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November 26, 2012

Farewell, Stephanie Forrester

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!

Today is Susan Flannery's final air date on The Bold & the Beautiful, so I thought it fitting to just do a straight recap as I watch, since there is no organization of shallow thoughts or silly exclamations that I could come up with on my own that would feel respectful of this actress and her impressive career (which I certainly hope is not over!).

With that said, excuse me for a moment while I go grab just a little wine and a lot of tissues. I'm not super-confident about my ability to get through this like a grown-up.

We open with the sun shining through the trees and with Brooke and Stephanie looking out at the lake and the mountains. Stephanie is coughing and trying... to take off her wedding ring, it looks like?


Hope shows up at FC in an owl sweater. An owl sweater. What? Or rather, why?



Eric, instead of rushing back to his dying wife, puts on a tribute video wishing her goodbye.


Taylor counsels Katie, assuring her that the PPD is what's making her convinced that she's physically ill. Katie finally breaks down and asks for help.

Credits. It's just some quiet piano music for today. Uh oh. Do I go for the wine or the tissues first? It's hard to know.

More of Stephanie's family in the video. Now Thorne, and now Felicia. Felicia says that she's always lived by the "I am not my mother" mantra, and wonders aloud who she is now.

Brooke reminds Stephanie that Eric loves her very much. "Finally," says Stephanie, who also adds that she wants Brooke to have her other ring. 

Taylor talks to Katie about having lost Phoebe and how tomorrow is promised to no one. Katie talks about how selfish she's been and how she wants to be there for her son. 

Bill speaks in the tribute video about how much he has in common with Stephanie, including "no low opinion of herself." Then Dayzee pops up to talk about the hole that will always be in her heart.

Stephanie jokes about how Brooke always got all her men. She tells Brooke that it hurt her but it also saved her since, because of Brooke, it made her live her life for something. (Revenge on Brooke, I guess?)

Donna brings Will in to see Katie, who is afraid Will will reject her. 

Donna has a somewhat ridiculous appearance in the tribute video, talking about how she and Stephanie had been in a competition but she didn't want to win it like this. And then that's it. I appreciate that they wanted to include as many cast members as possible, but is that something one puts in a tribute video to a dying woman? Okay, I'll stop. I don't want to be critical, but snark helps the tears stay at bay! Anyway, then Rick turns up in the video to admit how much guidance he got from Stephanie. Marcus calls her "the most bad-ass lady on the planet." Steffy talks about how being named after Stephanie was a compass for her life. Taylor assures Stephanie that she'll get through it, but that Stephanie is her hero.

Stephanie asks Brooke to make up the ending to the book she'd been reading to her. Brooke turns the ending into the story of how she came to love the Forresters and how Stephanie thought she had to protect her family from Brooke, and how they tried to destroy each other. "I don't think I knew what love was," says Brooke, "until I knew I loved you." Brooke apologizes to Stephanie for pain she'd caused her over the years, but Stephanie tells her it all adds up to now.  

Katie goes to Will and holds him. "It's okay, my boy. Mommy's here," she says. Y'all, I am just not emotionally equipped for this today! After GH ripped my heart out last week (and granted, that is different because it was partly in tribute to an actor who we've lost so I need to keep perspective here), this is... whew. It's rough on the old tear ducts!

Aw, crap. Now Pam appears in the video. This is going to be hard, Alley Mills has been breaking my heart this entire storyline.


She talks about how no one expected much of her, but promises her sister she can find her own way now. Now Eric turns up (I'm confused about who made this video and why Eric is watching it at work instead of going to the cabin to show it to Stephanie, but I'll roll with it....). "I wouldn't blame anyone for getting caught up in the bedazzlement of you." Bedazzlement! He really said it!


He toasts to her.

Stephanie hears a car and wonders if it's Eric. Brooke tells her he's coming soon. Stephanie tells Brooke she's so tired and wants to sleep. Brooke tells her she'll wake her when Eric arrives, but she knows. "I'll miss you," Stephanie says. "Sing me to sleep, baby girl." Brooke sings "When Irish Eyes Are Smilin'" and I wish I had Irish Whiskey right now instead of just a glass of Rioja.


Stephanie dies.


Brooke cries over her and kisses her goodbye.



The end. 

I'm going to go cry now. How's everyone else holding up?


