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November 16, 2012

Goin' Traditional for the End of a Soaptastic Week

Just sitting to watch and recap General Hospital right now -- this time it won't involve wine (as many of my straight recaps often do), but I'll happily live vicariously through any of you who want to drink wine while reading it!

After overhearing Sabrina talk about a doctor who she's hoping for a chance with, Patrick asks her who it is (much to her confusion, as she thought she'd been busted). Olivia is telling Steve about how she saw a vision of Duke with another man's face, while Lulu is trying to explain Olivia's LSD-driven hallucinations to an understandably skeptical Robert Scorpio. Faison is about to open the door to Anna, but then of course Anna announces herself from outside the door -- so I guess it's on with the creepy Duke mask! Maxie explains to Spinelli that she wants him, and he feigns misunderstanding and looks pouty. Michael goes to see Sam and mentions that his bio-pappy is back around, while said bio-pappy shows up the Q mansion -- presumably out on bail?

Credits! Ads!

Oh my lord this episode is jumping all over the places, none of these scenes are even a page long. But they're doing this cool thing where Faison is speaking in Duke's accent (aka Anders Hove is mouthing the words that Ian Buchanan recorded, and it's not a half-bad sync).

Sabrina fakes that the doctor she's crushing on is Steve. Patrick gives her the only look anyone could possibly give a human who just said those words.


Even Liz is all, "Really? Unconvincing cover, Sabrina, my brother is way lame."


Maxie explains to Spinelli that he's "her Mac," which surely gives him great hope for the nature of his romantic future with her. Anyway, she says she's in love with him and he is agape.


You know, like he does.

Michael tells Sam that AJ is locked up and Sam, the mob hitman's wife, insists that AJ deserves to be locked up.

AJ's on house arrest with an ankle monitor, which amuses Tracy. AJ announces that he wants to see his grandfather (sniff).


Faison (now as Duke, so Ian Buchanan's version of Faison) (this is going to get confusing, isn't it) answers the door to Anna, who tells him that Robert Scorpio is in town. Scorpio, meanwhile, is telling Lulu that they better talk to Olivia to get a description of the man's face in the "vision" she saw.  

Tracy tries to block AJ from going to see Edward because it would be too hard on his heart. AJ thinks Tracy's just worried Edward will give ELQ to AJ to run, which cracks Tracy the eff up. 


Sam tells Michael that AJ has crossed way more lines than Carly or Sonny, which I'm not sure even she believes when she says it. Michael continues to argue that all his parents suck, but they also all have a little non-suckage going for them as well.

Spinelli asks Maxie why she didn't tell him sooner, and she explains the various times she was about to tell him. She insists that she divorced Matt for Spinelli, and he tells her she shouldn't have done that. (Correct, sir.)


Liz and Patrick play armchair therapists to Sabrina, and she asks them to drop it. Down the hall a bit, Lulu introduces Robert to Steve and Olivia and Lisa Lo Cicero (Olivia) looks barely able to conceal how happy she is to be in a scene with ROBERT SCORPIO! She is adorable.

Anna tells "Duke" that Luke checked out his story and verified it but that both Luke and Robert find this way too neat. 

Robert is asking Olivia to describe the vision she saw, and she mentions that the man she "saw" was smoking. 

Michael describes the horrors of prison life to a heavily-cleavaged Sam, who also brings up that she's never known her father. (Find out! Find out!)

AJ agrees not to go see Edward, just in case his health really is that fragile. And it turns out Monica put the house up as collateral for AJ's bond (damn! that's a hefty fee!).


Olivia tries to describe Faison, and Lulu is kind of adorably entertained by Olivia's whole LSD visions thing -- but in an affectionate way.

Liz tries to put Sabrina at ease about almost getting busted by Patrick, and then Steve comes out to get Liz to try to help them decipher whose face Olivia saw on "Duke." (Oooooooh, Mr. Carlivati, you are workin' history hard here incorporating Liz into the Faison story. Well done, sir!)

"Duke" exploits some of the past details he got from Robin the other day to further reminisce with Anna.

Sam and Michael talk about how much they miss Jason, and Sam asserts that she will most certainly find him and bring him home. 

Maxie and Spinelli talk mostly about Maxie's timing regarding her big confession of love and whether or not he already knew.

