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December 04, 2012

Comfort Food (& It Tastes So Bad)

Remember that cool diversion we had for a couple of months in which The Bold & the Beautiful remembered not only that there are characters other than Hope, Liam, and Steffy on this show, but also that some of them are even past their twenties? That was awesome. Sure, some of the episodes were a little depressing considering most packed the one-two punch of a legacy character dying of cancer in front of our eyes while another one totally lost her grip on reality and almost fell apart completely. But there was balance and there was variety.

You know how long it's been since I had to constantly call Liam Spencer a "douchenozzle," since there really weren't any better descriptors?


Y'all, Liam Spencer is a douchenozzle.

Honestly, based on the last couple of episodes, I'm getting the sinking feeling that the triangle from hell was merely suspended for several weeks and is now gearing up again, full-force. And no, I don't just mean wistful flashbacks and goofy, over-long "who farted?" looks. I mean all the grown-ups once again being overinvested in this nonsense. It's almost as if the show worked really hard to lull us all into complacency until just after everyone's Best-and-Worst-of-2012 list deadlines had passed, only to then pull the rug out from under us. Pointing and laughing, I would assume. Afternoon Television Program, stop pointing and laughing at me!

First of all, we had Liam annoyingly thanking his father for all his "support" through this. Liam! Douchenozzle! Your father didn't support you for one second until you made the choice he'd been brow-beating you to make the entire time! I mean I realize that the point of this was to up the stakes just in case Caroline does tell Liam that Bill was responsible for the various Italian wedding mishaps. Apparently there's some risk that Liam would never forgive Bill for this. What planet do these people live on? Bill made them all think Steffy was dying and Liam forgave him for it like two days later! And that's just the beginning. (Hey, remember when Bill threw Liam around the room a bit, insulting him left and right ten seconds after his thwarted wedding? SUPPORT, SPENCER-STYLE.)

In the end, Rick and Caroline have announced that they're going to tell Liam and Hope the truth about Bill's machinations and about Rick and Othello's lie about the Steffy/Liam makeout session (little do they know how many there really were, even though that particular one was an invention).


Naturally they made this decision in bed, post-coitally. As you do.

Bill and Rick did some uber-macho posturing with each other and worked really hard to out-smug each other.


(Caroline looks about as bored and disengaged as I am at this point.)

And Hope told Liam she still loves him and always will.

Is it August? March? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!! 


My question is WHY does Hope still love him?

GAWD. I hate this generation's version of Ridge. If only Scott would wear a jaunty scarf every once in a while, then I could laugh and cry.

Right? Seriously. He moved on, what, two days after their wedding? With the very woman she felt she couldn't trust him with! Isn't that all she needs to know? HE SUCKS! Nothing to love.

I have the perfect solution, Louise.

Step 1 - B&B kills off Liam.

Step 2 - GH immediately hires Scott Clifton to reprise the role of Dillon, who is stunned when he meets a lookalike from PA named Schulyer Joplin.

Ahh B&B. Welcome back! The high quality of the last couple months was only meant to be short lived and I always knew it. Back to reading recaps online versus watching the actual show. Thanks!

I do think Brooke & Bill have tons of chemistry.

Brooke (KKL) has chemistry with a doorknob. She's the Kassie Depaiva and Alicia Minshew of CBS.

At this point I'm just really disappointed in the writers. One calendar week after the death of one of the central characters on the show (in-show, I think it's only been two days) and we're marinating in the Triangle of Doom again? Not even Linsey Godfrey's orange brassiere or, yes, the KKL/DD chemistry can offset that.

I stopped watching this show as soon as I heard that Hope changed her mind and decided that she wanted Liam back. This show is ridiculous. Seriously, she didn't even try dating anyone new, or trying to get over him. He went back to Steffy, so Hope decides she wants him again. I'm so over this storyline. Although I do look forwarding to reading your thoughts on it as this draggs on into the next millenium!

I too am disappointed that we are back to the Triangle of Doom. And I thought Hope was doing *so* well by constantly repeating how Liam was with Steffy just before the wedding. And now she tells him she still loves him and always will? OMG, Hope, GET A GRIP!!

I am also disappointed that it took only one week after Steph's death to get back to that *sh!t*

Lisa, your line here:
"Brooke (KKL) has chemistry with a doorknob."
made me LMFAO and also whoop because I couldn't agree more!! I think I would watch Brooke do *anything* with *anyone* rather than the Triangle of Doom.

Louise -- as for you recapping Wedding Band; I don't watch it, so I don't really mind either way. But I would be much more inclined to read your recaps if they included screencaps :)

Sigh i agree with all of you. The triangle of doom is at it again! SC lacks allot as leading male also.. It's what makes it even harder to watch. KM and JMW have better chemistry!

But a grieving Hope was to be expected, and that is actually realistic. But i don't know why Bell wont let Liam work on himself for a change!

I stopped to watch the show when I heard that hope she changed her mind and decided she wanted liam back. This program is ridiculous. Seriously, she didn't even try to date anyone, or trying to get a new in him. He returned to Steffy, so I hope decided she wanted him. I know this story. Although I really look forward to reading your thoughts in it as this draggs in into the next millennium!

@C - Dillon/Schuyler = GENIUS!

I too am disappointed that we are back to the Triangle of Doom. And I thought Hope was doing *so* well by constantly repeating how Liam was with Steffy just before the wedding. And now she tells him she still loves him and always will? OMG, Hope, GET A GRIP!!

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