Unfortunately (fortunately) I only managed to see the latter half of this episode. Unfortunate for the fact that it was Susan Flannery's last episode, fortunate because of the nonsense that apparently occurred in the parts I didn't see and recapped here! The show is roughly shy of 22 minutes when considering commercials. Why couldn't the 22 minutes be devoted to Stephane's dying with Brooke? I enjoyed the scenes of Katie reuniting with her son and of course Pam's piece in the tribute video (Alley Mills is amazing.) I admit that I've never liked Eric so I am happy that Stephanie's last scenes were with her much stronger partner, Brooke. But Eric is Stephanie's husband, so his not being with her to watch the video was stupid. I found Eric's piece in the video particularly lame with the shot of liquor at the end. Argh.

On to the great stuff: Susan Flannery & Katherine Kelly Lang were their usu brilliant selves. Stephanie and Brooke are the defining couple of the show and I loved their "end." They were heartbreaking and I found the acting and dialogue poignant. I think it's great drama and poetic two enemies come full circle in their relationship to see they are driven together by love. Stephanie had to die with Brooke to make their story make sense. As on OLTL, I'd expect to see Viki die in the arms of Dorian or on Y&R I'd expect to see Katherine die in the arms in the arms of Jill. That's great drama! Kudos B&B.

I do hate the fact that Ridge was absent for Stephanie's goodbye. He was an original character and drove the story for much of the shows run. I would have even accepted a recast to say goodbye to Stephanie before the end.

Yes, I saw the dramatic impact of having Stephanie die with Brooke instead of Eric and I thought it was more challenging (and thus far better) storytelling. But they DEFINITELY could have thought of a better contrivance to keep Eric delayed besides "Eh, I think my wife is dying too fast to watch this video, so instead I'll chill out here and watch it before I go back to her."

Otherwise, just lovely and a wonderful tribute.

Agreed Louise. Eric's absence being attributed to something so lame is frustrating. Because I tuned in mid-episode, I didn't realize Eric was watching the tribute video rather it was a moment for various characters to address the audience directly. It's another example of how the writing staff continually relies on lazy, silly writing when they are capable of such great stuff like Katie's postpartum and Stephanie's exit.

Ugh. With both Stephanie's death and Katie's postpartum coming to closes, I suppose we are back to the vapid triangle of Steffy/Hope/Liam. Oh joy! :~(

O dear heaven. I'm crying. Hard. I haven't been like this since 1-13-2012. Yes, OLTL's last day.

I'll miss you Susan Flannery. You were a class act and the last of the "ladies who lunch". I hope you continue your career somewhere!

I still kind of want to smack the writers hard for putting in the video tribute bit at the absolute last minute where it does absolutely no good WRT the overall narrative, rather than somewhere more meaningful such as before Stephanie's Party. That was an over-directed buzzkill (with more than a hint of writer agenda to boot, and that I can't quite forgive) in an otherwise great, if depressing, episode.

I agree with pretty much everything that's been said. I thought KKL and SF were brilliant and I was happy those were the final scenes, even if I wouldn't have minded at all the unlikeliness of Eric making it back in the nick of time--let's say 1 minute before Stephanie died (the car Stephanie heard could indeed have been his). But I have always adored Strooke scenes, and so it was perfect for me.

My favorite part was the non-glossing over their difficult relationship (Stephanie pointing out Brooke took all her men; Brooke pointing out she only ever wanted to be a part of the family and that she wasn't the threat Stephanie had made her out to be).

As for Stephanie's "live for something", I took it as Brooke saving her from cancer and both of them deciding to do good for other people. But I could be wrong.

Eric watching the tribute at Forrester was ridiculous. He could've at least been in the car driving back when Steph died.

I don't think this was covered in an earlier post, but what did everyone think of Stephanie inviting Donna to the party and telling her that she hopes Donna will be there for Eric when Steph is gone??? I remember taking from that question that Stephanie wanted Donna to have sex with Eric if he needed it, and I kept thinking Steph was gonna say she was joking, but SF's acting didn't really make it seem like a joke. Does anyone remember that? Thoughts?

Katie's scenes were really good too (is Heather Tom gonna go on maternity leave at all?). The scenes at Forrester could have totally been skipped altogther and just have the women on.

Hope's sweater, LMFAO, but I think here and there they make her wear silly things to point out that she is the youngest.

Strooke forever <3 <3

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