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December 23, 2012

Ho Ho Ho-ly Goodness, This Show Is Amazing

Everything you could have ever wanted in an episode of television happened on Friday's episode of General Hospital. I don't mean advances in plot or character development, because the show was about as filler-y as a filler episode can get and those things were just...not there.

No, I meant Tracy Quartermaine wearing a Santa hat for the duration of the episode.

What else in life could a person ever hope for or dream of?

The only other way you might be able to answer that question is "Lots of sweet and snarky Lucy Coe action". And for so many years, the possibility of that ever happening was more than an impossibility, so you've probably trained yourself out of even hoping for it. But this show had that, too!


Lucy: No, wait a minute. I do not need to leave. I used to be, for your
information, the lady of this house.
Monica: Oh, you belong in a house, all right. But not for ladies.

Monica: Well, then kiss my 99% assets and get the hell out of here.
Lucy: You know you're losing out. You need that makeover, by the way.

Really, they could have condensed the episode to a few Tracy Claus one-liners and shots of smirking Lucy (guys, she offered Monica a de-puffer! And it took on a whole new meaning with Leslie Charleson looking...you know what, I'm in a good mood so I am not going to go there, but I AM going to raise an eyebrow archly and give you all a knowing look) and I would have been screaming "EMMY SUBMISSION EPISODE! ALL TIME CLASSIC! EXCLAMATION POINT, EXCLAMATION POINT, EXCLAMATION POINT!" because really.

Although if they had condensed the episode to just Tracy and Lucy, I would have missed the following thirty seconds of things that I also enjoyed to a much lesser degree:

  • AJ and Michael's brief coat mixup actually made me say "Aww!" What has happened to me?! I feel like I used to have biting wit, but I've become all ooey gooey and starry eyed. I blame my burgeoning crush on Sean Kanan and the fact that my blood is probably 84% peppermint hot chocolate these days. It's making me all nice!
  • Kelly Monaco deserves some serious credit for being able to convincingly convey "annoyance" at the sight of Tracy, when the logical reaction is to clap and squeal.



  • I am coveting Carly's cardigan.


Stripey AND neon accents? I want, I need, I have to have.

  • I didn't love Carly and Connie-Kate's verbal sparring, but it didn't not entertain me, either.  Carly's regression into a petulant high schooler worked for me with her dramatic eyerolls.

Carly: Then how come every single time I mention your name to Johnny, he cringes? He clenches his teeth, trying not to throw up.

I only wish she had used the term "ralph", because I would have laughed for days.

And I do have to give Connie-Kate props for her sense of humor.

Connie: Carly, you might want to get that checked out. Hearing voices is a sign of mental illness.
Carly: You would know.
Connie, seriously: I would know.


Plus, movement on the Nurse's Ball! It's almost all fantastic, which is something my fingers are still uncomfortable typing...


I wondered if that coat mixup scene was scripted or adlibbed, it just seemed so natural. And Lucy Coe/Lynn Herring is awesome. Normally I'm not a big fan of over the top performances but somehow LH manages to ground it and show the heart beneath. I'm looking forward to Lucy meeting Emma.

Just NO to a pairing of Liz and AJ. I like that AJ has returned to the canvas because it opens up story for several characters but Sean Kanan doesn't have the ability or charisma to sell the character for me. That whole scene of Monica pimping AJ to Liz was a WTF? for me. First, it cheapened the very necessary and long overdue apology Monica needed to give Liz and second, the comparison of Liz needing redemption along the lines of AJ is laughable. Liz held a big secret for what, a day or two before admitting it to Jason. Nearly everyone in PC has done far worse. AJ is being propped in the writing and I don't think it services the character. I also don't think Sean Kanan brings nuance to the character. Trevor St. John would be a perfect fit if he hadn't played Victor on OLTL. A Michael Muhney-type would be a great fit (Michael Muhney plays Adam on Y&R.)

Yes-- To everything Lucy Coe. She's a blast. Lucy Coe is a breathe of fresh air to the canvas. Loved the Lucy/Monica scenes.

No-- To Leslie Charleson's distractingly inflamed face. Her plastic surgery seemed toned-down last month when she was featured nearly every day of November. Perhaps, she just went in for a touch-up. Just NO.

Yes-- To anything Todd Manning. He's the man.

No-- Mousy Nurse v. Bitchy Doctor. They are such shallow, one-note characters and so self-serving with no rooting factors. Sabrina is no better than Britt but the writers are telling the audience she is.

Yes & No-- I think Felix is so cute but why must he have a "one-bitch"-minimum per scene? We get it writers. He is supposed to be a slightly catty gay man. I did chuckle when he referred to Britt as "The Britch." LMAO.

No-- To Konnie in general. I tend to zone-out during her scenes but why did she invite Carly into the apartment? That made no sense. Then again, NOTHING about Konnie's storyline makes sense.

