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December 20, 2012

Spectacularly Missing the Point

So Rick's had an attack of conscience and decided to tell Hope that Liam and Steffy didn't really kiss the night before Liam and Hope's wedding, and he and Othello made that up so that she would give Liam the permanent (and very necessary) boot. So, you know, great. We've been watching this unfold for weeks as if it's some momentous piece of information that will CHANGE EVERYTHING. 



So here's the big storyline: Hope has just learned that Liam didn't kiss Steffy the night before their wedding. And the show is treating it like this is Earth-shattering. Despite the fact that the audience knows that Liam and Steffy kissed almost every single other time they were in a room together. (Proof can easily be found in a random sampling of screencaps on MONTHS worth of my B&B posts right here!) So what the hell's the difference?

I realize the show seemed to be presenting it at the time as a bunch of little innocent friendly kisses. On the lips. Between two people who were constantly repeating that they were still in love with each other. You know, innocent as can be! But to do that the night before the wedding, at a club? ULTIMATE BETRAYAL. The entire rest of their engagement? NO BIGGIE.

Is it going to matter that Liam repeatedly betrayed her with Steffy anyway? Is it going to matter that it took him about three days tops to get back together with Steffy after Hope broke things off and he insisted he'd win her back no matter how long it took?

I'm making a prediction: no. It's not going to matter, and we're all going to tear out our hair.

Oh Dear Afternoon Television Program, please please PLEASE don't resurrect the Triangle of Doom!!!

And apropos of nothing, can I just say that Heather Tom's return from maternity leave coinciding with the end of Katie's postpartum depression? Makes me so happy. I can't imagine how hard it would be to keep playing that storyline in her first few days away from her new child. I know she's a pro, but that's just tough -- though it wouldn't be as bad as all those soap actresses who have to play miscarriages or kidnappings right when they come back from having a child. That always hurts my heart.



I'm totally with you on Heather Tom and all the other actresses that come back from maternity leave with a tough storyline. Does anyone actually know how long HTom was on m. leave?

Also agree on this whole big Rick "reveal".

Wasn't it a nice change of pace to see Steffy defend Brooke though? Not because it's my Brookie but because it's something DIFFERENT. Did anyone else think it kind of icky the way Steffy didn't know what BILL would have done if Brooke hadn't been there? It's so much about Bill for Steffy.

This has to be the lowest-stakes romantic triangle I've ever seen on soaps. Why are we supposed to care?! All Hope, Liam and Steffy do is kiss and pet. It's a God-forsaken soap opera. There should be sordid affairs that involve sex, pregnancies, some repercussions, something interesting. Hope/Liam/Steffy feel like grade-schoolers. I had hoped that Liam & Steffy had slept together on Liam/Hope's recent "wedding" day, Steffy would encourage Liam to be with Hope and Steffy would move on only to later learn she was pregnant by an actually married Liam. There would be months of story and then the reveal of child's paternity to a happily married Liam & Hope. That would be classic soap but no_ we are treated to a romantic triangle where people kiss only and talk about kissing. Geez. Let's toss Oliver in Hope's sphere and see what happens as she should date outside of Liam. I much preffered Steffy with $Bill but that ship has long sailed and I'm all about $Bill and Brooke. Hopefully, they will have a sordid, soapy affair!

Oh for the love of Pete! This is crazy and reminds me of how frustrated I'd get at Brooke when she'd bounce back to the original douchenozzle Ridge when he'd ho around with Taylor.

Ziyal, it was definitely fun to see Steffy defend Brooke. Especially if you really do an analogy of the two rivalries, it's: Steffy is to Brooke as Hope is to Taylor. More often than not.

And soapbaby, I hear you. This is all so squeaky-clean. Dirty this show up, people!

And yet, I have actually seen--God as my witness--people (and more than a few) on various soap boards that I frequent who seem to be genuinely riveted by this Hope-Liam-Steffy nonsense, to the point of not just caring, but actually being "dying to know," what's going to happen next. I can't figure it, myself. These three people, at least in the current configuration, bore me to tears. No, well beyond tears--actual screams of pain. I think both Steffy and Hope might have potential outside Liam's (apparently inescapable) orbit. Liam, I'm less sure about. (What a spectacular waste of Scott Clifton. The boy is beautiful, and he has "it." Can't they take advantage of that and rework Liam as something other than a total waste product? Oh wait, then Brad Bell would actually have to write, you know, a STORY for these three, as opposed to 18 months of going over the same territory again and again and again in the SAME story. Silly me. Forget I mentioned it.)

I agree that Steffy is to Brooke as Hope is to Taylor. It's nice to see a little change even if the rest is all the same.

It's definitely Steffy is to Brooke as Hope is to Taylor, which makes me wonder why I instinctively root for both Steffy and Taylor.

Oh well.

I'm just going to say this: if Hope is the Taylor of this neverending trainwreck on celluloid, then she desperately needs her own Hector Ramirez. Remember him? He's the only man in the last decade who ever put Taylor first, who wouldn't give anybody else the time of day, and was never involved with anything Logan-ish (sorry, Whip).

...actually, I should modify that to read "her own before-he-lost-his-damn-mind Hector Ramirez." Then again, the sane ones always get shafted--no matter what soap they're on.

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