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November 06, 2012

Doing My Civic Duty, Like the Citizens of Port Charles

Well, it seems the "good" people of Port Charles all voted today -- my heart goes out to the task ahead of any elected officials in that town! And I voted too, as I'm sure the vast majority of you did. I feel it's my civic duty now to distract myself from watching windbag pundits and election returns and all the early conspiracy theories from both sides of the aisle by watching the utterly non-partisan General Hospital and babbling a little about today's episode!

A few thoughts:

- I happen to know of several people who are likely thrilled that Anna is gradually phasing out her "ombre" hair color. There are still traces of it, but fewer by the day.


(I hereby confess that I liked the ombre. I thought it looked great on her, what can I say? But this looks great too. Finola Hughes would have to work really, really hard to look not good.)

- Turns out Sabrina is Juan's cousin, and she filled Liz in on this fact. Is it exciting? It is not. Juan was dull as dirt. But is it adorable because Becky Herbst is married to the actor who played Juan? It is definitely adorable. More importantly, Liz's tales of the Nurse's Ball have gotten Sabrina all excited about ressurecting it. Liz tells her the hospital doesn't have the budget (perhaps offering up a wink-wink mea culpa to the audience about GH's budget as well?), but ain't no way they're bringing this up so much (and bringing back Lucy Coe for a freakin' visit!) just to shrug it off. Valentini and Carlivati managed to eke out entire musical episodes of OLTL on what was probably an even smaller budget, after all (dear lord I hope that was a relatively small budget). It's happening. Oh, it's happening. And man am I psyched.

- "Jax and Sonny survived that explosion; why wouldn't Jerry?" -- Sam, the only apparent brain-possessing Port Charles resident in regards to Jerry's "death."

- Lulu and Dante were being so sweet and cute while filling out an adoption application, and then realizing the criminal assholes and crazy ladies they're related to might make the whole thing difficult.



Which, sure, but it bums me out a little because I'd so desperately love to see just a straight adoption storyline. Now I fear they'll resort to surrogacy (nothing wrong with it, but it's a soap staple while traditional adoption is certainly not), or basically chasing after every pregnant woman they see to try to make some sort of claim. (Note to Dante and Lulu: if Starr gets knocked up and offers you her kid, run! SHE TOTALLY BELIEVES IN TAKE-BACKSIES.) In the meantime, Lulu has decided to solve things by lying on the application, which I'm sure will go super-well.

- I am actually enjoying Trey and Starr's friendship. I kind of hope they go get a new place together, rather than the obvious (Starr moving in with Michael). Also, please find new implements with which to open my veins if Maxie and Ellie move in together just so Maxie can try to further insinuate herself into Ellie's relationship with Spinelli in some scheme to win him back. Please. New implements, because the old ones have dulled from all the mob years.

- I can't even deal with the Robin flashbacks (especially the Duke/Robin ones, since it only digs the knife in deeper that unless something is very complicatedly not what it seems to be, that relationship's legacy has been thrice butchered and spit upon).



I did love that one of those flashbacks belonged to Liz. They usually leave the grief only to family and significant others this many months after a soap "death," so it was lovely that they showed us Elizabeth still missing her close friend. You know, like people do. Miss friends. Care about friends. Spend time with friends. Drink heavily with friends while anxiously watching election returns. You know, crap like that.

Also, cutest cliffhanger ever? You be the judge.



This Election Day, I vote "Yes!"


Well now we know Duke is a fake. THANK GOD.

Yep. Took Robin approximately 3 minutes to figure him out. . .I think Faison. . .he used to be so exasperated at her and annoyed that she was as bright as she was, for an "infernal child". I say Faison.

I wonder though if Robin would be so sure of herself here. She supposedly has an eidetic memory. I think if you did, you might question the memory thing. . .I mean.. . . if they don't remember what you do, wouldn't you wonder, "is that just the way 'normal' memory? works" or what?

then again, they were pretty important things.

I'm not sure I've ever been happier for a person I've never met than I am for Louise after today's GH.

LogopolisMike, that is one of the nicest comments I've ever gotten! It cracks me up but is also so sweet that you thought of me.... AND I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THE EPISODE!!!

I remember the actual egg donor was eventually Leeds. Some wrong courtney's batch (although she all of what is called health problems seemed to disappear when suddenly she was eventually knocked down a few months Nik) and Liz just volunteered to do a donor eggs too. The feeling is very lazy, incredible, Leeds, and he loved her son CAM so many, very depressed lost her pregnancy (rick) will only volunteer to give up her child captain raise. It is just think she is selling her children to return the lucky stupid nonexistant hospital bills. What the police injured job, no health insurance through this city? In fact, the baby will Liz own child reason is lucky to have such a big problem, the whole event. Remember all these later, I'm a little hope Jax secret send beautiful flowers on the anniversary of the death of jack. Especially since jack's the cause of death is jocelyn is not really sick. This is just some Jax will do.

Try designing the chairs, shelves, stools, tables, drawers, coffers, etc.

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