John run into each other and talk about Sam and how worried they are.

Sonny and Shawn continue their own little out-of-nowhere heart-to-heart and Sonny appears to be offering him Jason's job. I mean who wouldn't want Jason's job! Everything went super for him!

Carly and Todd talk and... still dull.

Michael, Starr, Sam, and Danny arrive for Edward's health crisis. Michael wants AJ to go see Edward, but AJ tells him he should go alone and pass on his love. Monica goes in to Edward's room and sees Tracy crying over Edward and is moved and, shit, okay here are the second tears of the day for me.


Tracy breaks again, begs her father not to go, and Monica goes over and holds her.



Carly and Connie and Todd all yell a little bit and it's about as interesting as that description was specific.

Sonny tries to appeal to Shawn's sense of adventure. So what could possibly go wrong?

Sam and Michael bring little Danny in to see Edward. Tracy rushes out, too upset to stay. Michael tells Edward how much he cared about him and how much he appreciated being made to feel a part of the family. He thanks him for everything and kisses him goodbye and tells him he loves him and will never forget him.


What is happening, y'all? How is horrible Michael Corinthos making me cry??!!

Alexis and John chat about his custody case a bit.

Sam brings Danny over to Edward and introduces his great grandson, telling Edward that Jason is the biological father and that "love won out." Monica is standing in the doorway, receiving this news for the very first time and there's a great little shot of Monica just beaming with joy and relief in the background.


Sam tells Edward she's going to raise this family and make him proud. And then Danny reaches out his tiny little hand and holds on to Edward's finger.


So manipulative! AND SO EFFECTIVE.

Okay, I need a second here.


All right. 

Starr and AJ are sitting awkwardly together in the drawing room (drawing room? we still say that when we're talkin' actual mansions, right?). Starr asks AJ what he'd say to Edward if he had the chance. He tells her he would apologize for his drinking, his greed, his jealousy of Jason, and for his cowardice. He wishes he could have stood up to him the way Jason or Ned could. If he had one last moment with him, he'd ask his grandfather to look at him, "I mean really look at me, because I think you'd like what you see." AJ feels like he finally changed the way Edward always wanted him to, but is sad that Edward won't ever know.


Tracy has overheard all of this and goes in to tell AJ to hurry and to go see Edward.



Then there's some Connie/Carly catfighting and it's still boring. Connie gets on an elevator with Shawn, who is grinning because he's up to something for Sonny. He send Sonny a "bird's in the cage" text. Ohhhh... kay.

Monica thanks Sam for bringing Danny and she and Sam share their happiness in the paternity news. Michael and Sam then leave Monica alone with Edward.

McBain tells Alexis that Clint is threatening Bo to force McBain out of the Llanview Police Department. Alexis hopes John gets a gig in Port Charles because Sam needs him, whether she knows it or not (and it'll be hot!).

Michael thanks Tracy for letting AJ see Edward. Upon hearing of Edward reaching out his hand to little Danny, Tracy is sure that Edward's got life left in him. AJ arrives to talk to Edward but it's too late. Monica tells him that Edward is gone.


Then Monica goes downstairs and tells Tracy.


Then AJ sits down with Edward and just loses it.


Monica tells everyone that Edward did speak at the very end, and it was just one word, clear as a bell.



Um, y'all, I have to go because I am bawling like a baby. But excellent, excellent work today from all of the actors and the director and writers Kate Hall and Jean Passanante.

And of course, rest in peace, John Ingle. I hope he and Anna Lee have gotten to exchange a group hug somewhere up there, right along with David Lewis.


I thought I was emotionally prepared to handle today. But I was not. Edward's last word had me curled into a fetal position with my tears.

I am feeling just shattered. i think Sean Kanan at the end really hit me when he lost it. Ack. I'm crying again. And when Monica revealed Edward's last word.

the only thing that kept the episode from being perfect was Sonny and Shawn. That couldn't have waited till later?

And agreed, Todd/Carly/Connie was dull although...I was amused by the near strangulation by a pair of thongs. Can't say I've ever seen that one before.

RIP, John Ingle and Edward.

Told my friend on the phone that while we're out tomorrow I need more tissues.

"Lila" and with that my allergies just kicked in and my eyes were swelling with H2O.

Tracy being Tracy(meaning nasty) with Monica and AJ just snipping back and forth with each other was sorely missed. Tracy gamely refusing to believe in Monica's words about her daddy's condition? Perfect.

Who the knew that Michael would be the town brain? I never would've placed that bet.

