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November 06, 2012

Doing My Civic Duty, Like the Citizens of Port Charles

Well, it seems the "good" people of Port Charles all voted today -- my heart goes out to the task ahead of any elected officials in that town! And I voted too, as I'm sure the vast majority of you did. I feel it's my civic duty now to distract myself from watching windbag pundits and election returns and all the early conspiracy theories from both sides of the aisle by watching the utterly non-partisan General Hospital and babbling a little about today's episode!

A few thoughts:

- I happen to know of several people who are likely thrilled that Anna is gradually phasing out her "ombre" hair color. There are still traces of it, but fewer by the day.


(I hereby confess that I liked the ombre. I thought it looked great on her, what can I say? But this looks great too. Finola Hughes would have to work really, really hard to look not good.)

- Turns out Sabrina is Juan's cousin, and she filled Liz in on this fact. Is it exciting? It is not. Juan was dull as dirt. But is it adorable because Becky Herbst is married to the actor who played Juan? It is definitely adorable. More importantly, Liz's tales of the Nurse's Ball have gotten Sabrina all excited about ressurecting it. Liz tells her the hospital doesn't have the budget (perhaps offering up a wink-wink mea culpa to the audience about GH's budget as well?), but ain't no way they're bringing this up so much (and bringing back Lucy Coe for a freakin' visit!) just to shrug it off. Valentini and Carlivati managed to eke out entire musical episodes of OLTL on what was probably an even smaller budget, after all (dear lord I hope that was a relatively small budget). It's happening. Oh, it's happening. And man am I psyched.

- "Jax and Sonny survived that explosion; why wouldn't Jerry?" -- Sam, the only apparent brain-possessing Port Charles resident in regards to Jerry's "death."

- Lulu and Dante were being so sweet and cute while filling out an adoption application, and then realizing the criminal assholes and crazy ladies they're related to might make the whole thing difficult.



Which, sure, but it bums me out a little because I'd so desperately love to see just a straight adoption storyline. Now I fear they'll resort to surrogacy (nothing wrong with it, but it's a soap staple while traditional adoption is certainly not), or basically chasing after every pregnant woman they see to try to make some sort of claim. (Note to Dante and Lulu: if Starr gets knocked up and offers you her kid, run! SHE TOTALLY BELIEVES IN TAKE-BACKSIES.) In the meantime, Lulu has decided to solve things by lying on the application, which I'm sure will go super-well.

- I am actually enjoying Trey and Starr's friendship. I kind of hope they go get a new place together, rather than the obvious (Starr moving in with Michael). Also, please find new implements with which to open my veins if Maxie and Ellie move in together just so Maxie can try to further insinuate herself into Ellie's relationship with Spinelli in some scheme to win him back. Please. New implements, because the old ones have dulled from all the mob years.

- I can't even deal with the Robin flashbacks (especially the Duke/Robin ones, since it only digs the knife in deeper that unless something is very complicatedly not what it seems to be, that relationship's legacy has been thrice butchered and spit upon).



I did love that one of those flashbacks belonged to Liz. They usually leave the grief only to family and significant others this many months after a soap "death," so it was lovely that they showed us Elizabeth still missing her close friend. You know, like people do. Miss friends. Care about friends. Spend time with friends. Drink heavily with friends while anxiously watching election returns. You know, crap like that.

Also, cutest cliffhanger ever? You be the judge.



This Election Day, I vote "Yes!"


Yes, I have voted and pray that it is all over tonight! I am sooooo sick of hearing about it. BTW so glad every in Port Charles voted! ? I never remember election day ever being acknowledge before even Anna (is she a citizen??? ) voted???? How about Luke???

I am enjoying GH right now-- Trey/Star have a great friendship. Love Patrick's and Anna's talk, the phone call from Robin to Emma, Liz's flashback of Robin was the icing on the cake...

Yesterday Alan, today Robin. . .LOVE it! I hope all you people south of the border get out and vote and that you wake in the morning with a President and not a Supreme court recount or whatever!


Surrogacy may be a soap staple but I'm pretty sure they've only done it once on GH (and it's pretty much the only soap I've watched for the last couple of years) so I like it/am okay with it.

So much Emma today! Made me happy.

Here's hoping that the surrogacy does not include Liz, because the woman has been carrying kids around since Cam was born in 2004.

Dare I say GH is actually pretty good these days? The only scenes I had to FF today were Spinelli ones.

I just love Patrick and Anna. There is an honesty and intensity of feeling that credits both Finola and Jason. The flashback of young Robin with Duke broke my heart into little pieces. I saw those when they originally aired.

I can't believe I actually look forward to GH again on a daily basis.

