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November 29, 2012

Home Again

Things are feeling right over at General Hospital these days. And in some cases, it's simply because it's just so wrong.

Normally I'd just throw out a "the less said about the Kate/Connie fiasco, the better." But I could not help but chuckle when I realized Sonny had Connie kidnapped and tied up against her will so that he could "get through" to Kate.

I also had to chuckle when we were subjected to a completely sincere Sonny asking Connie why she doesn't like him. And then I had to chuckle again when Connie answered the question as if we hadn't been hearing the answer for several months (Sonny's a selfish asshole and got Kate shot on their wedding day, for starters). And then I had to chuckle yet again when it turns out the answer is something totally different -- that Connie blames Sonny for Kate's rape by Joe Scully, Jr., since Sonny should have protected her. So just kidding about one of Connie's only good qualities -- appropriately hating Sonny for things he should absolutely be hated for -- and hinging this whole headache on some sort of "damsel in distress" syndrome where if Sonny actually could do the job of a man and properly protect the helpless lady person, all can be forgiven! Oh, Advil ain't gonna help this one.

I won't waste too much more blog space on this as I'm certain it is no one'sfavorite storyline, but I'd be remiss if I did not mention a few things: these scenes yesterday were not bad. They weren't badly acted or badly written. In fact, Maurice Benard and Kelly Sullivan are terrific scene partners -- I don't think they have a shred of romantic chemistry and I also think the way her Kate is written is blander than dirt, but the two of them are good acting partners and obviously enjoy working with one another. And I appreciate that we're being shown that, unlike most of the Port Charles townsfolk, Sonny remembers that Kate is in there and so it's pointless to just stand around being verbally abusive to a symptom of a mental illness. This is supposed to be some evidence of his great love. But you know what? They could have done these exact same scenes in a therapy session. Thatwould have gone an awfully long way toward convincing me that Sonny actually loves this woman and is even acting out of something other than pure selfishness. But this OLTL carryover notion seems to always be that audiences just get such a hoot out of watching those darn slutty alters forced into submission. Kidnapping, binding, and gagging a woman who has a mental disorder due to rape trauma isn't funny to me. We've seen this ridiculous business with alters enough that I can't feel any actual moral outrage over it anymore. I'm just bored. Sonny is an ass even when he's not being an ass. There's some weird comfort in that. At least I don't feel the need to pay much attention to his scenes anymore.

Thankfully there was some self-awareness on this front from yesterday's script, considering they were juxtaposing these scenes with AJ reminding Michael that Sonny uses coercion and brute force when someone disagrees with him. While I'd love for AJ to be all saintly and tell Michael that he'll respect his relationship with Carly and Sonny but he hopes to build one with him as well, AJ is not a saint and never will be. Of course he's going to try to turn Michael against his mother and Sonny. I can accept that. And I seriously cannot get enoughof these scenes between Michael and AJ. Even the direction is playing it to the hilt -- the way the scenes are shot, the way Michael and AJ mirror a lot of each others movements.

It's fantastic stuff and Sean Kanan and Chad Duell are just nailing it. Admittedly I've gone back and forth between openly loathing or just being bored to tears by Duell's Michael for most of his tenure, and now I find myself actually looking forward to his scenes.

I was also delighted yesterday to enjoy a Carly catfight! It's been a while, since lately they've all been with Connie and I just don't care and their animosity feels forced to me. But Skye? First of all, that's an even "bitch with a litany of past sins" playing field right there. And Carly is the beast that I love to hate, so when she gets in a catfight I don't have that feeling of disappointment that I do when a character I love sinks that low. Skye, on the other hand, is a beast that I just plain love -- but this is perfectly in character for her.

And it was a great scene arc for the episode since it started with claws bared and blows exchanged and ended with a mutual shock over the image of one Lorenzo Alcazar, alive and well and callin' himself Delgado one state over.

And speaking of Skye, how awesome was it that we got a Pine Valley mention? Obviously since we have Llanviewites on canvas we get a regular sprinkling of One Life to Live, but it was refreshing to get an All My Childrenshoutout as well (the only other one I can remember from lately is Anna talking about having been married to David Hayward). More than that, I was just talking to friends the other day about how egregious we'd always found it that they'd basically cut all of Skye's Chandler ties completely once it became clear they weren't biologically connected, and it just made absolutely no sense. But hooray! She talked about Stuart and even called him Uncle Stuart!

Finally, y'all know I couldn't post today without mentioning what a great treat yesterday was for anyone who's got an unashamedly Blair-and-Todd-lovin' heart like me. Todd flipped out to learn that Blair and Tomas's wedding is this weekend, and then even agreed to consider publishing Molly's book (ugh) after Molly described it as a romance that is much like his history with Blair, which made him go all angsty.


The best part was his starry eyes after that when he begged her to tell him if the couple in the novel end up together and threw in a, "Please tell me they end up together!" like the lovesick puppy he is.