Tracy overhears AJ and Monica talking about the terms of his release and she makes a phone call looking for Michael.


Maxie chastises Spinelli for making out with Ellie in front of her. (Spin does not point out that she might have wanted to think about that before agreeing to have his girlfriend MOVE IN WITH HER.) Mostly they still just talk about why she hadn't told him sooner, which is hardly the point.

Anna and "Duke" sit down to dinner and a little wine and smooching. It's remarkable how well his lips and eyes move in that piece of latex!

Tracy gets a fake phone call about Michael in front of AJ.

Sam brings little Danny down and he is a cutie. Michael holds him and that is even cuter.


Sam tells Michael about the good paternity news, and Michael tells little Danny that his own father came back from the dead, so maybe Danny's can too! (There's hardly anyone in Michael's life that hasn't come back from the dead, so optimism seems only the right spirit!)

Meanwhile, Tracy lies to AJ that there's been an accident and Michael is at Jason's, so naturally AJ cuts off his ankle monitor and bolts for the door, much to Tracy's satisfied amusement.


Maxie asks Spinelli if he wants to be with her or with Ellie.

AJ shows up at Jason's to ask if Michael's okay, and AJ immediately realizes Tracy's scam. Tracy covers AJ's absence to Monica.

Patrick goes and gives Sabrina a pep talk about her unrequited crush, which just makes her love him more.

Liz is sketching Duke/Faison based on Olivia's description, and Elizabeth quite quickly realizes it's someone she knows. "Oh my god, it can't be!" (Buckle up, kids! FUN TIMES!)

Annd and "Duke" make out, just as we cut back to Liz showing the sketch of Faison to Robert Scorpio, who immediately knows it's Faison. You know, since it is.






This. Is. Real. GH Love it.

I love Robert Scorpio! so happy to have him back

How does Elizabeth recognizable Faison? Did they overlap at all?

Lisa, yes, they definitely overlapped. Faison helped Helena fake Lucky's death while he was dating Liz -- Faison held him captive and helped brainwash him.

I'm starting to feel like I'm in a time warp--GH is must see TV again! Robert's return was pitch perfect "Hello, love." to Anna. And I'm really loving AJ--watching him go toe to toe with Sonny is just fun.

Sonny: It's true, you're back.
AJ: And better than ever.

Can't wait to see how this all plays out!

Such greatness at GH!!! I love so many things about AJ's return, but the best bit for me is that I'm on his side AND Tracy's too :-). That never happened under Guza's reign of terror. Under his regime I usually loathed both sides of any GH conflict.

Two little funnies, the Duke mask after Switzerland now has eyes :-0. And Liz's drawing of Faison's hair?? Poor Olivia, that LSD made her see Faison's hair after a blow out that never happened ;-)

Now I know it's sick, but the scene with Sam Danny & Michael gave me a karma storyline I'd love. Sam and Michael bond over losing Jason and over time fall in love, get married and raise Danny in a stable safe family with lots of non mob extended family etc.... He and AJ run ELQ, they even have more kids. Five years down this rosy mob less path Jason comes back, brings more danger with him. And Sam Michael & even Danny want nothing to do with him! Jason's "son" Michael is being a version of what Jadon was to AJ when M was a baby. Juicy karma goodness right? Anyone????

OMG that screen capture shows everything I hate about Spinelli. Doughy duh-faced, slack-jawed twit. Run, Maxie.

One thing I like is how characters who normally may not connect are involved in a story together, like Olivia and Liz with Robert. It reminds me of when GH was a real community where characters knew each other across storylines.

Spinelli has been enjoyable around Ellie. Just say no to Maxie and Spinelli!

Awe. Liz is mixing with Robert which is really cool, since I loved her scenes with Anna. Steve is a dope...lol!

Sam? Shut.your.mouth about AJ! Pot meet kettle!

I enjoyed the episode and how swiftly the stories are moving. Glad Faison has been figured out by Liz, Olivia and Robert Scorpio! Robert Scorpio is awesome and I hope we get to see him with Emma before be exits town.

The acting was good in the Maxie/Spinelli scenes but I feel nothing for them as a pair. Spinelli with Ellie has been the most I have ever liked his character. Maxie is so whiny, I'd rather her grow up before embarking on a relationship. I hope Monday picks up with them concluding they have "outgrown" each other and that Maxie only wants Spinelli back because he was not actively stalking her.