Well, Liz was the last surrogent on GH right? Started out with her carrying Jax/Skipperbitch's child to her just up and agreeing to be an egg donor too. Which I never really bought her doing it so hapzardly. So she was pregnant with her genetic baby, fathered by Jax and she was supposedly going to be great about giving Jax and Skipper the baby. Then Skipper started her affair with Nik and Liz very sensibly wasn't going to just hand over her kid to them, or even just to Jax. Which set up the battleplan of Liz/Lucky vs. Jax over the baby. Which finally was settling down with Jax and Liz deciding to share custody. Ending with Carly plowing into a pregnant Liz, which resulted in her losing yet another kid. And Jax was really sweet to Liz for years. I remember him sending/giving flowers to her on the date of the accident, in memory of their late daughter.

As for adoption, honestly, what sane mother to be looks at Dante and Lulu and thinks "Great family material"! Crazy on all sides of their family. Organized crime dealings with both prospective grandpas. Oh, and one grandpa is a drunk who killed his own grandchild in a hit and run death and HAS YET TO BE PROSECUTED! God that annoys me to no end. Who is the DA in Port Chuck? Why wasn't that crime tried? ***breathe in, breathe out. It is only a show,****

Flashbacks? Were killing me. Robin and Duke were sooooo adorbs back in the day. Emma on her birthday? Also too sweet. The show needs to make this whole Duke kidnaps Robin(and then endangers her little family) crap make sense soon.

And why make Sabrina even more boring by making her related to one of THE MOST BORING CHARACTERS EVER on GH? If Lucy Coe is my reward, then I guess that I will put up with Sabrina.

Real Lucy Coe. Not stupid VampireSlayer/IanThornheartLovingLucy. If we get RealLucy then I will not demand bizarre stares at Sam and John from her. Although it would be fun if she tried to stake them, calling them by their old PC names. Nah. I'd rather have RealLucy. Back with Kevin and Sigmund.

I'm pretty sure that the egg was Courtney's and Liz was only an incubator, not genetically related to the child at all.

Anyway, the show was lovely today and all the call backs to the past were wonderful. I really like John in supportive friend mode with Sam. Hoping for a real Robin return soon.

[b]stlbf[/b], yeah Liz was a surrogate but I don't count that time because she had a miscarriage and then it was dropped from there.

[b]marz[/b], you're right, the egg was definitely Liz's. I remember people called the pregnancy "baby Jazzy". And why Lucky had such a big problem with it.

I remember the actual egg donor ended up being Liz. Something was wrong with Courtney's batch(although all of her supposed health problems seemed to disappear when she suddenly ended up being knocked up by Nik just months later) and Liz just volunteered to do the egg donation too. It felt so lazy and inconceivable that Liz, who loved her son Cam so much and was very upset at the loss of her pregnancy(with Ric) would just volunteer to give up her child to Skipper to raise. It just felt like she was selling her child to payoff Lucky's stupid nonexistant hospital bills. What cop gets hurt ON THE JOB and DOESN'T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE VIA THE CITY? And the fact that the baby would be Liz's biological child was the reason why Lucky had such a big problem with the whole affair. After remembering all of this, I kind of wish that Jax had secretly sent Liz flowers on the anniversary of Jake's death. Especially since Jake's demise was the reason why Jocelyn isn't really sick anymore. It is just something Jax would do.

The original surrogacy story was supposed to have been Liz/Jason/Sam, but Frons said no because the baby was suppose to end up as Liason's, so Guza had to go with Liz/Jax/Courtney.

I am also hoping that they give us some hints as to why Duke has Robin, because even though I am not a Duke/Anna fan (fully admit I am a Robert/Anna fan forever) even I know this isn’t very true to Duke’s character. However, I have hope because it is so obvious that TPTB know that Duke was a good guy so there has to be a “reason” as to why they changed him so completely.
This is my opinion on how they could make this Duke storyline making sense (and it’s long so I apologize):
Duke escaped the prison with help from Helena Cassadine (who we know is coming back) who was working with the group from OLTL that kept Todd prisoner as well. She didn’t do it out of the goodness of her heart, she wants Port Charles back under Cassadine influence and for everyone to pay for how she’s been treated. She tells Duke that Robin & Anna are in danger from Faison (who we know GH is trying to woo back), who was working with the DVX and supplied Jerry with the toxin. In exchange for keeping her safe, Duke has to kidnap Robin and hide her away until Helena is done using him to her advantage. It would explain why he got rid of everyone involved in the toxin storyline (Joe Sr & Bernie). As for shooting Jason, that could be attributed to him just protecting his secret and even, a little bit towards his personal hatred for the mob. God knows, he probably doesn’t have any love left for that lifestyle after what they did to him. It might be a little harsh but I do think all those years in prison hardened him more than viewers might want to admit.

