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November 12, 2012

Everything Is Awesome (and All Is Forgiven)

No seriously. Life is good.

How freaking great was today's episode? What a payoff!

I'm not going to launch into some mea culpa here, because any anger I'd expressed regarding Duke's characterization since his return has been based on the assumption that this was Duke and, dammit, I expressed several times that I would accept any explanation that would fix it. So here I am, accepting the explanation! It's fixed!

Sure, by Friday when the Duke mask came off (yeah, that's now a real sentence!!), we knew it wasn't really Duke. And I doubt too many people were shocked today by the reveal that it's really Faison -- I'm sure that's who about 99.9% of us (at least those who are long-time viewers) were certain it would be. But you know what? Sometimes exactly the thing you expect is exactly the thing you need. Would I have loved a total shock the way I got one on Ian Buchanan's first day back? Sure, but honestly, I do not care. Because this was way too awesome to play the whole, "Whatever, I saw it coming" card. Because I did see it coming, and IT WAS STILL AMAZING.

On so many levels, y'all! SO MANY LEVELS. First, it means we also got Anders Hove back. It means we got scenes between Anders Hove and Kimberly McCullough. It means we got scenes between Faison and Robin in which a chunk of skin from the Duke Lavery mask was hanging off of Faison's neck.



If that's not fun soap, I don't know what is. And then he ripped it off, all evil-like!


Oh, Mr. Hove, how I've missed you and your menace and the spectacular way you pronounce "fruition!"

And as if that weren't batshit fabulous enough, we then got multiple scenes in which Robin and Faison sparred while the Duke Lavery mask was just hanging out on the bedside table in the background!


God I love this.

Oh, but we haven't even gotten to the best part. Because when I did all the hypothesizing and heard all the theories about how maybe it wasn't really Duke but it was Faison or Grant Putnam or some other menacing evil from the past, it still didn't quite fix it for me because it meant... no Duke. And while I would not say that an evil Duke is better than no Duke, I was worried that Ian Buchanan's stint was a super-short one and that if it wasn't really Duke, there was only disappointment ahead. 

But I should have had faith. Because they are just pulling out all of the stops over there at GH HQ these days.


Duke lives! He lives, he lives, he lives!!!!! And not only that, but he was smart enough to try to protect Robin and Anna by feeding Faison false information about his past so that they would catch on and realize something was wrong (and how great was it that Robin got to realize)! 

I am just beside myself with glee right now, y'all. Sure, it sucks that this reveal means Annoying Smug Luke was right, but whatever. It doesn't matter because DUKE LIVES!


So it's probably some sort of regionalism, but Laura Wright is the first person I've ever heard consistently say "sure as the hell" instead of "sure as hell," so imagine my surprise when at the beginning of today's episode Carly talked about how the police "sure as hell" needed to know that AJ is alive. Luckily the planets re-aligned a couple of scenes later when Carly explain that AJ "sure as the hell" wanted Jason dead. What is wrong with me that I get so preoccupied with idiom use? General Hospital being so damn exciting lately must have gone to my head. I mean y'all, Monica slapped Carly today! It's like the good old days before Monica lost her backbone when it came to anything Jason-related!

I don't want to launch too far into it since all I want to do is bask in all the Duke and the Faison of it all, but I will briefly say: how freaking satisfying was it that Michael is finally learning the truth about his "parents" and actually thinking AJ deserved a chance to be his father? And he's kind of turning on Carly! SCHADENFREUDE PARTY TIME. Also, is it just me, or is there a compelling little spark between Sean Kanan and Laura Wright? I don't think it's just me. Is it just me? I'm likin' it. The spark may only ever serve to ignite ugly fire rather than sexy fire, but any spark is a good one!


The scenes between Anna and Sam didn't do much to advance story, but was anyone else just mesmerized by all the ridiculous brown-haired, brown-eyed gorgeousness in those scenes?



So much of the pretty!

Speaking of pretty girls with brown hair, can they dial it back a few notches with Bitchy Britt? We get it. But she actually is a pediatrician. She's actually got some common sense and graces that have gotten her this far in life, so can we color her in a bit now? We get the point! (Also because, for crap's sake, give Liz a friend who doesn't suck!)

But really, no matter. I'm not mad. I can only feel joy and gratitude today. BECAUSE FAISON. BECAUSE DUKE.


I'm sorry, "blood pact with Satan" had me spray water all over my computer screen, and nearly choke/drown. . .I'll not be able to look at little Joss as anything but an instrument of Satan any longer.:)

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The last two comments are hilarious. I just stopped in to say this way-behind newbie loves, loves, LOVES AJ. Sean Kanan's character on B & B was such a lameass, it's great to see him bringing it on here. I can't wait for Sonny to get informed that he is not a hero, he is a drama queen mobster asshat.

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