Yes-- To Sam's splitting her shares between Tracy and AJ. That made a lot of sense to me. But NO to Kelly's precarious hold of that beautiful baby. She looks especially frail when holding that healthy baby.

And happy holidays to everyone. Especially Jane Elliott because she is being utilized by these writers and she makes everything better!

Dear Santa, would it be greedy of me to ask for several scenes of Lucy, Todd & Tracy? With a sprinkling of Dianne, for good measure. Pretty please???

Loved your post! The only think I'd add was the Patrick & Lucy scene. I adored is so much that I watched it 5x's!

I love the idea of AJ being back and the possibilities for the character's love interests and story lines. Although, I have to admit the actor is not a smooth as I want him to be..... very Jason (SB) like, with a lot more talking. He is like Jason's robot. His movements are still to jerky for me. I suspect with time and comfort in this role it will be less. I love watching his scene though, I am soooo rooting for AJ!

Nurse Betty and Dr. Brit competing for Patrick. I think the main problem in this whole storyline is the fact the ROBIN IS STILL ALIVE and we all know it. It makes sense that he needs to move on, but we the audience can't move on knowing she is still out there. Plus, Patrick is such a deep character, its weird to see him as a prize to these very one noted characters..... I would rather see them fighting over someone like Trey.... eh... or just not see them at all..... or give the girls more connections to other characters.....

Speaking of people still being alive. Jason. How can we have Sam move on if Jason is still lingering around..... I know the actor is gone, but with all these people coming back from the dead, and especially Jason, it difficult to believe he is really gone. I really want her to move on with either Aj or John. : ).... probably John first....

And Liz........ why can't the blooming romance be between Liz and Patrick?? That would naturally make sense.... or AJ too. What is with Liz? why is there never a good storyline for her in years?? Remember when she was with Rick and Lucky..... is it the b*tch face that is bring her down?

Although I haven't enjoyed GH this much in years, I agree with those people that have problems with Patrick/Brit/Sabrina. For all the reasons stated. Even if Robin WERE dead, Sabrina just seems so...immature?...to be with Patrick. And Brit is a cardboard evil b*tch character, so ugh, get rid of her. Felix is growing on me tho. As for Liz, I dream of an AJ/Liz/Ric triangle. Maybe AJ could get Ric to come back based on their mutual loathing of Sonny, or Molly to get him to sue Connie about the book. As for Sam, her divvying up the stock was very true to her character, I thought. Now if she would just move on w/McBain...

LiRic redo #3? No. Once a man tries to kill you twice, it's time to shut the door and never, go back! I hated Liz remarrying Ric after he drugged his wife for sex, slipped birth controls in her OJ, and tried to smother her when she was in the hospital.

Liz needs a hot and sexy new man with no baggage, which was in the works with Ewen until RC decided to trash the character and kill him off.

We all know that Robin is alive, which is why a BIG fat no to Liz and Patrick. Liz would end up walking away from Patrick in order for Robin to have her happy little family back.

With all of the back from the dead characters, I wanted a story line for Liz where she stumbled upon the organ traffic scheme being ran from the hospital only to realize that Jakey was alive and well.

Liz and AJ would be too much of a redo of her sleeping with Lucky's brother Nic, so I don't want to see Liz with AJ. Whatever happened to Valentine Cassadine who at one time was supposed to have been Liz's new love interest? Instead of killing off Ewen, I would have bought the man as Jerry's illegitimate son who fell hard for Liz while Jerry tried to run the man's life or how about one of Jimmy Lee Holt's adult sons since Jimmy is Edward's son and a Quartermaine.

I'm loving GH lately, especially Tracy and A.J. and Todd, but only when he's NOT with Carly. It looks like the show is heading for a Todd/Carly hook-up...thank God for the fast-forward button. LOL.

i ADORE Carly's cardigan too!! Thanks for the screencaps!

soapbaby, Connie didn't ask the Slagbeast to come over; Johnny did.

^^ I questioned why Konnie invited Carly into the apartment once she got there. Carly was a moment from walking away from the door when Konnie opened it and invited her in. That makes no sense considering that she was concealing an unconscious Johnny in a room covered in shards of glass. Konnie could have simply ignored Carly's knocking and announcements.

Oh. I think she did it just to yank on her chain/provoke her.

I hate this storyline, because it's so stupid. Connie acts out like a horny/mean girl teenager, because that's when she was raped, so that's the age she's stuck in, yet all other times, she "acts" like an adult? It's migraine-inducing, which is why I always fast forward her scenes. Not to mention it's gross.

Carly's cardigan can be bought at Bloomingdale's. The brand is Aqua. Penny on Big Bang Theory wore the same cardigan in pink and brown. I like Carly's better but I'm not much for pinks. I had to find out where to get one!

All kinds of DRAMA SERIAL are freely available here.


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