Now that Robert is coming back, I think it would be awesome to have him come to Port Charles to tell Anna that he is sorry he ran off after Robin’s “death” but couldn’t handle the thought that their little girl was gone and used Ethan as a distraction, all the while feeling inside that he knew that he really wasn’t his son. But then while he was searching for Ethan, he found clues that Robin is alive (maybe a Sean Donnelly & WSB mention cause they SO owe him for those years they kept him from Robin and Anna). After some convincing proof (maybe a discussion with Heather...omg, can you see Robert interrogating Heather? Tristan and Robin M ad-libbing off each other??) Anna finally believes him. Both Anna and Robert find Robin in Switzerland and after a reunion (in which I cry buckets) as they’re escaping they run into Duke. Anna realizes the truth (that Duke knew where Robin was) and Robert is about to knock Duke unconscious when Duke explains that he was protecting her from Faison. Despite their anger at Duke, they realize that Faison is definitely a worthy foe (he blew them all up for Pete’s sake) and all work together to protect Robin like they used to. Meanwhile, Robin understands how dangerous it is for her to be around Patrick & Emma, but ultimately can’t stay away and sneaks to Port Charles to see them. Patrick is moving on with Sabrina (mainly cause Britt is a witch) and she sees them having a picnic in the park. Her heart breaks and she turns to leave, feeling that maybe it is best that her family doesn’t need her. But Emma (who maybe is playing with a ball and it gets away, a la shades of Robin in 87) sees her and runs after her. Robin tries to play it off like she’s an angel but Emma is no dope (she is part Scorpio, after all) and knows her mommy is alive. She begs her to stay and right when Robin is about to leave, Patrick shows up looking for Emma and sees them together. After another reunion (in which I finally invest in Kleenex stock)he begs her not to leave them again. Now Duke, Anna, Robert, Robin, Patrick, and maybe even Luke (because of Helena) have to work together to get rid of Helena and Faison for good. Set up for May sweeps....

I have never liked Sam but I have liked her with McBam...until now. I had to FFWD their scenes because I knew they were focused on Jason. The acting/story dealing with Robin's "death" is so much more powerful and interesting than the acting/story of Jason's "death." It's like the show comes to a complete halt when Jason is mentioned.

Overall, loved the episode because it featured my favorite GH characters: Liz, Anna, Patrick and Emma! And they were are so great. I am glad Liz was given a moment to reflect on Robin. That was sweet and unexpected. I am not sold on Sabrina at all Still, if Sabrina can resurrect The Nurse's Ball, I'll give her a pass. Her introduction was horrible and her pining for Patrick is not only inappropriate but obnoxious.

Loved Lulu/Dante but hate that she may falsify their adoption application. I really like Ellie/Spinelli and find Maxie to be super-annoying all over again. And I am ashamed to say this, but, I kinda found Starr/Trey to be cute. Wink I am not a fan of the characters individually but I see the chemistry.

Finally, Robin is AWESOME. I'm not enjoying Duke at all.

The only problem with that Duke scenario is that he still allowed Patrick and Emma to be endangered. That he didn't plan for a plot to have them either out of town(trouble with Grandpa Drake......something) or have them given the vaccine /antidote. How the hell would you explain their deaths to Robin and Anna. I don't care how much they may love Duke. He neing responsible for their loved ones' deaths would be the end for him as far as Robin and Anna would be concerned. How the hell would Duke explain it?

You guys, don't forget one of the most heart-wrenching surrogate stories ever: Dominique, Scott and Lucy.

Dominique found out she had a brain tumor and only months to live. Lucy agreed to be implanted with Dominique and Scott's embryo... Dominique died right after hearing the baby's heartbeat in Lucy's womb.

Their daughter, Serena, would be in her early 20s now and would make a great addition to the canvas, especially with Lucy on her way back...

Think of it... The look on Mac's face if Maxie became bestie with his former love's daughter... So many possibilities with that many ties to existing characters...

Now that Sam can have miracle babies, she could be a surrogate for Lulu...

Loved the scenes with Alan, AJ, Monica and Tracy. Also loved Robin's phone call to Emma and the hint of the return of the Nurse's Ball. Since AJ's return I've been overdosing on YouTube videos of his character as played by SK and BW. Stumbled across one where Alan perfectly and beautifully describes what really caused AJ's demise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=nPDSdhnHSXM. Stuart Damon and Jane Elliot are awesome!! Alan and Tracy are and have always been my two favorite characters.

Forgot to mention I nearly fell off my bad laughing when AJ went "boo" to Carly and she fell or passed out. And this week's scene between Alan and AJ was pure gold--so much emotion in that brief scene. I wonder what it was like for the two actors to reunite after so many years.