Fantastic show for the most part. If only they had left out the stupid Carly/Connie/Sonny/Todd/Shawn crap. It would've been super fantastic, nay, perfection!

The thing about seeing Skye isn't making me happy. Honestly, it just ticks me off even more at how she completely abandoned her Chandler family in Pine Valley. It always annoyed me how she seemed to write off her siblings. Her sister, maybe, but she always loved and adored JR.

I wish this show, and the ensuing ones about Edward's demise would deal just with the Quartermaine family and not with, ugh, Sonny and Carly. Can they just go have some gross limo sex off-screen and we only have to hear some parting shots about it once all this is over with? They really have no place being onscreen right now and I would prefer to have Edward's memorial without cuts to their whiny, self-entitled stories, because quite frankly, I hate those characters. I really only want Quartermaine drama on my screen right now.

The scene of Edward reaching out to baby Danny and Danny grasping the finger was beautifully done and touched me deeply. Tracy and Monica's reactions were very well done. The Patrick/Robert scenes and that hug was sweet. Aside from these things the episode as a whole was not very good and actively annoying in parts.

Carly/Todd/Konnie = just a waste.

I was annoyed by Shawn's standing between Sonny and Alexis during their conversation. He added nothing until after Alexis left (with her highly platonic "see ya later.") Sonny and Shawn's conversation was stupid and unnecessary. I wish the writers would write a story for the character of Shawn versus just shoe-horning him in awkwardly. Or Shawn could leave town altogether. I'd miss his pretty but that's it. Maurice Benard often looks like he is chuckling whenever his character recites Konnie's story. I wish I had as much fun with the story!

Sam's reaction to John, specifically his calling Danny, "Daniel" was really odd. Why is it Sam alienates her family and friend but bonded with AJ yesterday? Makes no sense and just odd. Can Sam be put way out on the back-burner until the writers figure out what direction they would like her to take now that Jason is gone?

I would like to see more interaction between Alexis and McBain. Sam becoming jealous over their growing bond would be good story.

Bracing myself for more fallout from Edward's passing. No doubt Jane Elliott will continue to nail Tracy's grief. Rest in peace John Ingle.

Liz should have been called to bring Jake over to the Q mansion, since she's known the family for fifteen years. Oh, wait, that's right, TIIC killed off that cute little boy that looked so much like SBu. Grrrr.

Sam? Put a sock in it. You and John were so going to do the nasty, nasty until Jason figured out that your baby was alive and all of a sudden John was just a "friend". Yeah, I stick my tongue down all of my male friends throats, hold their hands in the rain while my cleavage hits them in the face...rme.

What a gorgeous salute to the Q dynasty these writers have done. I think John Ingle's family will again see just how much he was loved .

And TIIC who killed Jake have long left the building.

Excellent post, Louise. I was crying all over again.

Man, Louise. You had me crying all over again! The Q part really was fabulously done. So weird to type those words these days.

I agree with everyone else...Why couldn't this week's shows be about the Q's only? It's only three days...we could have lived without the Carly/Todd/Connie/Sonny/Shawn bullshit until next week. It was just annoying!

The Patrick/Robert scenes were OK since they were about family and forgiveness. More of those please!

Once again, thank you Louise for your re-cap.

I'm right there with you! Tears and sadness and excellent story and acting. . . such a viewing pleasure. Tracy was perfect, Monica was perfect, Michael rocked and little Danny and his tiny little baby hand holding Edward's hand . . . whew. Then at the end AJ, . . .it was all heartbreaking and spot on perfect.

About the Todd/Carly/Konnie stuff. . . doesn't work. Not fun. Todd being the "friend to lean on" just doesn't work. He's the hot mess that needs someone to help him, not the other way around. No way can he be the helpful friend. Doesn't wash.

With that, I'm really looking forward (kleenex box in hand) to the next few days. I hope the Q's, and especially Edward Quartermaine and John Ingle are honoured as they should be.

I was OK until "Lila." :(

I so cried like a baby yesterday and expect to shed more tears today. The mention of Lila, and then AJ breaking down.

The stories surrounding the Hardey's, Webber's Quartermaine's (esp. Alan and Tracy) are what hooked me on GH years ago. The scenes in the Quartermaine house were perfect and fitting for such a beloved character (and actor).

Yesterday was so heavy. Thank goodness today is full of Quartermaine antics and Heather Webber crazy. I definitely got misty for all the flashbacks and especially the end sequence with him and Lila.

I would love to know that John, Anna and David all shared a hug up in heaven. Well done Frank and Ron!

