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November 27, 2012

Well, They Can't All Be Victories

For the past few months and, most especially, the past couple of weeks, I have been absolutely besotted with General Hospital and if that conjures up images of me batting my eyelashes and giggling demurely at my television, well, it should. Because I adore it. I have been talking about it relentlessly, to those who watch it and those who don't ("I made a doctor's appointment for the 12th..." "Are you talking about General Hospital?!" "...no." "Oh, well, since you brought it up--" "I didn't. Oh my god, are you BLUSHING?) and the slightest bit of traffic on my commute home completely ruins my mood, because I so badly want to get home and watch my recording.

Yesterday's episode continued the streak of adorability. Maxie and Lulu's somewhat absurd surrogacy conversation made me smile. I didn't fully hate the tortured and wholly unrealistic vocabulary during Spinelli and Ellie's scenes together. And I found myself aww-ing at Molly and Starr, even though the former has always irked me and I have absolutely no feelings about the latter unless "For the love of god, child, stop pulling those faces!" counts as a feeling.

And the Quartermaines! Oh, the Quartermaine squabbling made me feel right at home, even though my family is much more functional than the Q's have ever been. The discussion of ELQ Stock and, well, Wally Kurth's face gave me flashbacks to the golden era of this show. The reading of the will was equal parts humorous ("I guess Mr. Quartermaine preferred Big Bird to Oscar the Grouch") and awful--every time Tracy stridently and incredulously gasped, "Daddy is making me share x percent with my ragtag extended family?!", I became a little more suffocated by the growing dread that she would be left nothing and that the two of us would just melt into a puddle of humiliation, hers public and mine secondhand. I almost couldn't watch the very end, where it was confirmed that, nope, Tracy got nothing, but I was afraid to miss it because...well, because Jane Elliot has a hold on me.

Almost perfect, right? Then came the record scratch that is Kristina.

Whenever this girl is onscreen, I cringe. I'm sorry! I feel so mean saying it, but it's true. The writing and the recast have made me completely forget everything I ever liked about Kristina and the WTFness of her squawking in the midst of an otherwise perfect episode was glaring. The "sudden" realization she had about Joe Scully Jr. actually made me mute my TV.

Kristina: But that doesn't make sense. Why would your dad give up his only chance of survival -- no. Your dad had a thing for Tracy Q.? And he saved her life?

Sudden is in sarcastic airquotes because it actually took her about AN HOUR to deliver that line in a robotic monotone and move her eyes around wildly to convey "epiphany". It made me uncomfortable and also made me fervently wish that Trey wasn't the one leaving the show. And it's not like I care even a little about this half-assed history rewrite (I don't think ANYONE does, except maybe Erik Valdez and I think he was more interested in job security than the character itself, because he is a human being). I just think it's unfair that the person TRYING in this scenario is the one to exit and take with him lines like "My mother hates me even more than the day she left me in the drawer". It's a cruel world.


Mallory -- You're "crush" on General Hospital is adorable. I didn't enjoy the episode. Thankfully, AJ's speech in the mausoleum was short. Jane Elliott's magnificence aside, I found every interaction in this episode awkward and forced. I enjoy that Alice is a shareholder.
So it's confirmed that Erik Valdez is out? I heard the rumor but couldn't muster the energy to research. He and the character never worked for me. I only wish he could take Kristina, Starr, Shawn, Konnie and Johnny with him. I find The Davis Girls exhaustingly dull but actually like Molly the most. Haley Poulos looked gorgeous on this episode.

I definitely enjoyed the Quartermaines (although Ned, as cute as ever, could tone down the sanctimonious attitude; then again, the fact that Ned is even there and doing something I can complain about is a miracle in itself, so let's disregard this minor annoyance altogether) and the Lulu/Maxie scenes, but I had to force myself to get through the rest. Jane Elliot is adorable and I loved the faces she made. I know Tracy can be insufferable and I remember how furious I was when she changed Alan's will, but I felt so bad for her. I got her hurt, anger, and frustration.

I can't believe how much I don't care for Kristina. I know it's probably polite to blame this solely on the writing, but honestly, the recast just doesn't do it for me. I'd rather Kristina have a true epiphany and take her butt back to Yale, than to see her now. Seriously, I can't believe I'd rather Trey stick around than her.

Oh well, I'll take the good with the bad b/c GH is so much better now. This show is no longer surrounded in darkness with the same people as the clear winners before a story even begins.

I've just been watching the continuing surrogacy conversation between Maxie and Lulu, and am wondering why Lulu didn't bring up the obvious fact that Maxie has had a heart transplant and would be a very risky candidate for surrogacy! Or did that come up on Monday?

My favorite moment of yesterday's episode, honestly, was Tracy putting Edward's hat on his grave marker. So sad, and so sweet, all at once.