Because I am not a person who completely fails to understand what creates good drama, I get why just lifting a happy Blair and Todd out of Llanview and transplanting them in Port Charles to stay together forever happily on screen is not an option. But for now I feel like I'm in good hands in terms of the balance of the worlds -- the need for Todd to have story on General Hospital and in its context, as well as the need to respect the bottom line about this long-time character's heart. Blair will always own his heart even if he rents it out elsewhere, and that's okay with me for now. (Notwithstanding my oft-mentioned and still-standing caveats about how carefully any Todd-related intimacy must be handled.)

I have not let my eyes meet one single spoiler regarding this whole Lorenzo/Luis/Tomas/Whoever situation, so please be super-cautious in the comments about accidentally spilling anything! I know nothing but what we saw yesterday so if you know something, keep it quiet! (Non-spoiler-based speculation is always welcome, however.)


Oh my god, y'all, I just love Ellie. So freaking much. I love how she's substantial and she's funny and she's smart and she'll stand up for herself and she's so pretty with her adorable little flannels. So much.

We're almost done with sweeps, oh no! Here's hoping GH keeps the fire going anyway....


Loved yesterday's show and I'm sad to say that I fast forwarded scenes for the first time in MONTHS. . .yep. Sonny and Connie

Noticed the Michael/AJ mirroring also when they were, I think, in separate scenes and each brushed his hand back over his hair and neck in frustration for different reasons. The actors are nailing it.

I liked the Molly and Starr take on big bad Todd stuff. It's true to form as well. Starr has always had and still has her father wrapped around her finger and boy has she got his number. She knows exactly how to manipulate him.

I really liked this Delgado/Alcazar mystery and hoped from the start they would go there. I always thought Skye should have introduced Starr and Todd into the show. Skye is a natural pull with these stories as she is heavily involved in Starr, Blair and Todd's story as well as Alcazar and Carly. . which means, if I'm correct, that Carly, Skye and soon Blair will all have married the SAME man?? Love it! I mean, if my hunch is correct and Delgado does end up being Alcazar! I don't know. I don't read spoilers either so if anyone knows anything about it, please do not say. . .but it sounds FUN! How much would Todd love that?

Also I LOVE that Todd finally called Blair and Starr out on just accepting that the man who RIPPED him away from them for eight years and was complicit in eight years of Todd's daily mental and physical torture is just being welcomed into their lives. I call foul on that for sure. I'm right there with you Todd!

Bethie, I also FFed for the first time in a long time and it was the exact scenes you did. As soon as I saw Sonny walk into the warehouse and Kate was tied up/gagged, I hit FF. I did love that Michael walked in at the end and said "what are you doing??" with a look of horror on his face. Chad Duell has been nailing it lately.

I have no use for either Skye or Carly, but they were funny. It was nice to see Carly up against someone equally matched, unlike when she used to pick on/snark at Robin and Liz, or even Sam, since she is so much larger than they are. Skye can give as good as she gets.

We are brain twins as always, Louise.

Heart Skye so much. Carly deserved every verbal and physical shot she got from her and I'm very much looking forward to this Tomas/Lorenzo arc and Skye sharing scenes with Todd and Blair. And the Pine Valley mentions were faboo!

Sonny kidnapping Konnie was gross. Not as bad as Ford on OLTL abducting Jessica from her dying father's bedside, tying her up, trying to provoke a mental break, telling her he wasn't letting her go til he got what he wanted (!!!!) only for Jessica to apologize to HIM. But still, gross.

Sonny has more than enough baby Momma's (Carly, Alexis, and Olivia) and ex baby Momma's (Sam) on the show, so why not simply send Kate/Connie off to Ferncliff with Heather? Joe Jr. is dead and Trey is leaving the show.

Lulu going all baby crazy is dumb. We just saw the character telling Luke a few months ago that she wanted adventures in her life.

Liz is in desperate need of a story that does not involve pimping, propping or baby sitting other characters on the show. I was hoping that RC would re-cast the role of Dr. Jeffrey Webber who returns to town after telling Sarah and Liz that their mother died of natural causes and mixes it up with his children and ex-wives Monica and Heather.

I don't believe that Skye and Lorenzo ever married. But I am delighted they are using the Ted King tie-in, and curious to see where they take the Alcazar/Delgado connection.

@ LadyBug, Recast Jeff Webber? Is Richard Dean Anderson not available? While we're on the subject of Webbers, wouldn't it be nice if they could bring back Rick from the dead and undo the character assassination he underwent during his last appearances on GH? Just dreaming, I suppose.

So excited about the Tomas Alcazar potential!!! I adored Alcazar when he was falling for Carly years ago. Wonder how they'll explain this...and poor TEA!

Meanwhile, the Maxie-as-surrogate story is totally bugging me. Have they completely forgotten she's had a heart transplant??? There have only been a few dozen pregnancies in heart transplant patients - would a REAL doctor dare do this implantation?

I like Ellie too! Love that she's a completely GORGEOUS nerd. She makes Spinelli likable again.

I love how they were setting up the stereotypical soap "Character accuses other characters of knowing about something but it's not actually the big secret the characters are keeping" fake-out, but it pretty much turned out that Ellie actually DID mostly figure out what was going on.

I agree about the Connie/Sonny scenes, but I guess I was more forgiving because, as you point out, they were making a point that AJ is right about Sonny. However, I would be happier if Sonny's ham-fistedness backfires in some way.

