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December 05, 2012

Exclamation Points Abound

There were so many things to capital L-O-V-E love about today's General Hospital: AJ and Faison--history and nifty canvas integration in one fell swoop is something that happened so rarely on GH that it still feels a little foreign when characters from Port Charles's past are...well, aren't killed off violently in a hail of mob violence, but also when characters from Port Charles's past have interconnected plots with each other and aren't constrained to little pods, like the "mob pod" and the "hospital pod" (not like the hospital was ever featured prominently enough to have a pod of its own during the old regime but still, just go with it). The look on Anna's face when Plastic Duke called her "My Anna". Carly reverting to shrill, selfish, and almost comically petulant type--everybody else in the audience/universe may have full-body cringed with hatred, but awful Carly is my favorite Carly.

But if you know even the slightest bit about me, you know that the thing I love the most was the grainy cell phone picture of Faison, because he was doing a pretty fantastic model strut.

There will be nothing better than this, ever.



Faison..you better WORK.

LMAO...Faison is the bomb!

We have a soap full of spies and cops! While Sonny is making nasty sex comments to Connie..Blech.

Now I keep hearing RuPaul's Cover Girl in my head whenever I look at that picture. Ian B did a good job of conveying the creepy in that "My Anna" too.

Hilarious. Rather a jaunty-looking walk for a patient in some kind of clinic! Thanks, I did not catch that when it was shown yesterday!

Noami Campbell WALK...Noami Campbell WALK....

You all make my day so fantastic.

Thank you.

How do you manage to capture my exact sentiments with each GH post you write?


SO glad that Cartini brought their awesome prop people with them.

Your blog was tweeted by a friend yesterday evening. Thought I’d take a look. Best decision ever.I will keep your new article.

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