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November 20, 2012

The Odd & the Naughty

Well, Alley Mills has just killed me once again. Lock 'er up, officers!

Upon hearing that Stephanie has made an exception to her "I will see none of my loved ones but Eric until my passing" policy, but learning that the exception was made for Brooke and not for her, Pam... well, she:


Can someone not give this woman a hug? I love the way Alley Mills plays her so much when they give her material of actual substance. It seems odd to use the word "guileless" for a woman who's constantly up to shenanigans and trickery and deceit, but it's strangely apt. And I find that guilelessness so heartbreaking and endearing.

Less heartbreaking and endearing is the inanity going on over at Bill's house. Now look, I'm a lifelong soap viewer and I'm well aware that one character accidentally walking in on another character naked to create sexual tension between the two is, like, Soap Staples 101. And that's fine by me. We need these staples. They're not going to surprise us and subvert the genre 250 times a year.



See? Cute. Standard stuff. And fine with me. I do not want them to move forward with this pairing, but it's clear that it's happening. (It's a little hysterical to me that Taylor ran to Katie to warn her that Brooke and Bill are getting closer, as if that wasn't precisely Katie's long-term plan.) But we've only just recently gotten over our PTSD from the whole "Cha cha cha!" corniness -- must we now be subjected to months and months of "stallion" references and competely on-the-nose NEIGHING sound effects? No, for serious. Because eww.

Speaking of "Cha cha cha!," Steffy and Liam are now moving in together. Well, sort of. They're going to keep both her place and his place because obscenely wealthy people have such luxuries and can get away with acting like it makes them mature and independent or something. I'm not particularly interested in this development because I was preoccupied by something else entirely in their scenes.

I'd noticed this a few days ago, and let me throw out this disclaimer: I realize this likely makes me super-old and out of touch. But what the hell is going on with Steffy's fingernail?


At first I thought maybe her nail polish was messed up or that she had a bandaid on her ring finger there. But come on, coma patients on soaps have perfect manicures so there was just no way.

Upon closer investigation:


This is a whole thing that's, like, on purpose. Is this a thing all the cool kids are doing now? Doesn't this seem unnecessarily complicated? (Look, I interact with hundreds of women from Staten Island, Long Island, and New Jersey every day. One is sitting seven feet away from where I am right this moment. I'm familiar with elaborate fingernails. I'm only surprised to see such things leaking into the more trendy, high(er) fashion kind of world.)

And so, in conclusion:

1. This Brooke/Stephanie stuff is going to make me cry. Right?

2. Heather Tom is killing it but her storyline is starting to make me hopelessly depressed. It's so freakin' bleak!


re: the fingernail thing.... I'm not sure if it's a thing cool kids are doing, but doing something that's "unnecessarily complicated" seems pretty in keeping with the character as defined.

re: points 1 and 2... the bits I've seen with Heather Tom freaking out in the apartment were pretty much what I expected... as you said, killing it. And I know sometimes it's jarring for viewers if you go from happy-go-lucky to depressing storyline - especially on a half hour show. But doesn't it seem like Katie's postpartum depression AND Stephanie dying is a lot of sad all at once -- especially on a show that's usually pretty fluffy?

BTW on the opposite of depressing note, I don't know if that screencap is just a particularly good angle or if he still looks like that good easily -- but Don Diamont is going to be 50 years old next month. DAMN.

@LogopolisMike: I agree about Don Diamont and think he only has good angles!

I may in the minority but I want Brooke Logan to do something scandalous with $Bill! A Brooke Logan that is oversexed is the Brooke Logan I know and love, not the Brooke Logan we have been subjected to over the last two years_ hand wringing over Hope's love life. Brooke Logan is the last survivor of soapdom's yester-year when soaps would feature trampy women you still rooted for (GL's Reva Shayne, AMC's Erica Kane, KL's Abby Fairgate.) Plus, I think Brooke and $Bill have chemistry, certainly more than Katie and $Bill. As much as I enjoy Heather Tom's acting, I've never seen her various soap characters have much chemistry in romantic pairings.

Oh, and Alley Mills is AMAZING and this show's ace. That says a lot considering the powerhouse performances from Heather Tom and Susan Flannery.

Alley Mills is the best actress on the show as far as I am concerned. She is playing the lost little girl to the hilt. Bravo! OTH, I am really getting sick of the whole Katie storyline. Bum-bum, bum-bum....give me a break.If she is certain she is going to kick the bucket in a year, the kid won't even remember her! The breakdown in the hospital was just really weird to me. Moving on, people! And while I get the whole "passing the torch" from Stephanie to Brooke, it was SO sad that she did not call Pammy to come be with her...her only sister!!! I felt Pam's pain. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

I have no internet at home for the time being and I haven't seen the last two weeks of episodes :( and I've been avoiding logging in from work, but OMG, those screencaps with Brooke & Bill. I am feeling so torn over this storyline because clearly Brooke should not and would not be doing this, but damn, their chemistry is HOT, and yeah, i miss Brooke being all sexy and romantic, and it certainly helps that they have Katie's blessing (even if they don't know that), so I want more playful scenes with them while at the same time not wanting Brooke to hook up with her sister's husband => DILEMMA! BUT, on the bright side, at least I care, and that's much more than B&B has done for me during the triangle.

Also, Brooke & Stephanie scenes are always A+ in my book. Looking very very forward to that. Brokenhearted for Pam though :(

Thank you for the recaps; I'm gonna try to catch up this week because the Steph goodbye was so much soapy goodness that i MUST see it in action!

De-lurking - the fingernail thing is a real thing. Check out the August(? - the one w Sofia Vergara) Allure Mag for a whole article on nail art.

I've done taupe with one navy nail, and another time purple with a snakeskin sticker that had a gold/teal sheen on just my index finger. You can only really pull it off if you have short nails, otherwise it looks a little Cruella de Ville.

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