A traditional Quartermaine Thanksgiving complete with pizza from Edward. So much fun. I agree with horselover--well done Frank and Ron.

The Lila stuff was the only thing about today's (Wednesday's) episode that got me. The rest . . . enh. Tracy's barbs were weaker than usual (in fact that whole scene with the bickering was weak, by Quartermaine blowout standards), Michael's truth-telling has been great but today it seemed heavy handed (though I did rather like his scene with Sonny, who continues to play this out in character by making it All About Him), Heather's antics were only mildly amusing (I'd forgotten she was married to Temp Edward for a nanosecond), and Skye seemed more like a Walking Plot Device to Generate Conflict than anything else. I did enjoy it, but not nearly as much as I'd hoped to. (The only part I didn't really like was the closing sequence with Not Edward and Not Lila going up the stairs, because I knew it was not really them.)

A few questions on things I can't remember (the JFP/Guza era has that effect on me): who is Lila Rae's father; is it one of the Alcazars? And who finally turned out to be Skye's father when it turned out that Alan was not?

@Michael: Yes, Lila Rae's father is Lorenzo Alcazar. Someone else will have to answer your question about Skye's parentage. I know very little about her history as her entrance was during one of my breakups from the show.

Today's episode was typical Q silliness, which was refreshing. But still so lacking thanks to the decimation de Guza. Also, too many of my fond Edward memories were not in the clips, probably because they were trying to save money. Sigh.

But the end. . . oh the end. . . *all the tears*

I thought it was beautiful and though I knew it wasn't Anna Lee or John Ingle, to me it felt like Lila and Edward. I thought it was beautiful.

I think Skye's father turned out to be Adam Chandler didn't it? And whichever Alcazar was married to Skye is Lila Rae's dad

More tears today than yesterday. I thought it was great and even though they had other stories it didn't feel intrusive to me. Sonny was almost all about Sonny but he was concerned about Michael . . . I can buy that. Having Steve and Liv in it was fine since they were there for the Heather being dragged off scene, but they didn't stay long and they didn't eat up airtime.

The flashbacks were wonderful and I hope there's more to come. I thought this was an absolutely lovely episode and having John Ingle's voice at the end was a fantastic nod to Edward Q and John Ingle. Thanks to Ron and Frank.

I think Skye's father is Alan Quartermain. Her mother is Rae Cummings. Adam Chandler adopted her not long after she was born. Lorenzo Alcazar is Lila Rae's father.

Skye was adopted by Adam Chandler, but it came out on GH/OLTL that Rae Cummings was her biological mother. Alan is not Skye's biological father, he adopted her for some dumb reason which never made any sense at all considering Skye was like 40 years old at the time!

@Mary Beth--I was thinking the same thing, later, regarding Q decimation. I think one of the reasons this seemed like such a weak Q blowout to me was that we're down to only two Qs with real resonance--Monica and Tracy. Alan's gone, Lila's gone, now Edward's gone, and the squabbling just isn't the same.

Thanks to everyone who answered my parentage questions; much appreciated. As I said, the JFP/Guza era has a lot of holes for me, because I just tuned out and blocked out for long periods when I couldn't stand it.

One more thing I meant to post the last time: Seeing all of those beautiful clips with Lila/Anna Lee in them, I had to be struck--and I assume others were too--by the contrast in the way Valentini treated John Ingle during his illness (going so far to create, as I understand it, that last scene during the epidemic to make sure he did have one last day on set, as he wished), and the way the last regime treated Anna Lee during her declining years. I understand that it's a business, but TPTB need to understand that these people bring joy into our lives on a daily basis, and--you can't just treat them like that and expect us not to hold it against you.

I loved when Ned called AJ 'Junior'? It's like he never left. Only thing...why would Skye introduce Monica to Lila Rae as her grandma??

BarbJ, taking a wild guess, since Skye is Alan's daughter (I refuse to accept the rewrite that the Q-hatin' previous regime did), it would only make sense to refer to Monica as Grandma.

Alan did adopt Skye, so Monica is indeed Lila Rae's grandma.

Not sure who Skye's bio-dad is. If I recall correctly, Rae didn't really know.

Every one else has already said what I thought,all the Q's yea.The mobster and ? who cares they added nothing to the show.
I want to thank frankenRon and all the rest for making me watch GH again. everyone I know that watches enjoys the show again.I hate to miss it,and look forward to it almost every day. Do away with the rest of the mob,and I would be a very, very happy camper. Sky's returning hooray. Please let her stay. AJ needs at least one real friend.

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