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November 13, 2012

Is It Weird To Give My TV A Standing Ovation?


A person is technology deprived for quite a while, thanks to weather related-madness (the one-two punch of a devastating hurricane followed almost immediately by a freak early-November snow storm was more than a little bizarre. And now I lost one of my favorite soapy cliches to snark on: the weather sweeps stories that, based on season and climate, are completely improbable! Because NOTHING is improbably when it comes to weather. Al Roker SCOFFS at my naivete) and then scrambling to catch up on time I lost from weather-related madness and all of a sudden, General Hospital is not just good, but fantastic. And maybe not even fantastic, but amazing. The show has been on a creative upswing for quite a while, clearly, but the past few days have been golden-era great, to the point where I actually (not really) (well, kind of) started to consider the plausibility of time travel--could I have gone back to the early 90s? Because Faison and Duke and Sean Kanan and Anna as the heroine of the show! But if I had, why has the cast aged and what happened to so many of the Quartermaines? So many questions! This is why I tend to shy away from science fiction novels.

So it must be true, right? The show is just THAT GOOD. I've been getting texts nonstop these days from friends who consider themselves reformed General Hospital fans. "Oh, you still watch that?", they'd sneer. "I gave up in 2005". And now they're texting things like "OMG, did you see today's GH?" "I LOVE THIS SHOW!" and "All of that was awesome!"

And it IS awesome. The Faison reveal--which I think we all knew was the most likely explanation for Duke's unbelievable non-Dukeness, but be predictable all you want, show, when a reveal is revealed in such a ridiculous manner--just felt right, like this is how General Hospital should be: filled with Duke masks, and secret identities, and Anders Hove overacting to the nth degree. And Duke is alive. And so is AJ Quartermaine, which is filling Carly and Sonny with all sorts of rage and fury...okay, that part is totally status quo, but Michael's reaction to all of this is a nice surprise! I had forgotten what it was like to watch one of his scenes and actually hear his lines; for so long, they were muffled by the sound of my inner monologue saying, "God, I hate this punk" repeatedly.

Michael: I AM involved in this.
Dante, who...I can't adequately describe just how much self-righteousness was dripping from these words. It was a little bit insane: Why? Because he's your biological father, you think you have some sort of obligation to him?
Michael, admirably restraining himself from saying "I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?": It's not that simple.
Dante, clearly high on drugs: It IS that simple. He's a criminal and he should be put away for the rest of his life.
Michael: It's easy for you to say, you've never been locked up.
AJ, clearly thinking "Who in the what now?": ...
Dante, disgusted: He shot his own father in the back.
Michael and I in unison, although his delivery was more like "Hey, this is my trump card" and mine was a shrill "OHMIGOD HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SCREECH THIS?!?!?!": And your father shot you. Or have you forgotten that?

I am in love with this show right now, you guys. In love.


I just love, love, love this show right now. Awesome how Carly and Sonny finally have to answer some tough questions about their past deeds, finally! I always found it disgusting how they and Jason were justified 100% in all they did, and AJ was the devil.
And Dante, who I usually love, what the what is wrong with him?? AJ shot his father in the back, Dante's father shot him in the chest! But all is forgiven there. And AJ is criminal who should be put away? Sonny is a career criminal, and has never paid the price for his crimes, but who cares, right??
I never, ever understood how they deprived AJ of ever knowing his son and got a way with it. Not to mention how they cut Alan, Monica, Edward and Lila out of Michaels life too. All because they were, what, dysfunctional? by that standard no one in that town should ever be a parent.
Anyway, love GH and good job writers. keep it up, please!!

Thank you SO MUCH for zeroing in on that ridiculousness with Dante. I was hoping you would comment on that. I was sitting there watching it and going, WHAT THE EFFING EFF DANTE?!?!?!?" He is truly ruined for me FOREVER now. He is so far up Sonny's ass that he may as well BE Sonny. He didn't even know AJ yet he comes down on him like he knew the whole story of what went down. HE HAD NO FREAKING CLUE so why is he being so judgemental? :S Plus, HIS FATHER SHOT HIM IN THE BACK! Moron.

Sorry, that should screech HIS FATHER SHOT HIM IN THE CHEST!

The slap heard round the world. Thanks Ron.

I actually sit at work, counting down until time to come home so I can watch GH now. And being cable-less and receptionless, I haunt Youtube until the show is posted because I CAN NOT WAIT until the next day to watch. I knew Frank and Ron would turn it around, I just didn't know they would go so awesome with it.

This is what is known as go big or go home.

And my only eye roll in weeks was at work today and non-GH related.

It does seem like they're consciously catering to people who hated the Phelps-Guza regime right now. And I'm grateful for it!

Things I love: Faison's crazy white hair, which makes him seem even more unhinged...Duke calling him "Euro-Trash"...really, all of it makes me so happy. I just hope that RealDuke gets to play the hero in some small part--perhaps by freeing Robin. I would hate for Luke to get all the glory.

I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

Meh. That was out of character writing for Dante. I can totally buy that he would think that AJ should go to prison, and he's been kissing Sonny butt for a while now, but pressuring Michael to forget about him? Dante would let him make his own decision.

