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November 01, 2012

The Bummer & the Creepy

First, my apologies for our relative blog silence this week. I've been sort of half-following the soaps, but not with much clarity throughout and in the aftermath of that bitch Hurricane Sandy. So this one's going to be super-brief but I just kind of wanted to check in. I hope all our Serial Drama readers are safe and sound, and that you have somewhere comfortable to stay if you are without power or water or if your home has been damaged. 

Second, we didn't so much have Halloween in our part of the country, but happy Halloween nonetheless! (And have a happy one next week if you're in the rescheduled-Halloween zone!) The soaps usually throw a little love Halloween's way, so I was a little psyched to see what they came up with.

General Hospital started their big old Halloween party, so I'm sure a plethora of soap blogs and websites will have a lot of great screencaps for you (or maybe a weekend roundup here if things settle down?). How adorable was Dante's robber? How apt was Josslyn as corn... what with her slightly resembling a Child of the Corn (really, more like a kid in Village of the Damned, but I'll make the leap)? How hilariously awesome was AJ's Grim Reaper look? And Duke meeting Emma warmed my heart in memory of Duke and Robin's former relationship, which may have made me grumpy under the current state of his character, but I took it on its own and loved it.

But mostly I was curious about how The Bold & the Beautiful would tackle October 31st, considering none of their current storylines really lend themselves to costume balls. Hey, y'all, Stephanie's dying, let's dress up like goblins! Katie has PPD, let's take her to a haunted house!

So instead, they actually found a nice small way to honor the seriousness of their current stories while still giving a little nod to Halloween. Katie moved into a month-to-month rental (where she'll presumably wait out Heather Tom's maternity leave?) and started seeing much creepier home decor (in what was already pretty grim home decor).




Oh, this totally reminds me that "The Scream" is a MoMA right now. Must make a note to go next week!

Anyway, I suspect having such hallucinations isn't really a common PPD symptom, but that's cool. It was still a fun (and sad) little moment. Heather Tom continues to kill it in this storyline, which bums me out that we're about to lose her for a while (but seriously, congratulations to her on new mommyhood!).

What were your favorite Halloween episodes or costumes? Did the other soaps do anything fine? And is everyone okay?


Glad to hear you are okay! Soaps do provide a great escape during tough times. How about that rewrite of AJ's death - was Steve Webber even on the show when AJ "died"?

Steve Webber was I think, but it was a different actor if I remember correctly? As was AJ. Anyone that can confirm?

Yes, Steve Lars Webber was the one who had announced that AJ had died--but he was played by Groovy Steve, dude with the curly mop do. And it was Billy Warlock's AJ that had "died."

Shaun Benson was Steve Weber and Billy Warlock was AJ.

Do you know what I want to see, more than anything? I want to see Duke and Anna have a real conversation about something other than her police investigation. How about a conversation about, say, what they have been up to for the last 20 years? I can't watch them have another conversation about who the 2nd shooter is while ignoring the fact that they know nothing about each other's life for the last two decades. If I haven't seen a friend in a long time, the first thing we do is catch up before we start talking about the mundane details of every day life. It's how normal human beings act. Grrrrrrrr.

Louise, so glad that you are safe. Seeing the current Joss dressed as corn was kind of creepy and I went right there with Children of the Corn, too. It got cuter once I registered that Carly was dressed as a farm girl, but it made me miss fat-headed Joss. I loved Lulu's cat costume on GH and thought Dante's jailbird costume was pretty funny for him. Even with a Disney tie-in for her Belle costume, Emma was still just completely adorable. Nice touch on the GH extras at Kelly's having some costumes, too. Can't wait to see what SpinEllie come up with, and Maxie, too.

Did you notice what young Jason had on in that Halloween picture? Ohio State gear! Steve Burton is a Buckeyes fan...I thought that was a nice little nod to him.

A.J. dressed up as the Grim Reaper to crash the halloween party at The Haunted Star on GH, and trick-or-treaters scared Sharon while she was hiding out at Adam's cabin on Y&R whil she was going cray-cray, and I don't know what DAYS did for halloween since I didn't watch it because I'm SICK AND TIRED of the Jennifer/Daniel/Nicole storyline despite the more superior Will/Sonny s/l and Eileen Davidson's return as Kristen Blake!

Glad to hear you weathered the storm Louise!

Heather Tom is doing splendid work on B&B. as of now, she's a shoe-in for another Emmy for Lead actress (not that she'll have much competition.)

GH's Halloween has only made me miss OLTL's Halloween last year and costumed Sam, Hope and baby Liam. Seeing AJ walk around in a costume in order to get close to his relative only reminded me of the much more fun costumed Todd as Spider-Man for Sam's birthday party on OLTL.

Soapbaby, I was just talking to some friends earlier about that very thing -- how much it made me miss the Manning Halloweens and how awesome they were. And aww, little Hope and Liam and Ryder. I miss those little cutebugs.

I loved B&B's nod (+ some creepy music) to Halloween. Heather Tom has been killing it, and with her big blue eyes and with no makeup, her acting reminds me of Emily Deschanel from Bones (or Emily reminds me of Heather, same thing).

Heather Tom for the win!

Also, Steffy's dress almost made her pregnant. Wardrobe, really?!! JMW is skinny and they're able to make her look pregnant?!! But how skinny were they able to make Brooke's legs look?!! A few angles made me really scared for KKL; her legs looks like sticks!

*I meant to say that the SKIRT made her LOOK pregnant, but perhaps the skirt will also GET her pregnant by the end of the evening :p

@Louise - It takes EVERYTHING in me not to bombard your blog with my memories and missing of OLTL. :-(

I also try not to resent GH for being left when I think OLTL was far superior when it left the air. GH has improved from Phelps/Guza and Phelps/Wolf but the show lacks soul and doesn't do fun/campy nearly as well as OLTL.