There was another AMC shoutout recently. Heather's disguise while at Kelly's was original Janet "From Another Planet" Green.

I wonder if Sonny's controlling behavior lately towards Kate and Michael was written as part of a downward spiral that would set up Sonny's exit if MB doesn't stay.

Moment of sheer happiness for me today? Todd doing a pure happy dance when he realized that Tomas was a double of Lorenzo, so he has a chance of ruining Tomas' life! So much AWESOME!

And yeah. I too was wondering what real doctor would think that heart transplant patient Maxie would be a great candidate for being a carrier.

ladybug, I do agree that the way they had Lulu say she wanted a baby right away was too sudden, but the character has definitely said from time to time that she wanted a family, so while it could have used a little more subtlety (but what on this show doesn't?) I can buy it.

I am as excited as everyone else about the Tomas/Lorenzo storyline. The only thing that is bothering me is that considering how possesive he was about his kids, Diego and then Lila Rae (or how much he loved them, depending on your POV) I don't believe he would willingly stay away from Lila Rae. Especially since she is all he has left. That's what makes me think maybe Tomas is a twin or something...even though I hope he's not. Ted King is HAWT and needs to be on my screen every day. Preferably with Skye or Carly.

Which would leave Blair to be with Todd...not that I had that in mind at all...OMG I want them back together so badly!

If Richard Dean Anderson is available, then yes, bring him on as Dr. Jeff Webber, if not, then recast the role. It's time for Liz's parents (both if possible) to come home!

Skye is the one that had Jason kill LoBaby while she and Lila Rae were at home, so I doubt that Lorenzo is going to be all that thrilled to see his ex. Besides, Jason is a lousy hit man if he couldn't kill Lorenzo in his own home.

I don't see TnB reuniting unless RHo is leaving the show or GH is cancelled....JMO

I loooooove Todd on GH. The stuff with Molly, the pining over Blair, and the already-mentioned "happy dance"--now if Rick Lansing would return to represent his daughter's publishing interests and annoy his annoying brother, I couldn't ask for anything more(except maybe getting to see Stuart's art exhibit.) And I cannot wait to find out how they are going to resolve Tomas' identity--lost Alcazar triplet? CIA plant? The mind boggles. And Michael is finally waking up to the fact that mobsters are NOT NICE PEOPLE!

Good call on the Janet disguise. Heather also mentioned Pine Valley when she was stealing little Daniel from Tea.

What if Tomas isn't Lorenzo, but Luis? Wasn't he the bigger SOB? It would explain why he isn't that interested in Lila Rae.

Skye had been in hiding for years. She had the Q's, Jax's and the Chandlers' connections to keep her out of sight. So it wouldn't surprise me that "Lorenzo" would have gone on with his life as Tomas. Or perhaps he had a similar mindwipe like Todd 2.0, ala Jason Bourne. Lorenzo did actually love his family. He pretty much raised Sage and was getting to know Diego. And if Sonny was allowed to raise children while in the same line of work, then I couldn't buy the crap that Lorenzo couldn't be in his daughter's life because of "the dangers".

And Luis? He is dead. On screen. Alexis stabbed him and he was tossed off an apartment building.

I now have mixed feelings about bring back Ric. Since they have f'ed up the timeline by SORASing Molly to be a teenager and Cameron is now younger. It would be hard to explain. But Liz needs to get a life outside of Jason, the hospital and her kids. AJ? John? She needs to have some damn fun. With AJ you get the whole Jason questions/drama with a relationship. And it would drive Carly absolutely bonkers. If she becomes friendly with John it might just be a needed diversion to get Sam off of her Jason melodrama and let her discover that she is pissed and jealous of John seeing someone outside of her. So I can see Liz being in a fantastic storyline if the writers start with any plots like that.

OMG I LOVE THESE COMMENTS! Isn't it so fun that GH is a real SOAPY SOAP again??!! I have serious issues with things like someone sitting on a jury when the accused is their father or son or some other relative (yes, that has happened under the tyrannical reign of Guza). If you're going to do something in reality like a trial, something like that just looks ham-fisted and ridiculous.

However, give me Faison wearing a latex mask of Duke that is so unnoticeable and realistic that it must have been made by secret scientists on his hidden island lair, an unknown Alcazar triplet or CIA plant (YES Jennyp!), Olivia having "visions" that come true...oh hell yeah, I am ON BOARD! If you're going to go cheesy, go all the way to the Cheez-Wiz, baby! THAT is what soaps are about!

I second a return of Richard Dean Anderson as Jeff. Can you imagine the scenes with Robin Mattson? I am giddy thinking about it.

Then my dream would be to have a return of Sean and Tiffany! I know they probably couldn't become regulars - the canvas is getting pretty full (though clearly, some people could go - BRITT! SABRINA!), but putting the ol' gang back together (maybe even a visit from Laura???) for an adventure (maybe another on-location shoot?) would be a real Christmas miracle!

I am all for Christmas miracles. Go for it..Soaps don't have to make sense,they just have to make us fans happy. happy enough to watch everyday.

That was a brief and wide presentation.Thank you very much.

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