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November 14, 2012

I'm Not Made of Stone, Here (A Photo Album)

First, big apologies for not having posted about The Bold & the Beautiful in almost two weeks. Truth be told, it's hard to tell if there's that much interest in B&B posts (the last one got more comments about GH on it than anything else!) -- that, in addition to the fact that the show doesn't generally vary too wildly from day to day, plus my tendency to save up a few episodes and watch in bulk? Well, that all adds up to slow posting.

But I couldn't let it go unaddressed one more day. Is there much to really say, through all the sobbing? Not really. Stephanie's dying, they're stretching it out and milking it for all it's worth, and it's sad as shit. Eloquent, right? I don't think my heart can take another episode of the entire cast crying, since we all know full well about 10% of that is acting (if that). But it really is a lovely tribute to 25 years' worth of storytelling for this character, as well as to Susan Flannery herself. Beyond being a great and stalwart talent, she is clearly beloved by her co-workers.

Seriously, though, did they have to break out freakin' "Danny Boy?" Who the eff doesn't cry at "Danny Boy?" Robots? I don't know. Frankly I always find it hysterical on TV when some internationally known music act comes to perform at some private party for no reason other than a paycheck, and it always takes me out of the action completely because it's just weird.


Celtic Woman has always creeped me out a little, I confess. It's not that they don't sound beautiful -- they do -- but there's something about those dresses and the hair that just feels like some creepy Gaelic Automaton of some sort. Nonetheless, they laid it on thick with "Danny Boy" and the manipulation worked on me perfectly. I'm a sucker, even when it comes to Gaelic Automatons.

Interestingly (and appropriately, considering) only one character really got any one-on-one with Stephanie at her goodbye party (which was officially her last time seeing any of her non-husband loved ones) (I know she's in future episodes, but I mean according to in-show logic). Brooke and Stephanie shared a lovely goodbye in which I'm pretty sure Katherine Kelly Lang was about to break down completely.


Stephanie: I need you to take this family forward, you know that, someplace where it's just filled with happiness and with love. Okay? I'm going to leave tonight. You have to accept that. After the party, okay? After we've had all our laughs and all the good times, and then Eric and I are just gonna slip out quietly. Okay? And we'll get in the car, and we'll drive away. Of course, when I do that, that means -- that you're going to be in charge of my family, because it's now your family. Okay?

Brooke: Okay.

Stephanie: I want you not to waste one moment of your life. I want you just to get on with life, whether it's with Ridge or it's not. You and I made a decision to do good for other people. I'm going to expect you to do that. I need you to be a better woman than I was. Can you do that? You can. I know you can. I know you can. I love you, honey.

These aren't real people! Why am I crying so much!

And when I talk about the whole cast just standing around crying, I am not exaggerating. When I think of how disconsolate I've been when saying goodbye to the cast and crew after the run of a play that just lasts a couple of months, and then I compare that to 25 years... and having to say these goodbyes onscreen! I just...







(Pam's the one that really broke me. Alley Mills played it just like a little girl, completely lost and frightened.)

Well, that all speaks for itself.

And then they really played dirty by having Stephanie recite the "May the Road Rise Up to Meet You" Irish blessing that always makes me weepy (and yes, it has something to do with the fact that it was on the wall of my childhood home so it has a very specific sentiment for me). Well, that left the whole gang looking about as hopelessly sniffly as I felt.

Well, B&B, thanks for clearing my nasal passages!

How's everyone else holding up through all this? All cried out? Still wanting more? Over it?


I think that Stephanie's exit has been well done. I have missed a few episodes, including this one, so I'll check it out online. Alley Mills is such a wonderful talent. I wish she were featured onscreen more often. Pam's grief may actually make me cry. As well done as the "goodbye" to Stephanie is being done, I feel nothing for the characters outside of Stephanie, Brooke and Pam, so the various reactions leave me unmoved. Although Windsor Harmon did get to me in the Stephanie/Thorne scenes a few weeks back.

Louise, I appreciate your recaps/observations on B&B, particularly during this storyline (and I think the Katie stuff has been fantastic and re-energized me about Heather Tom's acting.)