It made sense to me that Tracy was left with nothing. Edward never forgot her with-holding his heart medication way back in 78.

soapbaby, it actually hasn't been confirmed officially yet that Trey is out, but yesterday's episode seemed to set it up.

I think Edward leaving Tracy the jar of Lila's pickles is a hidden sign of his confidence in her abilities. . . that she doesn't need his money, that she is capable (more than) of making her fortune all on her own (as her momma did when she saved the Q's with her pickles or relish or whatever).

I think she'll learn that when she "makes it". There'll be some message or some epiphany from Edward. I hope.

"...the record scratch that is Kristina." Heh.

Honestly, I don't hate Lindsey Morgan (not that the writing's really done her any favors either), but the amount that she's improved in her time on the show doesn't seem to track with, well, her time on the show. We're not talking Charity Rahmer here, to be fair, but still. On the other hand, her ongoing resemblance to Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (the hair and the mannerisms) is a constant source of amusement for me, so...halfsies?

OMGeez! I am just waiting for this Cristina to start twirling her hair with her fingers, swaying side to side, and talling like a Valley Girl. Totally! Crap recast.

You have the quote wrong. Kristina didn't say 'You got a THING....'. She said 'You got a THINGA...'. The girl adds an 'a' to the end of each ING word. She did it 3 times in this episode. Not that I was counting or anything!! Or should I say anythinga?

Okay, did anybody know about the thing that happened today in regards to Blair's wedding and it's unexpected connection? (I'm not spoiling it for those who didn't see it.)

Because I did not see that rumor anywhere else and it sorta made me pee my pants a little. Damn this show for sucking me ALL the way back in.

I just started watching this show a couple weeks ago, 'cause I've had a soap-shaped whole in my heart since AMC ended. It's so good! Way better than AMC was (with the exception of the last few months) since probably 2006 or so. Loving it! Also loved the Pine Valley references today. Stuart is still kickin'! Woot.

Oh LogopolisMike, me too! And I ran around spontaneously spouting "Oh Joy! Oh Joy! Oh Joy!" like a twelve year old with a new boyfriend. OH JOY!

Today was pure awesomeness! Toddian meltdowns! And yeah Todd, why does a paid assassin(who kidnapped you and left you to be brutally tortured for 8 years, allowing a man to take over your life) get a free pass in Llanview? Although I do have a hard time believing that Vicki would cut off contact with Todd. Sam mention, YAY! Molly looking like a terrified dying guppy during the Todd/Starr family bitchfest? Awesome!

AJ and Michael bonding! And it looks like Michael may finally see Sonny as the controlfreak criminal that he is!

Skye and Carly slapfest! Pine Valley shout out! And then their looks of shock when they saw that picture of Blair and "Tomas Delgado" on the screen! Cannot wait for the truth!

For those of us who didn't watch OLTL...what's the quick story on Tomas Delgado? And is it plausible that he's Alcazar? Does that fit with the history of the character?

ALC, simple version: Blair found a painting of herself when she married Todd the 1st time. She had to find out who painted the picture & found Tomas. I can't remember if he followed her back to Lanview, or if he came back with her, but after he landed in town, it turned out that he was Tea's long-lost brother. He did not like her being married to "Todd" at the time and wanted to get her away from him. Eventually, he managed to get Blair into bed, but when the original Todd showed up, she was pulled in 2 different directions. Later, it was found out that Tomas was responsible for Todd disappearing for 8 years. But Blair, mad at Todd for shooting Victor ("Todd") chose Tomas, even though she will always be in love with Todd. Now she's engaged to & getting ready to marry Tomas.

Maybe it wasn't simple after all.

Actually, I think that it was the perfect storm of Todd being responsible for Tomas' just desserts (Tomas' kidnapping), Todd lying to Blair about(while they were falling back in love together) kidnapping Tomas and the whole Victor Jr.'s "death". That was Blair's excuse for going back to "Tomas". The big thing for is why the hell Tomas wouldn't have been desperate to keep Blair and Tea away from PC, if he really is Lorenzo. Or did he just believe that they just wouldn't stumble upon any pics of him?

Hey, do you think that Skye will be giving Lila Rae the grand tour of where all of her dad's family members died? Oh, here is the locked room where you teenage cousin Sage was brutally murdered! Your big brother Diego died in this town twice! The last time as a serial killer zombie! Miss Davis killed your uncle right over there in that building. Uncle Jason helped your Daddy disappear right there in our old family penthouse!

I just love how they are tying the Faison plot into other story lines on GH. Feels like old times! When Diane started leading into giving up another criminal, I got scared that this would be more Sonny in the forefront business, but when AJ said Faison, I literally went "HA!" forcing my 7-month old to look at me like I was crazy. Which I apparently am. Oh well! Bring it on GH!

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