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November 19, 2012

In Which I Am Soapily Thankful

Traditionally, giving soapy thanks was a near impossible exercise and most of my examples of gratefulness were snide and sarcastic: "I'm thankful that General Hospital is on only five days a week, rather than seven". "I'm so grateful that the show gave Abby so much screentime, because her stories gave me ample opportunity to get housework done with no distractions". "Thank you, James Franco, for playing Franco and making me realize that Freaks and Geeks is no longer an absolutely perfect show*".

But now? Now, I AM thankful and have seriously contemplated sending Ron Carlivati a cupcake platter or half of a Best Friends Forever necklace. A short list of things I am thankful for, from one episode alone (please note that this list basically exceeds the General Hospital "Bests" of Serial Drama's entire lifetime):

  • The epic awesomeness carried over from Friday's episode during which Elizabeth realized that the man Olivia was describing was none other than Cesar Faison. Dun dun dun!
  • Robert Scorpio musing, in all seriousness, "Am I sure that Faison faked his own death and came back dressed up as Lavery in order to win Anna's love?"
  • Robert Scorpio in general.
  • Michael (!!!) continuing to be one of the brightest lights in all of Port Charles, possessing both common sense and a willingness to call out the town's hypocrites, most of whom are members of his immediate family:

Michael: Okay, let's say there's a cop who was shot by his own father. And when the time came to testify, he lied and he said he accidentally shot himself. That -- that would be perjury, right?
Dante: Yeah.
Michael: And this cop, he didn't really know his father that well. He wasn't sure if he could trust him or not. He just didn't want to be the one to send his father to prison. Now I can see why he made that choice. Can you?  

  • Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson did some impeccable work that will play quite nicely on their upcoming Emmy reels, and I don't say that lightly. As much as I adore Storms (and I do!) and, uh...have respect for Bradford Anderson as an actor, they both tend to lapse into shtick: shrill and babbling, respectively. But today, they were restrained and moving and it was all just really, really good.
  • The hot like fire chemistry between Kelly Monaco and Sean Kanan that distracted me within, like, eight seconds of them sharing scenes together today. What? They were crazy hot! They were!
  • The fact that I know what is coming tomorrow and Wednesday, so that I can sit down with a box...okay, fine, BOXES of tissues and Visine and plenty of water so I can rehydrate. Oh, Edward Quartermaine and John Ingle, I am weeping for you already!

*Just kidding, Freaks and Geeks will always be perfect, as anyone who has watched Freaks and Geeks knows. And if you haven't watched Freaks and Geeks, what on earth are you wasting time reading this blog for?! Exit your web browser and hunt down the DVDs immediately.


The argument between Maxie and Spinella just felt...real in a way I stopped expecting from "General Hospital", or really any current soap, for a long time now.

Ha! I remember those necklaces, and Ron & Frank should be getting lots of them for reviving the corpse that was Guza's GH. I tried to give them a shippers squish name, but it didn't go well. Rank, Ronk, and the worst...Fron :-0 The near BF similarity shocked my now happy GH heart. Somebody else needs to work on this, I'm too old.

My new love for Michael is astounding! And he likes Star & her singing, and I'm still loving him! It's all delish, bravo Carlitini???

I have to echo what I saw on another board re: the natural way Robert, Elizabeth, and Olivia teamed up on the Faison reveal. They're three characters from three different regimes who exist in different orbits, but it worked.

It's that community feeling that really is lacking in soaps these days.

meh. I really don't think Michael cares that Dante was/is wrong. I don't think that Michael should NOT bring up the shooting, but I don't think that Michael actually cares that Dante lied - he just wants to persuade Dante to not arrest Sonny, just like he supported Dante committing perjury when Michael wanted to keep Sonny out of jail.

BA and KS were indeed really good today. And KS's hair is a thing of awesomeness.

This post was awesome and Freaks and Geeks is the BEST ever. The end.

I really don't think that Maxie Jones as played by KS would want to boink Spinelli after being with Jesse, Lucky, Cooper, Logan, Matt and Franco. Maxie is selfish and vain to the bone and would never give Spinelli a second look.

Sam thy name is hypocrite as she lays into AJ about being manipulative and that the man belongs in prison. Pot meet kettle!

Great post Mallory!

Yes, Michael as town truth teller is just fantastic. I liked Olivia looking amazed to be in a room with Robert Scorpio. I share her bedazzle.

And ullis, it's AJ, not Sonny that Michael wants to keep out of jail.

Good episode and great recap. I'm surprised the Anna/"Duke" scenes weren't mentioned just for the acting and Anna's concluding that something was "off" about "Duke." I enjoyed those scenes.

Robert Scorpio is THE MAN. Hot damn! Olivia and Liz looked really hot. The duo felt like a super crime solving team. Lol.

The acting and dialogue in the Maxie/Spinelli was really good but I feel nothing for this pair. They are so much better apart. Lets move Maxie on to a new pairing and leave Spinelli with the adorable Ellie!

I am happy for AJ's return because it provides such good story but I do not see Sean Kanan as hot or even that good of an actor. He leaves me flat but everything surrounding AJ's return interests me. Lol. Re: AJ and Sam scenes, the baby that plays Danny is SO cute. That is all.

Freaks and Geeks will always be perfect (well almost perfect for a tv show) indeed although Six Feet Under, the Wire and Veronica Mars will always have my heart above everything and yep therefore before Freaks and Geeks, the Sopranos, Arrested Development or Homicide.

I think there's an even bigger point to be made about Michael and the truth-telling (other than how refreshing it is to see Michael not be an obnoxious little twerp): it has SO needed to be done, as a sort of . . . antidote to a decade-plus of distorted values on this show, when anything Sonny-Jason-Carly did (or anything done on behalf of Sonny-Jason-Carly) was justified JUST BECAUSE it involved Sonny-Jason-Carly, and they were by definition incapable of being in the wrong, and anything they did or anything done on their behalf, no matter how twisted, was by definition the right thing. And I give Carlivati/Valentini tremendous credit for coming up with such a plausible, organic way of pulling it off; someone didn't just suddenly wake up one day and start behaving differently--something happened in his life that made him start questioning the whole value structure that he's been handed and that has underpinned his life (and not so coincidentally, the entire show). It's like a scalding hot shower and scrubbing down with steel wool and lysol that's about 15 years overdue. I feel approximately the same way about this as I did when they revisited the Luke-Laura rape (thank you, Michele ValJean), only about 100 times more so, because this isn't fixing just one horrific storyline decision, but taking care of the root cause of 15 years of toxic rot. They can't repair 15 years of damage, but they can root out the cause and stop the infection.

I hadn't thought about it in quite this way before, but one of the nicest things about the current regime is being able to tune in to GH and not feel as though I'm personally tainted just by watching something so . . . sick, which is how I felt when I'd watch during most of JFP/Guza.

I just have to say that I was teary eyed through most of today's episode, and even though the lovely John Ingle heartbreakingly wasn't able to do these final scenes (may he rest easy and at peace), it still ripped my heart out.

When that little baby grabbed "Edward's" hand I sobbed a bit and when Monica told us his last word (we all knew what it would be, but still) I started to actually cry openly. I was very touched by the whole episode. . . I hope they do a lovely tribute to John Ingle in the next few days, as well as to the iconic Edward Quartermaine!

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