Yep, still bitter. LOL.

All I kept thinking yesterday when Todd was talking to Joss was that for the first time in like ever, RHo was having trouble chemistry wise with a kid. That child looked horrified.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy from Sandy...talk about drama! My dvr only picked up Katie looking at the pics changing. What on earth happened this week?!? Please don't tell me it was actually worth watching and I missed it!

How adorable was Emma as Belle? She had her reasons for dressing up as her down pat! She likes books and becomes a princess! Hee. And her adorably telling Sabrina about the Nurse's Ball and how it all started out to help her mommy? Precious! And has stupid is Dr. Tramp being? Who says that crap to a child(especially a child whose father is the guy you want to date)?

AJ was never perfect. Yes he was selfish and could be a jerk. But at least he wasn't a mobster and a paid hitman. Carly and Sonny making AJ out to be the worst human being EVER was just sickening. Yeah. AJ was the bad guy. Sonny was just helping AJ out by threatening him and HANGING HIM ON A MEATHOOK! Honestly. I'm not saying that AJ would've been the perfect parent, but I highly doubt that Michael would've been shot in the head and trying to order hits on people if he had spent his childhood with the Quartermaines.

ARRRRGH. SONNY badmouthing AJ as a parent is just outright ENRAGING to me. SONNY! The absolute GALL!

I enjoyed AJ schooling Michael today on some of finer points of the AJ/Carly/Sonny/Jason quadrangle. I'm glad someone told Michael the truth.

I was a little grossed out thinking that we were going to be watching a show that flashed between Michael and Starr in bed and Carly and Todd in bed.

Also I was upset about Todd and Carly to begin with because if a man has "intimacy issues" and has only EVER really enjoyed being with ONE woman (he WAS with Tea, but they only did the deed once in all their relationship and then he immediately ran back to Blair) I keep saying that cuz I'm hoping someone in charge will read it. Anyway, I digress.

IF this man is going to get it on with somoene new, you'd think there'd be a litte awkwardness. Nope. Todd looked right at home. . .and HOT.

AND where was his Halloween costumee!!?? Surely they won't abandon the Manning's love of Halloween??

Emma is a fantastic judge of character. . ."I don't like her" I don't either Emma!

I also loved Emma telling Sabrina about the Nurses Ball and am hoping that since Lucy Coe was mentioned and shown. . . maybe we'll get a Lucy appearance!!

Ok. enough. I hope everyone affected by Sandy is ok. Hang in there people!

@Bethie - I just finished the episode and can't help but agree with you about Todd's behavior. Todd's "intimacy issues" were a major part of the character's identity and I could buy him wanting to reconnect with Blair after an eight year separation. I really like Todd & Carly (and RH/LW were HOT as hell) but it's not in-line with Roger Howarth's version of Todd. Now, Trevor St. John's version of Todd was a horn-dog!

Well i like Todd and Carly and it makes for good drama when Carly will know about Todd baby switch scheme..lol..as for the intimacy issue i quite agree, it made his character more deep with his twisted history..Carly should have been the one making the move and Todd could have hesitate then respond..more in since he is clearly attracted..more in character ..on the other hand it is fun and refreshing to see Todd Manning, the torned soul having some loving fun..we will see how it goes..and now devious Aj is on the picture..exiting !

I always kinda felt sorry for AJ. It seemed that he was the oldest and the screwup because he was always trying to get some attention away from Jason, the golden child. I really didn't like AJ when Sonny strung him up on a meathook, but looking at it from a distance it was a truly dispicable thing to do, but Carly was truly dispicable back then. I like Laura Wright's version of Carly but HATED her when Sarah Brown played her.

and Carly and Todd WAS hot as hell, but it really felt wrong to me from his character's perspective.

However, I might be able to buy it considering that it is possible that Todd feels a little less tortured about his past deeds after serving eight years in hell with mommy dearest torturing him mentally and physically daily. Perhaps he feels he's paid a bit of his debt and is able to let loose a bit. AND eight years is a LONG time to go without sex. Just sayin' ;)

They are SO hot together I might be able to buy it, as long as Blair is endgame;)

I think Blair/Todd/Carly/Lorenzo(Tomas)/Skye is a great story possibility too by the way! Plus it brings more Q's back!

You know, the one thing that Blair HATES is Todd being interested in someone other than her. Her battle with Tea were over Todd & when Todd flirted with another woman while Blair was hiding behind his couch, well, lets just say her Southern really came out.

Bethie, it would be truly delicious to watch Skye & Blair fighting over a man again, then add Carly to the mix & it just might just be popcorn worthy.

Re: today's GH

See, I am a 10 year old girl! ALL CAPS AND EVERYTHING!


I like Todd and carly and it made good drama when carly will know Todd baby switch scheme.. Ha ha.. As for intimate question I quite agree with, this let his character more profound and his distorted history. Carly should be a mobile and Todd might hesitate to make reaction. Since he was obviously more attracted.. More role. On the other hand, this is interesting and willing to see Todd manning, blow down soul have some fun of love. We will see how it goes.. Now is this picture cunning Aj.. exit!

*I meant to say that the SKIRT made her LOOK pregnant, but perhaps the skirt will also GET her pregnant by the end of the evening :p

I always kinda felt sorry for AJ. It seemed that he was the oldest and the screwup because he was always trying to get some attention away from Jason, the golden child. I really didn't like AJ when Sonny strung him up on a meathook, but looking at it from a distance it was a truly dispicable thing to do, but Carly was truly dispicable back then. I like Laura Wright's version of Carly but HATED her when Sarah Brown played her.

and Carly and Todd WAS hot as hell, but it really felt wrong to me from his character's perspective.

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