Kelly Monaco sure is pretty. That's all I have to say about Sam. She's a blackhole of nothingness. Can she rekindle the fire she had with McBain? Sam with McBain has been the most I have ever liked her character.

I love a scheming Tracy! I love a sentimental Tracy! I love a protective Tracy. Aww hell, I just LOVE Travy Quartermaine!

I swear, GH has been on fire lately. I never much cared for A.J., but now I'm loving him and the smackdown he's been serving up to Sonny and Carly. It's about time those two hypocrites were taken down a peg.

It's so good to see more of Monica, and Tracy is always entertaining. I have a feeling these two will be reeling when Edward passes away.

With Robert, Duke and Anna back, I'm in retro heaven. Now if we could get Laura and Holly to return, and Blair on full time for Todd, I'd have the perfect soap!

Loving the show! It's not hard to make me say that. Give me a Robert that is most natural as a cop/superspy and a cheesy adventure story with holes you can drive a truck through, even though you wouldn't do it because it just so campy and entertaining. Seriously, the Duke mask deserves some sort of award. It's been more entertaining this week than Wolf's entire reign. And, because it can't be said enough, THIS is the Robert Scorpio that was my first TV crush (live action version, He-Man as my first TV crush).

I know it's completely in character for them, so I don't hold it against anyone, but I am getting tired of the mob forces telling Michael that they have never done anything nearly as bad as AJ. I wasn't watching during the original Michael wars, but it sounds like it was pretty even, but only if you count AJ shooting Alan in the back and I'm not sure that was part of the war itself (I doubt Alan took Sonny's side and it sounds like AJ missed his target).

So I would be willing to say they were about evenin the Michael War, but lifetime? The worst AJ did was attempted murder of Alan. Sonny has people killed for a living. For Sam to say Sonny and Carly aren't perfect, but AJ is worse... It just makes me angry.

But then Robert comes back on in superspy mode and I get happy again.

Louise, could you please, please, PLEASE do your recaps for every show? Even though I watched, I love reading your view of things.

Thank you very much!

spazzo47, I am Team AJ all the way, but he did actually shoot Alan. And he did kidnap not only Michael, but also Kristina and Morgan, fake Michael's death and try to convince him that Carly and Sonny didn't love him anymore.

He also, around that time, terrorized his own wife by pretending to be her stalker. And there was an awful retcon reveal right before he "died" that he had for some reason conspired to have Jason killed right after the accident. I'm not saying Carly and Sonny haven't done terrible things as well, obviously, and I want AJ to win this time really, really badly. But he did some really legitimately bad things.

Love the mask, love the camp, love the weaving of stories, love the numbers of real people on canvas, love the returns, love the acting (everyone seems better these days) LOVE the history. . . accurate history! Mostly LOVE the LOVE we are seeing (missing for so long). Could use a bit more hanky panky (it seems when I was a kid someone was gettin' some pretty much every day). . .it's rare to see a love scene these days. what's up with that? Keep it comin'! GH Rocks!

I am absolutely LOVING GH! The entire show too! I can't remember the last time I said that - a decade ago? And while I was never a huge fan of AJ before, I am loving him now. And having Duke, Robert & Anna on my screen is heavenly. IA with Alley, we just need Holly and Laura back.

Welcome back GH! I have missed you!

Forgot to mention Louise that I love the screen caps of Patrick's and Liz's expression after Sabrina revealed her "crush" on Steve.

I want the Duke mask to be in the opening credits!

Interesting information your advice is good one to lots of peoples. because its useful for lots young peoples.

Wow, can the spammers at least learn English?

I second that the Duke mask needs to become a contract player. Even when real Duke returns (which I assume he will) and Faison is foiled again, that thing should become a lamp or something!

Yes, Holly and Laura, but I'm also hoping for Sean and Tiffany!! Robert, Luke, Laura, Sean and Tiffany?? COME ON! Remember the Cassadine Island?? OMG, that was the BEST summer of GH and the one that got me hooked!!! Helena is coming back, so perhaps she'll have something so dastardly up her sleeve that the ol' gang has to get back together to save the world!!

If the Duke mask is in existence, then a weather machine or some other such cheesy, soapy goodness can certainly come into play, no?

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