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November 05, 2012

Catch Me, I'm Falling (Even Farther Behind)

Again, we offer our sincerest apologies for the Serial Drama radio silence lately--recent days have been all about recovering from Hurricane Sandy, who wiped out my power for days which left me very cold, very stressed out, very apt to put my makeup for work on completely crookedly, and very much fumbling to catch up on, oh, every single aspect of my life. I hope all of our Northeast readers are safe and sound and well on their way to regaining their pre-Sandy sanity.

After my power was restored and I cranked the heat up as high as it would go while embracing my hair dryer, I had myself a General Hospital marathon, because I wanted to at least know what was going on before diving back into the show this week. And, to be honest, I spent much of the blackout  daydreaming about how epic it must be in Port Charles to have AJ back and how the show was firing on all cylinders the week before. All of those things were true and then some, and can we reflect for a minute on how strange it is to devour multiple episodes of General Hospital and NOT search wildly for the number for poison control?!

So imagine my disappointment when the bulk of today's episode was preempted in New York for another Mayor Bloomberg press conference. And then imagine my hand-flailing excitement when the last few minutes of the show aired and included AJ and Monica and ALAN and FLASHBACKS and OHMIGOD, it was a fantastic six minutes of television. Who knows what the rest of the episode could have contained?!

(No, seriously, do any of you know what happened for the majority of that hour? Consider this an open post to talk about today's show or anything from last week that you're dying to discuss. Regular posting will resume soon!)


Spoilers, obviously... Alan visited Monica, AJ, and Tracy (though I don't think Tracy saw him; the other two talked to him).

Carly saw and spoke to AJ, but she passed out and doesn't really believe it because Sonny convinced her she must have been seeing things.

Starr and Michael decided they shouldn't have sex because it'd be creepy if he was thinking about his NotDeadDad their first time.

Mallory, Get thee to Hulu or YT or something.

Alan/Monica, Alan/AJ, Alan/Tracy (briefly and poignantly).

AJ scaring the bejeezus out of Carly will never not be funny.

Anna and Duke!! Dancing! And flashbacks!

Connie and Johnny being not entirely awful.

Also, there was Michael and Starr. But not everything can be perfect.

It was a good hour of GH. Which does not cease to amaze.

Everything they said & an Alan & Monica flashback too! They look so young!

the eps are on youtube :)
just type 'gh 11/5/12' or whatever day you missed into the search bar.

YT is the place to check out for GH episodes.

Had a great big fantastic smile on my face and even though I was unspoiled I saw it coming!! AJ going to the family crypt and looking at the names thereon, and Alan's was just so shiny comparatively, and Monica wishing he was there . . . I was like "Alan's coming back oh my God Alan's coming back" and pop! There he was! I love Stuart Damon sooo much! He is awesome. I wish he was able to pull a Lavery or an AJ and be back permanently with us. He is awesome! I had a huge smile on my face the whole episode. AND Michael and Starr, I thought, were cute at the end today too.

Also, Anna dancing. . man she can dance. They should put HER on Dancing with the stars but she can't be cuz of her being a professional dancer I guess. Never mind. I'm rambling. . .she is so terrific!

So glad you are OK Mallory and I'm looking forward to any commentary about GH you can bring us once things are back to normal.

The shows have been great overall...a few exceptions here and there, but my FF button is not getting nearly as much action as of late.

Alan's briefly resting his hand on his sister's shoulder, with such a serious look on his face, and Tracy turning but him being gone? Tears! So great to see Ghost Alan, and in a suit, not that black track outfit that I seem to remember him in when he was "Tracy's conscience." I am hoping that AJ can be redeemed to somewhere at least above Sonny on the PC moral ladder.

Guys! Just telling Mallory that AJ scared the bejesus out that Slagbeast isnt enough!

AJ: "BOO!!!!"
Slagbeast--falls down, bams her head on the dock and passes out.
AJ: says something and yap, yap yap,though my cc said it "blah, blah, blah"

AWESOME! New meme: someone should come up with the "Rock and Dock" for that heinous Slagbeast.

This was the FIRST episode where I've cried throughout the entire episode, minus the fast fowarding of anyone Not AJ, Alan, Luke, Tracy, Anna and Duke. Okay, also watched Sonny and that heifer.

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