I find those gals creepy too. They are gorgeous and they can sing but there is just something creepy about them. I don't think any soap has made me cry as much as this one. Between Stephanie dying and Katie's post partum I'm a total wreck. Both ladies have been absolutely amazing.

I'll admit I've never been a B&B fan, but I've caught a few episodes here and there since OLTL ended (*sniff*). Susan Flannery reminds me of Erika Slezak somehow - both the heart and soul of their shows, both extremely warm and talented actresses. Watching the show say goodbye to Stephanie/Susan makes me feel like I'm losing Viki/Erika all over again. Strange, I know. It's going to be a tough few weeks while her last scenes play out.

(And I wouldn't be surprised if this s/l manages to snag another Best Show Emmy for B&B next year!)

Louise have you seen the video of the goodbye celebration CBS did that Scott Clifton tweeted? It's awesome and precious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2zENUVDQaQ&feature=g-all-u

Celtic Woman has always creeped me out a little, I confess.
I'm sitting here nodding my head at the above sentence.

I've been watching B&B on & off since the mid-90's (pretty much on for the last 3 years). My mom hasn't watched a soap on a regular basis for at least 8yrs, but I told her about this storyline and she hasn't missed an episode since. I've never seen a character given such a respectful and classy send-off. I love that Stephanie had one-on-one sessions (complete with flashbacks!) with them before the party so she could just enjoy the time there. The Brooke/Stephanie scenes and then the wonderful acting by Susan at the end on Tuesday when she looked back at her door brought me to tears (& I rarely cry). I really enjoy your B&B posts!

I happy that I am not the only person who thinks Celtic Woman/Women are not "magical". And surely there are prettier shades of green they could have dressed them in. My husband is 100% Irish and I am proud to say this Polish gal knew every word to "May the road rise up...". Holy crows feet Brooke, HT better hook her up with her plastic surgeon, STAT! Hasn't Stephanie always hated Brooke? What is up with the carry the family torch crap?!?

^^Slappie Jones: Over the last 5 years or so, Stephanie & Brooke have found a love/hate space in their relationship that has leaned in favor of love. Specifically, Stephanie's first battle with cancer, Brooke was by her side, supporting her the entire way. Brooke was the first and only one to know about Stephanie's cancer for months. These women have consistently stated to each other how much they love and respect each other in last few years. I think it's one of the great relationships in all of soapdom because of the layers and acting.

Oh Louise, please don't give up on the Bold posting! I'm a regular reader, and it gives me the jump on what is coming up here in Australia. Sad that I am quietly consoled when things are going in the wrong direction with the storyline ( as I would like it to unfold!) - that I know how the story will pan out. And reading this one - boy I need to be well prepared for this episode!!

@soapbaby: thank you, I was confused with the whole family present and Stephanie pretty much only talking to the "slut from the valley". I guess seeing as Brooke and Eric are the only two of the four originals left it makes sense. And I agree with the kudos to Alley Mills, her heartache is truly heartbreaking to watch. I did not get choked up until Steff announced no one would see her again and the room broke out in an audible gasp and tears. Lord have mercy! Also, this is the only place I come for B&B updates...please don't leave us, Louise!!!!

You are welcome slappie jones! I like the progression of the Stephanie/Brooke relationship over the years. I agree with you that a lot of it is because they are part of the original 4 and the history with the relationship. I'm hoping that Ridge wil return for at least a cameo before Stephanie exits the canvas. Him missing throughout all of this leaves to gaping a hole in the story. He's her favorite child and so integral to the canvas in many ways. I think the better story would have been Ridge was presumed dead while on honeymoon with Brooke and returns to see Stephanie off because her dying wish would have been to see her son one last time. Also, I would like some closure of the Ridge/Brooke relationship, as it has been the primary relationship on the show over the past 25 years! Then, Ridge could be written out.

FYI all: The first sixteen episodes of B&B are available for purchase as a DVD box set! An Internet search should reveal which vendors carry the set for sale. I would list the ones I know but I am not sure how appropriate promotion is on this blog.

I don't even watch B&B on a regular basis and I balled during Stephanie's big speech. You can tell from Daytime Emmy clips and such that Flannery is really well-respected and admired in this close-knit industry, and so it's nice that she's getting so much love.

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