And Dante was totally wrong, but considering every time Michael has ever brought up Sonny shooting Dante before this was to defend Sonny, I really didn't think he had the right to use it to his own advantage in this case.

I gotta say, I loved Michael calling AJ his father today. I've been waiting for this for a long time as I never understood the whole, "Oh noes, we must take him away from AJ because the corporate Quartermaine's are so much worse than the freakin' mafia!" story that went on way too long and Michael usually ended up a victim in a mob war. Yeah, the Quartermaine's may have ripped him up emotionally growing up, but I doubt he would have been shot in the head, shot his "father's" bride, killed his stepmom (and had it covered up by the merry band of idiots that eventually caused him to be sent to prison), got raped in prison, and so on and so forth. I'm liking his unsure relationship with AJ, but this AJ being steadfast about the fact that he loves him. Michael needs to know some honest truths about the people that raised him.

I'm so, so glad that "Duke" that is behind Robin's kidnapping isn't the real deal.

So, I'm totally loving the show now.

Oh Mallory, I SO wish you'd been able to screencap Anna's WTF? expression when AJ asked Dante if he destroyed any files the PCPD may have had on that moobster Sonny. It was priceless.

Or of the Quartermaine shennanigans with Monica, Tracy and Alice and the VASE!

But really, I wish that AJ had actually stood up as that crybaby Sonny walked into the jail cell, so that he'd have to, you know LOOK UP at AJ.

I just hope the showrunners won't f' it up and that AJ will be a winner this time 'round. That Anna's superspyskillz will jumpstart and she'll start questioning Faison.

I've read at other places that the only downside of the Faison impersonating Duke is that Luke was right after all. Well, sort of. That this Duke isn't DUKE, but the real Duke WAS, in fact, held in a Turkish prison. Personally, I don't want Luke saving the real deal and Robin. I want Robin and Duke to save each other with the help of RobertF!Scorpio leading the way.

One observation: It's gotta REALLY suck for Dante that everybody in town seems to know his cell number, and calls him directly instead of 911. After a few years of that misery, I kinda don't blame Dante for siding with his criminal dad on occasion. "Yeah, he shot me in the chest, but AT LEAST HE DOESN'T CALL ME EVERY FIVE MINUTES..."

Loved it! All of it! Great show and definitely must see tv. So happy to be saying that about GH again!

Last year (two years ago??) When Michael killed his stepmom and went to prison, Jason had a moment with Robin. He went over to her place and told her that she was right, and he was wrong, and Michael should have been raised by the Q's. Jason realized that then, and would have maybe calmed this whole thing down if he was here.

At the time, Robin didn't give him a pass on it. She made some lame comment about the Q's being "crazy", but she did remind him that he didn't completely understand things then, and to him, the Q's (who were trying to control him and make him be Jason Q) were the monster, and Sonny was freedom. However, she never said that it was ok, what he did. I appreciated that.

I was so happy when that apology came along. . . I had waited a hell of a long time for Jason to apologize to Robin for blowing up their whole life. I never understood why Jason, who trusted Robin completely, and didn't trust Carly at all, could be so accepting when it came to Carly, and so hateful when it came to Robin, back then. Not to mention Sonny totally turning his back on Robin. . . that burned too.

When Jason apologized I loved it. It was very satisfying when it happened. If only Michael had been raised by the Q's.. . if only Jason was forced to have a life with his family because of his love for Michael, if only Michael had been under Lila's influence all that time. . .

. . . if only Jason M had listened to Robin we might have avoided almost two decades of the carly/sonny show!

"One observation: It's gotta REALLY suck for Dante that everybody in town seems to know his cell number, and calls him directly instead of 911. After a few years of that misery, I kinda don't blame Dante for siding with his criminal dad on occasion. "Yeah, he shot me in the chest, but AT LEAST HE DOESN'T CALL ME EVERY FIVE MINUTES...""


jimbosil FOR.THE.WIN!!! LMAO.

Seriously, I can't understand the hate some posters have for Dante. I could understand the hate for Dante from 2009-2011 but he is a far better character under these writers. He's super adorable, a supportive, loving husband and makes Lulu tolerable (I find her generally cold.) He's doing his job in arresting AJ and being protective of his little brother. The Sonny Factor of getting away with crimes has no bearing on Dante's doing his job. Sonny's ALWAYS gotten away with his crimes, no matter who the law enforcers. I don't hold Dante anymore accountable than Mac, Taggert, Lucky or Anna! It seems Sonny/Carly-hate is so strong it encourages AJ-love! Don't get me wrong, I love that AJ is back because it's good storytelling but that doesn't mean I think he should get a pass for his heinous crimes which include shooting his father in the back and kidnapping children!

Overall, I enjoyed the episode but could have done without the Konnie stuff. I am annoyed by Todd being written as a buffoon. The idea of Konnie and Todd being office-mates is stupid. In fact, the Konnie stuff is ridiculous, repetitive and brings the show to a standstill. As much as I like the actors, I am beyond over Konnie and Johnny. I wish they would leave and never come back.

Loved the action in the Q mansion and the Tracy v. Alice combat made me double over in laughter!