From your lips to God's ears, Jackie. From your lips.... And they could bring back Ned and some of the younger Q's, too, have a Q baby or two, move Tracy into Edward's head-of-family/curmudgeon role, send Sonny up to the attic to look for his skis, have Olivia and Dr. What's-His-Face chase after him, and be the real General Hospital again. Is that too much to ask?

@stlbf I'm sure, Duke would have cut a deal with whomever (Helena, in my scenario) that Emma wouldn't be harmed. But unlike the lab explosion, which gave them the opportunity to take Robin, there wouldn't be a viable explanation for Emma disappearing. Plus, while he's in Port Charles, he is probably keeping an eye on her. I'm not sure he would have cared that much about Patrick, but maybe just because he is all Emma has at the moment, he is extending the "protection plan" to Dr. Drake too. ;-)

As for the Qs, they could absolutely bring in more family. Ned, Dillion, Brooklyn (w/ someone who can act this time) and even SORAS Lila to Molly/TJ age range, add her to the mix. Make TJ actually Tommy Hardy, Jr. like he should have been all along, making him related to Liz & Steve giving him more family. There are so many options, so many great characters & generations who have been lost along the way that would be amazing to see.

But Emma and Patrick were both infected with Jerry's virus/weapon. Edward was kind enough to insist the antidote that Tracy had gotten for him, that it would go to young Emma. Right after that everyone was cured. But Robin's own family would've died if the antidote hadn't been found. Jerry had innoculated Jocelyn and Alexis(although not her beloved daughters in town) and he had extra to give to his goons. But Duke couldn't find someway to keep Robin's family safe? Have some big temporary job for Patrick to show up and just have it possible for Emma to go with him? Arrange for Dr. Noah Drake to be in some sort of serious event, where Patrick needs to see him for a time? Duke's lack of action is going to be pretty damn hard to explain.

If Serena Baldwin can show up, then her little sister Christina Baldwin can turn up too. Heck, just for fun we can see Serena and Lucy at odds about something and putting Christina in the middle. Plus there is always the fun of Kevin and Scotty.

TIIC messed up big time in killing off Jake, because the little boy was a Hardy/Webber/Quartermaine/Spencer.

The younger set consisting of(Cam, Jake, Aiden, Danny, Emma, Josselyn, Spencer, and Lila) should have all been SORAS'd to 10 - 13 age range in a few years time which would have provided plenty of story for Liz, Jason, Lucky, Robin, Patrick, Nicholas, Skye, and Sam.

Emma is totes wearing Sam's star necklace.

I still think that the "Duke" we're seeing is one implanted with Duke's memories, like Victor was implanted with Todd's. Victor didn't necessarily act like Todd would, but he had the memories that Todd had.

So my ideal story would be Robert comes back for the Nurses Ball. He arrives a little early to talk to Anna, apologize, spend some time with Robin's grave and talk to/punch out Luke. At the Nurse's ball, at some point the curtain closes, opens, and there's Robin, being chased by Faison. The Spyrents go after him and "Duke" looks guilty. Robert and Anna go after Faison. "Duke" hangs back to "Protect Patrick and Emma". We see him telling a guy on the phone everything (sometimes with embellishments) that R/A are doing.

Robert is suspicious of "Duke" (pointing out both that only Duke knows what they're doing and Faison seems one step ahead of them, as well as Duke had always been a hot head who was under foot during their capers, no way this is Duke). He tests "Duke" without Anna's agreement. "Duke" fails and Robert tells Anna what he did. She hates him, but realizes what this means. She goes to face Duke while Robert follows up on a lead that takes him to the real Duke. This is when he stumbles on the real Duke who explains what happened. It sounds similar to Todd's story when he went back to Llanview. Duke wants to help Robert find Robin, but the trail has gone cold. Robert takes Duke back to PC to regroup with Anna.

In PC, there's a standoff between "Duke" and Anna. "Duke" explains to Anna that Duke truly loved her. He also sees Todd and recognizes him because they were in the same swamp Gitmo. Because "Duke" was brainwashed to believe he was Duke, and ended up helping Anna, he gets to stick around and get paired off with Olivia or Tracy. At least long enough to tell the Drama of the Dueling Dukes story. Todd however, becomes important in the story when Duke and Robert arrive.

If the "Duke" we're seeing right now is the real Duke, I think that Anna getting to the hospital moved things up so far, so fast that "Duke" couldn't arrange to get Patrick/Emma out of town. He gave orders to get them inoculated, Jerry ignored them, so "Duke" decided that he needed to come to PC and be the protection himself.

Back to Anna's hair - ombre? Really, Louise? I agree with you on so many things, but ombre is for clothes, not hair.

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