@Mallory, thank you so much for quoting the Michael/Dante scene - I found myself rewinding and re-watching it about 7 times. No exaggeration - I just couldn't get enough. Dante has been written much better since the start of the new regime, but he still has a lot of Sonny-propping to answer for and I loved that Michael was the one to call him on it.

@ScorpiosRule, I thought that Anna's expression was more like "hmm, that's a possibility," than "WTF" and I loved it! I could almost see her running through all the cases where Sonny wasn't convicted and wondering if evidence or testimony disappeared at Dante's hands.

Monica slapping Carly (and getting in the middle of the Alice/Tracy fight to save a vase), Michael finally beginning to see that maybe his mother is a hypocrite whose decisions have damaged him, my beloved Duke not being really evil - Show, you are firing on all cylinders and it's fantastic.

The one miss (in addition to Konnie being on my screen in general) is Patrick's mischaracterization and willful disregard for the downright mean aspects of Britt's "personality." I was just waiting for him to defend Sabrina and say something like "she's a student nurse, not your laundry service" when Britt threw the vomited-upon scrubs on her. Not smile! He grew too much through is love for Robin & Emma to go back to being a man-whore who only thinks with the little head.

Carly getting called on her past shit has just been amazing. I cannot believe that I actually liked Michael this week. CANNOT BELIEVE IT. AJ is annoying the hell out Carly and it is gonna be fantastic to watch him go after the little mobster. Who no longer has big bad Jason to protect him. Michael FINALLY realizing that his "parents" aren't as great as he was always led to believe they were. He was actually sickened by Carly and Sonny's vendetta with AJ. I just wish that Michael could've heard St. Jason admitting that he had come to believe that keeping Michael from the Qs was the wrong thing. Hell, I wish that Sonny and Carly had heard him say that themselves. That would be the only thing in the world to ever get them to think about their past actions. Granted they would almost immediately believe that someone had brainwashed Jason, but there would be that split second of troubled thoughts.

PLEASE let this be the beginning of the end of the Sonny/Carly Mob show! Bringing back Scotty, Serena and Karen would be a huge hammer on the whole SonnyIsAGoodMobster crap. Explain getting a teenage girl from a troubled homelife addicted to drugs, have an affair with her and have her be a stripper in your establishment, to your teenage son and daughter, asshole!

I am LOVING GH right now. I can't believe I sat through YEARS of never ending Sonnycentric world,as if I needed to just accept mediocre storytelling. Somehow they have managed to give Robin the most compelling storyline she has had since she returned in 2006, and she isn't even officially on the show anymore. THAT's how good it is!

I was beginning to think that the Port Charles 911 was getting forwarded to Dante's phone. Even Tracy called him?!? On another subject....Colman has been on Young an the Restless lately playing a blackmailer. Does anyone know if he left GH permanently????

I'm so happy about RealDuke being alive and protecting Anna from afar that I'm willing to overlook that Anna hasn't noticed that she has been staring at and even smooching on a rubber face. But Duke! Alive!

No, BarbJ, the actor that plays Colman hasn't gone to Y&R. He doesn't have a contract with GH, so he can freelance to other shows without having an issue with the main show.

This is the type of cray-cray GH I was raised on, and I'm loving this show every day.

I'm shamelessly on TeamAJ and I know what he's done...but when Michael calls him "Father" and AJ calls him "Son" and Carly has to settle for screeching from the sidelines...this is the payoff I've been waiting for for over a decade. I also love Faison and RealDuke. OTT and nuts but fun...

I hope the PTB at ABC are seeing the awesome turnaround that Frank & Ron have managed with GH. I gave up on this show (after watching it for 20 years) about 5 years ago, but now it is a MUST SEE everday! Can't believe how much they have turned things around. Love, love love!

Love my man Dante, but gotta admit the words were totally WTF writers. I kept thinking no way would he say that, he knows what it is like to want to know your bio dad. But I figured it was just protective big brother mode and some selective amnesia on his part. And a chance for Michael to defend AJ because EVERYONE needs to be against him. I noticed that Mike did silence Dante with the "your dad shot you in the chest line." Anna was right about conflict of interest though, Dante doesn't belong on the case.

LOL jimbosil! I guess we would all do the same if we had our own personal police detective. No way Tracy wants all the uniform cops trampling her rose bushes.

Mind. Blown. I've watched GH, AMC and OLTL with my Nana since I was a little girl...After OLTL got the axe, I thought my soap life would never be the same... but GH has kicked it up a notch or twenty-seven and now I can't get enough!

Yeah...watching these scenes in hindsight after seeing Alexis also spew illogical Sonny sympathizing at Sonny makes me think that the writing was intentionally slanted to make AJ look like the put-upon one while he got to tell the hard truths.

Frankly, just because I hate Sonny/Carly/Jason doesn't mean I like clearly being manipulated to feel sorry for AJ. I already felt sorry for him without needing Dante or Alexis to play foils against Michael and/or AJ.

That annoys me and it had the opposite desired effect than it did for a lot of commentators here: I didn't repudiate my love for Dante or Alexis but it made me like AJ less. Ooops.

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